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Argan Oil

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Argan Oil : Be it skin or hair, argan oil has got you covered. From acne to ageing, dry hair to hair fall, argan oil manages everything. Since this oil has so many medicinal properties, we infused it into a few skincare & hair care products. Try this natural elixir to get healthy skin & hair.

                            Argan Oil 

Buy Argan Oil for Skin and Hair

Among different types of oil, argan oil is known to have various medicinal properties which help to improve the skin & hair. This exotic oil is extracted from the kernels of argan trees which are widely found in Morocco, that is why this oil is sometimes referred to as Moroccan argan oil. The oil has great health benefits, and it’s used in different supplements too. Hence the topical use and ingestion of argan oil are beneficial for health, but for ingestion, the oils should be in the form of either capsule or edible liquid, the ones that come in form of oil for topical use, are not recommended to ingest. It’s used in many cosmetic products to improve the efficacy of the product.

What Makes Argan Oil so Exotic?

Argan oil is full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It has a higher concentration of vitamin E, essential fatty acids such as omega 3 & 6. Now Let’s see how these vitamins help skin, hair & nails.

1. Prevents sun damage
2. Reduces acne
3. Reduces the sign of ageing
4. Heals wounds
5. Controls excess oil production
6. Reduces & prevents stretch marks
7. Moisturises skin
8. Makes hair soft & manageable
9. Adds shine to hair
10. Heals damaged & frizzy hair
11. Prevents heat damage caused by styling tools
12. Encourages hair growth
13. Reduce burn scars

What to Look For in an Argan Oil Product?

Since argan oil contains many vitamins that boost hair, skin, nail health, it is widely used in many cosmetic products. But while purchasing a product based on argan oil you should look for the following points.

1. Colour: The colour of pure argan is golden yellow. If you are purchasing pure argan oil, do check the colour, if it’s more on the pale side, then it’s been mixed with other oils.
2. Scent: Well, the scent of argan oil is nutty.
3. Texture: The texture of argan oil should be smooth & not watery. All the above points should be kept in mind while purchasing a pure oil. But when you are going to buy any product that is based on argan oil, do check the label of the product.

How to Use Argan Oil?

To reap off all the benefits, we bring you a few ways to include the argan oil in your daily skincare & hair care routine.

● Add a few drops of argan oil to your moisturizer, it will boost the potency of your moisturizer.
● To reduce the wrinkle and fine lines, it’s been recommended to massage your face with argan oil daily. It boosts collagen production hence keeps wrinkles at bay.
● You can also use argan oil-infused skincare products.
● Argan oil can be used for hot oil massage to heal your damaged locks. You can also include a few drops of oil in your hair packs.
● Those who have extremely frizzy hair can use a tiny amount of oil as a leave-in conditioner post shampoo. Take a few drops on your palm, and gently massage your locks. It will add shine to your hair and keep it manageable.

Who Can Use Argan Oil?

Since argan oil has many skin & hair benefits, anyone can use it. The higher concentration of vitamin E and fatty acids make it suitable for all.

● The ones with frizzy hair can use it.
● Those who are having hair thinning issues can use argan to boost hair growth.
● It's an elixir for oily skin, as it controls oil.
● Those who have acne can use it, since of its anti-inflammatory properties.
● As it helps in retaining moisture into the skin, the ones who have dry skin can also give it a try.

Argan oil has medicinal properties and is safe for every skin type. Hence can be used by everyone irrespective of their skin type & age.

Why Choose Skivia Argan Oils Products?

Skivia argan oil products are completely made of natural ingredients. Our products are toxin-free, have no chemicals, paraben or sulphate. These argan oil products are highly enriched by natural ingredients.


Argan oil is so exotic and so are Skivia argan oil products. And being completely natural increases the efficacy of products. These products are mild and suitable for all skin types.


Q.1. Can I use argan oil on my face every day?
A.1. Yes, argan oil can be used daily on the skin. It can be directly applied to the skin and penetrated deeper layers of skin by massaging it for a while.

Q.2. Is Argan oil anti-aging?
A.2. Argan oil is full of antioxidants, which reduces the free radicals in the skin in turn, it prevents fine lines and wrinkles.

Q.3. Can you use argan oil under your eyes?
A.3. The higher concentration of fatty acids makes argan oil safe for under eyes.

Q.4. Does argan oil brighten skin?
A.4. It helps retain moisture in the skin and balances the oil production, which in turn improves the overall complexion.

Q.5. Why is argan oil good for skin?
A.5. It fulfils all your skin needs. It is enriched with vitamin E, antioxidants, fatty acids, all these nutrients help to keep skin healthy and glow naturally.