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Tank Tops

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Tank Tops : Tank tops are the easiest summer option one can grab on the go. The sleek designs and breathable fabric accounts for a statement piece, tank tops for women are generally a staple everyone owns. Try out the new summer collection of tank tops for girls for an easy & breezy outfit. Take your fashion ga ... Read more

                            Tank Tops

Tank Tops Online

The stunning silhouettes of tank tops and ravishing fit are a summer staple. Be your own fashionista, girls & rock the summer outfit like a pro. Get the breezy tank top for girls from Clovia cause’ your budget-friendly dreams come alive here. Be it the sustainable option or premium quality tank tops, shop your favs in different hues and print online. Experience comfort, good looks and elegance altogether. Wanna elevate your appeal? Easy, Clovia’s stunning tank top for women is what you should get.

Tank tops have always gained a nice reputation as an undershirt and for good reason. They are super versatile and comfy. However little do girls know that they are amazingly chic & can be styled in so many ways when worn right. You can don one and you can look chic in the simplest way possible. You can even wear them during your workout to look great and make the most of your session.

The Look of a Tank Top

Tank top is just like any other sleeveless shirt but usually comes with a racerback. You can find it in numerous styles, colours and prints, so you’ve plethora of options to choose from. You can choose from strappy styles to broader straps, and so much more. Let’s get a deeper insight on the common tank top styles below.

Types of Tank Tops

1. Racerback: Their straps make a T like shape at the back. This is probably the most common style. They have caught the generation from decades. You can style these tops with skirts, shorts and jeans.

2. Spaghetti straps: This is another popular style that women can’t seem to get enough of. You can wear it alone or underneath a sheer top for a modest look. You can go for simple as well as bright shade to add fun colour pop to your look.

3. Sports: These tank tops are especially crafted for exercise and workout. They fit closely to your body and give the perfect look when you sweat it out in the gym. The sleeveless design also permits full movement, so you can work out in full swing.

Add to your style statement

Be the main character, radiate the fashionista energy, missy cause’ the trendiest tank top for girls will up your fashion game without burning a hole in your wallet. 

  • Tights & Tank Top: Make it workout-friendly since the stretchable & breathable fabric will pair well with your intense routine. 
  • Shorts & Tank Top: Chic & classic, shorts and a white tank top go a long way. 
  • Jeans & Tank Top: A pair of jeans & tank top is trendy yet effortless when it comes to styling individual pieces. 
  • Trouser & Tank Top: Make it more formal by pairing a tank top with trousers & a blazer.
  • Pyjama & Tank Top: Snooze in style since the comfy fabric & style is best to pair with your pyjamas.

Sport the girl-next-door look

Want to take your gym look a notch higher? Now, you can adopt the girl-next-door look by teaming up your tank top and track pants with a cute hair band over your neat bun. Or else, wear capri pants with your tank top to add cuteness and pizzas to your look. Keep the accessories to the minimum- a stylish wayfarer, studs on ears, and a tote bag to keep all your gym essential. We assure you that you will surely be a head-turner with this look.

So, what are you waiting for? Shop trendy tank tops today. If you have some doubts in your mind regarding the same, we’ve got you covered below.


Q1. What should I do if my bra shape is visible underneath?
A1.This usually happens if you’re wearing a form fitting tank top. In this case, we suggest you wear a seamless bra underneath as they give a smooth silhouette even under the tightest of clothing.

Q2.Tank tops don’t suit me as I have bigger breasts. What should I do?
A2. You can and you should wear a tank top if you have bigger breasts. Just a little know-how can do the trick. You should wear a tank top with broader straps with a comfortable T-shirt bra underneath. Next thing is to choose the neckline of your tank top wisely. Instead of keeping it all deep or V-shaped, we suggest you try broad shoulder U-shaped styles. Also avoid details like ruffles or pleats around the neckline to avoid drawing attention to your bust.

Q3.Which fabric should I go for in tank tops?
A3. It comes down to your preference. If you want to keep it breathable and comfortable, go for cotton based tank tops. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something dressier, you can go all out and pick whatever you want. Lastly, if you want sports tank tops, choose polyester or nylon with spandex for stretch and fit.

Q4.How do I avoid my bra strap from showing?
A4. You don’t necessarily have to. However, if that doesn’t make you comfortable, wear a bra with criss-cross back. It will help avoid unwanted visibility of bra straps.

Q5.What’s the difference between a camisole and tank top?
A5. A tank top is basically a sleeveless shirt and comes in numerous variants, such as broad shoulder, racerback, narrow straps or just about anything else. On the other hand, a camisole is basically a sleeves undergarment that specifically has spaghetti straps and is meant to be worn for layering purposes.