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                            Essential oils

Exotic & Pure Essential Oils

Essential oils have been used for medication and healing for ages. They are not new buzzwords. Today, they are being used in skin-care, hair-care products, but they are widely popular because of aromatherapy. The usage of essential oils are not limited, different types of oil have distinct uses, some of them are best to use for skincare, & some of them have medicinal properties that can treat illness too. Let’s dive deep and understand the essential oils from their extraction to usage.

What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are natural extracts that are derived from different parts of plants such as leaves, barks, kernels, flowers etc. They are highly concentrated and rich in essential nutrients. They have a strong scent. The extraction method of essential oils varies, depending on the nature of the plant. For example a few essential oils are extracted via distillation while others may be extracted by cold pressing. Essential oils should always be extracted from a natural method. Oils extracted from chemical methods don’t have such a high amount of nutrients as compared to natural methods.

Benefits of Essential Oil

People often ask “why are they called essential oils?” These oils carry the essence of the plant that’s why they are called essential oils. These oils are extremely helpful in treating various kinds of skin, hair, and other ailments. They also carry skin health boosting extracts that’s why they are used in many cosmetics & personal care ranges. Every type of essential oil has distinct qualities. Let's see what all they can do to your beauty & wellness.

● Promotes healthy & glowing skin
● A few oils helps fight acne
● Reduce hair fall & promote hair growth
● Remove dandruff & cleanse scalp
● Reduces the appearance of scars & blemishes
● Fights sign of aging
● Heals inflammation & minor wounds
● Hydreates skin & soften dry hair
● Makes hair soft shiny & manageable
● Reduces anxiety & stress level
● Promotes better sleep & treats insomnia
● Relieve headache, cold & flu symptoms
● Helps with bodyache & joint pain
● Fights fungal disease

All the above mentioned benefits can’t be obtained from one essential oil. Different types of oils have different properties. So before purchasing any essential oil do look at all the results it provides.

Organic Vs Essential Oils: What’s the Difference?

People often confuse these two terms, organic oil & essential oils, these two terms are completely different. Organic produce (oil, grain, fruits, etc) is referred to as a cultivating process, that means a particular produce has been cultivated using without any chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and they haven’t been refined.
On the other hand, essential oils capture the entire essence (flavour or bio-chemical properties) of any plant. Even essential oils can be organic, if they are produced with organic methods.

How to Choose the Right Essential Oils?

Today the market is full of different kinds of essential oils, and each oil imparts distinct benefits. To pick any essential oil first you should figure out the end result you want. Do you want better hair? Do you want great skin? Or do you want to fight with acne?
Whatever your problem is, you have to look for the problem solving oil. First let’s understand what are the different types of essential oils available.

● Peppermint
● Orange
● Lavender
● Basil
● Sandalwood
● Cinnamon
● Bergamot
● Lemongrass
● Rose
● Chamomile
● Eucalyptus
● Ylang-Ylang
● Grapefruit
● Tea Tree
● Jasmine
● Lemon
● Ginger
● Geranium
● Frankincense
● Patuali
● Elderberry
● Carrot seed
● Clove

Each of them carry different medicinal properties and helps with various skin, hair, & health concerns.

How to Use Essential Oils for Skin & Hair Care, Aromatherapy?

Since essential oils are highly concentrated in natural actives, they can be used directly on the skin in undiluted form. They need to be diluted with carrier oils, otherwise they can cause allergies.

For skin & hair care:

● Mix a few drops of essential oils with a tablespoon of carrier oils such as coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil etc.
● You can mix a few drops of essential oils in your shampoo & body wash.
● These oils can be added in manicure & pedicure too.
● You can even mix tiny amounts of oil in your unscented moisturizer or body lotion.

Patch test is recommended for using any essential oil for the very first time. Also do consider with derms if you have any skin concerns. And always purchase 100% pure, undiluted, natural essential oils.

For aromatherapy: Apart from their benefits in skin & hair, essential oils are considered best if they are inhaled through air. They have relaxing & calming effects and promote better sleep. That’s why they are widely used in aromatherapy. Now let’s see how you can use them in aromatherapy.

● Add a few drops of oil in the oil diffuser.
● Soak a cotton ball in a few drops of oil & and tuck into the corner of the room.

Expert tip: It is suggested that use pure form of essential oils, they should not be extracted from any chemical method. Oils derived from chemical methods are not referred to as essential, as their natural bonds between bio chemicals may be altered due to being in contact with other chemicals.

How Does Essential Oil Work?

Essential oils directly work on the problem area, be it any skin or hair concerns or merely for soothing purposes, the unique formulation acts as a versatile product. The diffusion of essential oil calms the senses with its unique scent. 

For Skin: Essential oil can be directly applied to the skin as a spot treatment or diluted with another carrier oil. Avoid sensitive areas like eyes, ears, mouth or open wounds. 

For Hair: Dilute essential oil of your choice to a carrier oil like coconut or argan oil and massage your scalp in order to promote blood circulation. 

For Diffusion: You can directly inhale or diffuse the oil for a boost in mood, promote healthy sleep patterns or merely treat congestion. 

Why to Choose Skivia Essential Oils?

You can’t get most out of any essential oil if it’s not pure and the extraction method is not correct. Here’s why you should go for Skivia essential oils:

● 100% natural & pure
● 0% chemicals
● Ayurvedic extraction
● Vegan products
● Made in India


Remember essential oils help in many problems, but they can’t treat the issues if they are caused from underlying disease. Essential oils are safe to use, but do consult your doctor if you are having any disease. Always use them as per the instructions, do not forget to dilute them with carrier oils. Never purchase impure, diluted oils, refined oils.


Q1. Are essential oils the same as fragrance oils?
A1. No, these are not the same, the extraction method and results are different.

Q2. Which essential oils are safe for pregnancy?
A2. They are considered safe, but it’s recommended to consult a doctor before using them.

Q3. Can I use essential oils when breastfeeding?
A3. Yes, essential oils are safe but only topical application. Always dilute them and consult a doctor before using them.

Q4. What essential oils are used for?
A4. Essential oils are versatile in their nature and can be used to cure skin & hair concerns and also can be used for aromatherapy. 

Q5. What essential oil is best?
A5. It solely depends on your utilisation purpose. For skin, you can use tea tree, turmeric, rose & lemon essential oil. For hair, you can use patchouli, ginger & grapefruit essential oil. For diffusion, you can use eucalyptus, cinnamon, lemongrass & more. 

Q6. Can I use essential oils on my skin?
A6. Yes, dilute the essential oil with a carrier oil of your choice & treat your problem areas naturally. 

Q7. Do essential oils actually work?
A7. Yes, essential oils are derived from plants and they work in treating skin or hair concerns and can elevate your mood.