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Full Figure Bras

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Full Figure Bras : If we say only heavy-busted women understand the value of a full-figure bra then it would be wrong. Full figure bras are for every woman who wants to be extremely comfortable in her bra. A full-figure bra gives your breasts the perfect lift and optimum support all day long. Clovia full-figure bras c ... Read more

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Full figure bras online shopping

What is a full figure bra?

A bra is an essential part of every woman’s wardrobe? But being plus size, have you always struggled to find the right size for yourself. Your problem is now solved with Clovia’s plus size bras.  Full figure bras, often referred as plus size bras are especially designed for women with heavy bust sizes. Such bras feature full cups, offering maximum coverage to the breasts. They have broader side wings to avoid side spillage of breast tissues. They also have broader shoulder straps to lift your breasts and give you additional support.

Why wear a full figure bra?

A majority of the women are wearing the wrong size and the wrong type of bra today. It becomes of utmost importance to understand your body type and choose a bra type to compliment your assets. If you are a well-endowed woman, then you should be definitely wearing a full figure bra. 

Let’s discuss a few problems that you might be facing since you’re not wearing the right bra type.

• Side & Top Spillage 

• Unsightly bulges 

• Backaches & Shoulder pain

• Sore breasts tissues

 If you can relate to any of the above mentioned discomforts, then probably it’s because of the wrong bra type. 


Benefits of Clovia’s Full Figure Bra

No Spillage or Bulges 

Clovia’s full figure bras are designed with full coverage cups that result in no top spills. They also feature broad side wings, often with boning that make sure no side bulges and spillage appears.

Broader Shoulder Straps

Shoulder straps of regular bras don’t really offer the added support or comfort that a full figured woman might need. Therefore shop online in India at Clovia to experience unmatched comfort. Clovia’s bras offer broader shoulder straps that are capable of providing adequate support to the breast, lifting the twins and shaping them up. This added support helps in reducing shoulder & back pain, that is very common amongst heavy busted women. 


We at Clovia totally believe that size doesn’t matter and so for us, #underfashion comes in all colours, styles and fabrics. Plus size women are often annoyed with the lack of variety in full figure bras. So we at Clovia aim at giving you the best of everything. From solid black, whites & nudes to colourful neons and pretty laces, we got them all! 

Easy Purchase

Women with larger bust size are usually not convinced with the idea of shopping full figure bra online in India. They get a bit apprehensive about the fit and comfort, but here at Clovia you can get assured of the fit. Go ahead and take Clovia’s Fit Test and be assured about the fit, quality and comfort. Offering easy returns, COD & latest styles at affordable prices, Clovia is sure to win your hearts!