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Mastectomy Bra

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Mastectomy Bra : A mastectomy bra is very different from your regular bra yet looks exactly the same. People often call this bra a breast cancer bra. One feature that makes it different from a regular bra is the fabric pockets inside the cups, which are made to hold the breast prosthesis post-mastectomy surgery. Th ... Read more

                            Mastectomy Bra 

What is the purpose of a mastectomy bra?

After breast cancer surgery a woman deserves the same life as she had. But in the absence of one breast, she might lose confidence in public appearance. Hence a prosthesis breast helps her look the same as she was before the surgery. But regular bras can’t hold a breast prosthesis in place. That’s why you need a special bra mastectomy bra which holds the breast prosthesis in place. 

Most mastectomy bras have pockets in each cup; this feature is also known as 'bilateral'. These bras are designed to offer you the utmost comfort that you might need post-surgery along with full coverage that perfectly tucks in the prosthesis. Clovia mastectomy bras are crafted with soft cotton hosiery fabric that feels super light like you haven’t worn anything. The seamless cups help get you a smooth finish under fitted tops. 

Special Features of Mastectomy Bra

  • Made with the softest stretchable cotton hosiery fabric
  • Fabric pockets in each cup to hold the prosthesis in place
  • Feels so comfortable and secure

Different Types of Mastectomy Bras

Various types of mastectomy bras that you can own.

Buy Mastectomy Bra Online at Clovia 

After surgery getting back to normal life and adopting the previous outfit styles can be daunting. But with a correct bra, you can walk into a new life and embrace your new body. Clovia’s mastectomy bras make this tough journey easy by offering the correct support and lots of care.


Q1. Is a bra necessary after mastectomy?
A1. Yes, post-surgery after your scars gets healed and the doctor asks you to return to your previous life, a bra becomes more important than earlier. Your post-surgery skin is still gentle and the ligaments of your breast might get hurt if you lack essential support. Mastectomy bras are made for this new life. 

Q2. How should a mastectomy bra fit?
A2. It should fit like your fittest bra before the surgery. It shouldn’t irritate your skin and hug you gently.

Q3. How tight should a post-mastectomy bra be?
A3. It can’t be tight, it has to provide you with a snug fit like a hug. 

Q4. Are There Medical Reasons to Wear a Mastectomy Bra?
A4. Yes, post-surgery your body needs more care than before. The absence of one breast makes it difficult for a normal bra to get you the comfort it used to be. A mastectomy bra can accommodate a breast prosthesis and offers you the support & care you need. In absence of a mastectomy bra, your other breast might get hurt which might lead to ligament tear and cause internal injury.