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Hair Care : Amp up your hair care journey by adding natural ingredients to your existing routine. Skivia's hair care products are infused with the goodness of Ayurveda, making them an efficient pick to treat your hair concerns. Try out the range to notice a visible difference & experience the richness of natura ... Read more

                            Hair Care 

The Best Natural Hair Care Products For All Your Needs

Do you know often bad products cause more hair problems than pollution, a bad lifestyle & underlying diseases? Yes, chemical & toxin infused products can take a toll on your hair health and you may encounter hair fall, rough & dry hair, split ends & much more. This is why it’s been recommended for ages to shift towards natural solutions like ayurvedic hair care products rather than chasing overnight wonders.

Natural hair products can make your hair healthy and ready for any hairstyle. They make your hair stronger & shiner from the inside. Unlike other products which contain silicone that coats your hair strands and adds an instant shine, natural products treat the root cause of bad hair & make them healthy from the inside. Be it dry, dull, limp, damaged & weak hair, nature has a solution for everything. Not only just hair but bad scalp can also be treated naturally.

Types of Natural Hair Care Products

When it comes to the type of products there are many options to choose from.

Carrier Oils: These oils carry all the nutrients, minerals & vitamins of essentials oils to deeper layers of roots & hair. Carrier oils can be extremely beneficial to treat different hair problems. They have the power to deep condition hair & can make them soft & manageable in no time. Here is a huge list of carrier oils that are harvested from a cold-pressed method that keeps all the nutrients intact.

● Sweet almond oil ● Avocado oil
● Grapeseed oil
● Hazelnut oil
● Hemp oil
● Neem oil
● Safflower oil
● Sesame oil
● Sunflower oil
● Coconut oil
● Olive oil

Essential Oils: If something could be called gems from nature then they are essential oils. These oils are enriched with many hair health-boosting properties. There is a huge list of essential oils for different hair issues. These oils can be mixed with carrier oils, hair masks, & shampoo for deep conditioning. You can choose from a wide variety of essential oils for your individual needs.

● Peppermint ● Orange
● Lavender
● Basil
● Sandalwood
● Cinnamon
● Bergamot
● Lemongrass
● Rose
● Chamomile
● Eucalyptus
● Ylang-Ylang
● Grapefruit
● Tea Tree
● Jasmine
● Lemon
● Ginger
● Geranium
● Frankincense
● Patchouli
● Elderberry
● Carrot seed
● Clove

Hair Oil: Apart from carrier oils & essential oils, you can find plenty of options for hair oil. These are specifically meant to achieve great hair. Basically, hair oil is nothing but the perfect mixture of carrier & essential oils. At home, we can’t precisely blend carrier & essential oils, but these oils already contain the goodness of various essential oils. The blend is perfect for topical application with no side effects.

Shampoo: When it comes to a perfect hair care regime, the most important thing that you can’t do without is shampoo. A shampoo can make or break your hair. Any shampoo that contains chemicals and artificial ingredients can damage your hair if you use them for a longer period. On the other hand, a shampoo that is filled with the goodness of natural ingredients and with no chemical, sulphate, parabens, can fight all your hair problems.

Conditioner: People often underestimate the power of conditioners especially those who have naturally soft & silky hair. It’s a myth that only dry hair needs conditioner. Everyone needs a conditioner. As you wash your hair with shampoo it washes off the natural oils which cover the hair shaft, and your hair shafts become naked without any protective layer. If you condition your hair, it creates a protective layer around the hair shaft and protects it from different types of damages such as environmental, sun damage, damage from styling tools, dirt & pollution, etc. Conditioner not only makes your hair soft, shiny & silky but also stops hair fall due to breakage.

What to Look for When Choosing Hair Styling Products?

Either you choose basic hair care products such as oil, shampoo & conditioner or some exotic luxury products such as styling products, masks & hair packs, you should not overlook the following points.

1. Always pick a styling tool according to your hair type. Curly hair needs more heat to get straightened and similarly, naturally straight hair needs high temperature for any curly hairstyle. So, look at the temperature bar, and how much your hair can tolerate.
2. People with fine hair should look at the ingredient list on products. The products must have some hydrating & strengthening agents to make your hair thicker & stronger. Stay away from sulphate, parabens, SLS & toxins. These can make your hair dry & less voluminous.
3. If you have a greasy scalp, you might have dandruff & build-up issues. Choose those products that cleanse the scalp properly without making your hair dry. Try to use natural cleansing oil such as tea tree oil, it cleans the scalp and prevents further build-up.
4. Those who have dry scalp may encounter itchiness, should go for soothing & hydrating oil or products. Use caster or jojoba oil-based products. These oils have hydrating & soothing properties.


Your hair is your crown, so don’t let anything take your crown back. Make sure you choose hair care and hair styling products wisely. To get their luscious hair, try to reduce the number of styling products and tools. If you can’t, make sure to deep condition your hair once a week to reverse hair damage. And, don’t forget to be natural & go natural!


Q.1. Do I need to use all of these hair care products for good hair?
A.1. It depends on your hair care goals and hair type. But whatever your goals are, you can’t skip the basic products such as oil, shampoo & conditioner.

Q.2. Are good hair care products enough to get good hair?
A.2. No, only good products can’t reach your desired hair goals. Underlying health conditions, bad lifestyle & improper usage of products can alter or delay the effectiveness of good hair care products. So, try to have a healthy lifestyle and consult a trichologist (hair specialist) if you are dealing with serious hair issues.

Q.3. What is a good hair care routine?
A.3. It completely depends on your hair type. People with dry hair might need more conditioning than regular hair. Generally, derms recommend oiling once a week, shampoo & conditioner twice a week & deep conditioning twice a month.

Q4. Which hair care product is best?
A4. Natural products that are free from parabens, sulphate & toxins are the best hair care products. They minimise any scalp build-ups which leads to strong & healthy hair.

Q5. What is the correct hair care routine?
A5. The correct hair care routine starts with weekly oiling & then continues with shampoo followed by a conditioner. You don’t have to have a complex routine to treat your hair concerns, just the right ingredient & a few simple steps can help you attain healthy hair.

Q6. What products make hair grow?
A6. Skivia’s anti-hair fall range is a wondrous option you should pick in order to have strong & voluminous hair.

Q7. Which brand is best for hair care in India?
A7. Skivia’s haircare range is free from parabens, toxins, sulphates & harmful chemicals that make it an ideal pick to treat several hair concerns.

Q8. How to take care of curly hair?
A8. Start by weekly oil massage & washing your hair once a week. Avoid over-brushing your hair since that can ruin your curl patterns. Always use conditioner after you shampoo, it’ll leave your hair manageable.