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Ladies Bra

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Bras Bras
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Bras : A fitted bra is like your BFF, always there to support you. Find your best bra fit with online bra shopping at Clovia. Check out latest ladies bra designs in padded, push-up and many more! With styles & designs that are plush, pretty & trendy, this online range of women bras has it all.

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Bras for Women – A love-hate relationship

A bra is the first to go on and the last to come off. And in between, it slips into many roles- from naughtily winking at a stranger to being your ardent supporter. A bra for women is a true best friend. From supporting her to lifting her, it has always taken her secrets safely back to the closet. Women share a love-hate relationship with their bras; on one hand they can’t wait to get rid of their bras as soon as they reach home, and on the other hand, they can’t dare to step out of the home without their bra on.

For ladies, bra is not just a need any more. With the growing fashion and trends, fancy bra designs are now perceived as fashion items. It has been claimed by a lot of women that wearing a well-fitted bra makes them feel sexy and confident on the inside. Isn’t that true? If you buy a bra that fits you well, it surely makes you comfy and carefree all day long. 

These days women just don’t stick to vanilla bra options because there are so many options to choose from. Picking the right bra depends on a number of things- occasion, outfit, breast shape and usage. Let’s take a brief look at different types of bras available. 


1.    T-shirt Bras

T-shirt bras are crafted to give you a smooth, moulded silhouette under fitted T-shirts or outerwear. These are the very basics to building a great-looking wardrobe. Clovia recommends every girl should shop T-shirt bras online in 3 shades – black, white and nude. 

2. Push-up Bras

This bra design has padding at the bottom of the cups that enhance and boost the volume of your breasts by giving them an elevation. You can team a push-up bra with a low neckline top or dress to add an extra oomph factor to your look. Clovia is the best brand to find sexy push-up bras in lace, animal print and cage designs. 

3. Padded Bras

Lightly padded or heavily padded bras are the most commonly used types of bras.  One can pick padding levels to suit their breast shape. They work best with body-hugging outfits when you want to make sure no embarrassing nipple peeks are visible. At Clovia the bra price for padded bras starts from Rs.499.

4. Sports Bra

Unsupported breasts during physical activities might result in early sagging or tissue damage. These types of bras are available in different impact levels to suit the intensity of your workout or drill. It is a must to wear a sports bra every time you workout, even while you’re doing yoga or a light jog. 

5. Full Cup Bras

Full cup bras by Clovia are made to give utmost support and comfort to heavy breasted women. The cups cover more area of the breasts thus avoid side or top spillage for a better fit. 

6. Demi Cup Bras

Demi cup bras have half coverage which works best with low neck tops and dresses. Demi cup bra is not really a type of bra but a type of cup coverage. A push-up bra, T-shirt bra or even a balconette bra could be a demi cup bra.

7. Underwired Bra

Made with premium quality wires, these bras ensure a great silhouette and gentle lift. Underwired bras work good with almost every outfit, it contours the shape of the breasts by providing added support.

8. Balconette Bras

Balconette bras are designed with wide set straps and demi coverage cups. This structure helps you don it under low and broad necklines without any bra strap peeks.

9. Backless Bras

Backless bras are crafted with a soft yet supportive transparent back band to keep your secret intact. While wearing a glam backless dress this bra is going to be your must-have.

10. Transparent Bras

These sheer bras are mostly made from lace or powernet fabric to lend you a sensual appeal without taking away the support and comfort. These Clovia bras are often one of the top favourites of every girl; the sexy bra designs are total charmers. 

11. Plunge Bras

This sexy bra style allows a little too much skin show. A plunge bra has demi coverage cups that create a visible cleavage. This bra style works best with ultra-low necklines and skin-baring outfits. 


12. Teenage Bras

Often called a girls bra, this teenage bra style is always non-padded, non-wired. It is specially designed for growing young girls to help them shape their breasts. They feature an easy to wear slip-on style to make their first bra experience good.


Why is a well-fitted bra important?

When you plan to buy bra online, the main objective is to find the right fit. An ill-fitted bra does no good to your breasts. Well- fitted bras are imperative to good health, as ill-fitting bras have been testified to contribute to poor posture and musculoskeletal problems (e.g. upper limb neural symptoms, non-cyclical mastalgia, neck and back pain). A tight-fitted bra may make you look out of shape and feel suffocated; similarly, a loosely fitted bra will provide you with no support and will not control the breast movement. Due to a number of reasons the breast size keeps changing which is why it becomes very important for women to measure their bra size every 6 months before shopping bras online. 


Why shop bras online from Clovia?

Talk about shopping ladies bra in India and you can see a lot of those faces feeling awkward, embarrassed and what not. This is actually true and experienced by 9 out of 10 Indian women. Don’t agree? Okay, think about walking into a lingerie store in a market and finding a man at the counter who thinks he knows your bra size better than you yourself. Sounds familiar, isn’t it? Remember that feeling of discomfort because those eyes are now measuring your curves. 

Thanks to Clovia’s online bra shopping in India. Whether you want to buy a sexy bra online, teenage girls bra or even a feeding bra, Clovia’s online bra shopping makes it all so easy. The bra collection available at Clovia is totally irresistible. When buying ladies bra online women look out for quality, best price, style and perfect fit and Clovia has it all! Also, Clovia lets you buy bra online at reasonable price with unmatched quality & style. Wondering what about the fit, Take a 2 min fit test to know your correct bra size. This bra size calculator lets you check your accurate bra size at home in a few easy steps.