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Black Bras

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Black Bras : Whether you're wearing a sheer top, a formal shirt, a racerback top, or simply want to spice things up in bed, a black bra is the ultimate option. Sexy, smart, stylish- it is all things combined in one. You can explore our vast collection of back bras in numerous styles, like T-shirt, balconette, ca ... Read more

                            Black Bra 

Black Bra Online

Sure, white & nude bras are essential for your wardrobe, but there’s no denying that a black bra always draws the eye. Even if it’s the most basic style, it still looks super chic and sexy. You won’t mind even if the straps play a little peek-a-boo because a black bra still looks very subtle in comparison to other colours out there. Still need a few reasons to invest in a black bra? We got you covered.

4 Reasons to Wear a Black Bra

1. Less visibility: If you wear a bright coloured bra underneath a black top, it might show a lot. On the other hand, a black bra offers a cleaner look. And like we said, even if it shows underneath, it still looks better in so many ways.

2. Prevents staining: Did you know that wearing a black sports bra while working out can help you prevent those pesty sweat stains? As surprising as it may sound, but wearing a black coloured bra while working out can actually be a super hygienic idea.

3. Sexy look: No other colour can beat the sexiness of a black bra. Sure, other colours look great, but black, nothing can beat that. No matter what style you put on, it in itself is a style statement that will surely make you stand out.

4. No bra peeking problems: Last but not the least, you’ll most likely not have a problem if a black bra is showing underneath your top. On the other hand, some other colours may look a bit off. Black will look amazing even while being visible, just in case.

Types of Black Bras

Just like other bras, you can also find black ones in a plethora of styles. Some of the most common of them are enlisted below.
1. T-Shirt: The most comfortable black bra to have in your closet is a T-shirt bra. You can wear it underneath your body hugging outfit for a smooth & seamless silhouette.

2. Lace: Nothing like a sexy black lace bra to spice things up and turn up the romance between you and your partner. A little sneak peek plus the colours is the perfect way to heat things up.

3. Sports: Keep your workout apparel on point with a black sports bra. Whether you’re wearing a tank top or a backless tee, this bra is the perfect combination of style and comfort.

4. Push-Up: Give your breasts a gentle lift and perkier cleavage with a black push-up bra. It is the perfect pick for women who want fuller breast appearance and keep their underfashion game on point.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out black bras in numerous styles at Clovia. No matter what you want, we have something for everyone in lowest prices possible.

Have some doubts regarding a black bra? Here you go!


Q1. Should I wear a black bra under a black top?
A1. There’s no particular guide that states this, but yes, a black bra under a black top is certainly a good bet. Like we said, it gives a cleaner appearance.

Q2. Can I wear a black bra in summers?
A2. Of course, just be sure to pick the right fabric to avoid sweat. Choose breathable fabric like cotton to keep it cool & comfy even during the scorching heat.

Q3. Does wearing a black bra cause cancer?
A3. Common myth debunked- a black bra doesn’t cause cancer. There’s no particular study that states this but just a couple of hoaxes. Wear a black bra as per your convenience for it doesn’t cause cancer.

Q4. Can I wear a black bra regularly?
A4. Absolutely. They are super chic and pair up amazingly well with almost anything and everything. Put your best fashion game forward.

Happy shopping!