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Whether you are into running, gymming, or playing a particular sport, understanding the importance of right workout clothes becomes imperative. If you want to keep your body at comfort while maximizing your performance, buy track pants. Not only do they have a relaxed & moderate fit, but are also moisture wicking fabric for utmost ease. They also have a stylish design with tie-up waist, so if you want to take a stroll, you don’t necessarily have to get out of them. In fact, they can make a total style statement when worn right. Pair them with your usual tops and keep your style game on point.

Here’s what you need to look for when buying track pants:

1. Fabric: The more moisture wicking the fabric, the better. Choose track pants with at least 15-20% spandex. Choose fabrics like nylon and polyester as they provide comfortable fit and keep you feeling fresh throughout the workout.

2. Color: Gone are the days when track pants were all about the black colour. Today, you can find them in a plethora of colours, including bright neons and pretty pastels. Choose something as per your mood.

3. Comfort: Sure, style is important, but that doesn’t imply that comfort should take a backseat. Make sure you choose track pants that have enough room for you to exercise while being breathable.

Have some doubts? We’ve enlisted some common frequently asked questions below.


Q1. What is the difference between tights and track pants?
A1. Tights are skin fitted whereas track pants fall a little loose. However, the prime purpose of both the items remains the same-provide ease during workout.

Q2. Can I wear track pants for yoga?
A2. Yes, just make sure that your track pants aren’t too loose. They will provide adequate range of motion.

Q3. Are track pants as effective as tights?
A3. Without a doubt, yes. In fact, some women find them much more comfortable than those form fitting tights. So far, no one ever had a problem in working out wearing track pants.

So, what are you waiting for? Shop for women’s track pants today!

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