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Go Rash-Free with Gal Pal Sanitary Pads

Whether your periods have just started, you’ve been having them for a good few years, there is a high probability you might not be aware about the importance of menstrual hygiene. But before that, a quick recap on what exactly are periods? Period is a monthly cycle where a woman’s body releases tissue, which it no longer requires. This tissue is present in the uterus and it is where the baby develops. Each month, the uterus lining becomes thick to prepare for pregnancy, but when it doesn’t happen, the lining breaks down and is released in the form of blood. This cycle keeps recurring every month and is termed as period, aka menstruation.

Did you know that 8 out of 10 women are troubled by rashes during periods? While there can be few contributing causes of period rashes, the major one still stands to be poor quality sanitary napkins. Apparently, it turns out that not many of them pay attention to hygiene. Here, we try to highlight the role played by good quality sanitary pads in improving personal hygiene.

Why Are Sanitary Pads Important?

Sanitary napkins help women to manage their monthly periods effectively. From improving hygiene to convenience, there are numerous reasons why you should use a good-quality pad:

1. No leaks: Sanitary napkins are especially designed with superior technology to help prevent leaks. You can go out effortlessly wearing them without worrying about leaks.
2. Hygienic: Unlike traditional clothes, sanitary pads are way more hygienic. You don’t have to clean or dry them out after use.
3. Travel friendly: Sanitary pads are super portable and accessible. You can carry them on the go with ease.
4. Prevent infections: Traditional methods of period protection can make you prone to numerous vaginal infections. Sanitary napkins, on the other hand, are hygienic and offer adequate protection.

How Are Pads Used?

All the pads you find in those stores usually have a sticky cover at the bottom. You simply have to take off the cover and press it on the panty- the crotch area. If you’ve bought one that comes with wings, you simply have to take off their cover as well and wrap the wings around both sides of the crotch. This keeps the pad in place and avoids rolling. Once you’ve used it, simply pull it from the panty and dispose using a wrapper.

How to Choose a Sanitary Pad?

They come in various variants, so it might be a little difficult to understand which one will suit you. Whether you should do something thick or thin, with or without wings, regular or large size! Well, here are a few things to keep in mind.

1. Thickness: If a sanitary pad is thick, it usually means its quality is not up to the mark. Not only do they lack in absorbency, but they also show underneath fitted clothes. The thinner ones are usually more comfortable and have better absorbency.
2. Wings: We all have had those instances where the sanitary pad rolls up. If you want to get rid of this problem and experience happy periods, choose one with wings.
3. Size: Different days have different flow levels, which is why pads come in various sizes. If you’re bleeding heavily, you should opt for those made for heavy flow. On other days, you can use a regular one that is usually a bit smaller in size.

How to Deal With Period Rashes?

Women need to use good quality sanitary pads to reduce menstruation-related problems. Compromising on their quality can land you in trouble, like dampness and chafing due to poor material and absorbency level. They can cause itching around the thighs and groin due to excessive heat and dampness. This is why it is very important to ensure that your pad is made using super soft & breathable material, just like the Gal Pal sanitary pads recommended by Clovia. Also make sure that you are wearing comfortable panties made of breathable fabric during your periods.

Why Clovia Gal Pal Sanitary Pads?

Considering the menstrual problems faced by women, we, at Clovia, found the ultimate solution- Gal Pal sanitary pads. Super absorbent, comfortable, and extra-long, our pads help you bid adieu to all those period problems. Here are all the features of our pads.

1. Super absorbent: Our sanitary pads are super absorbent and leak proof. They are ideal for both day and night usage.
2. Rash-free: Cotton feel top layer feels as soft as tissue on skin, ensures smooth rash-free experience.
3. Extra long: Two lengths are offered- XL and XXL in 280mm & 320mm respectively with wider back coverage. They provide great protection against staining and leakage.
4. Large wings: Our pads stay in place and provide a great fit, thanks to the ultra large wings.

5. Ultra-thin: Our sanitary napkins are super thin so that you don’t feel stuffy.

So, what are you waiting for? Start making your periods better starting today with Gal Pal sanitary pads! Girls, place your order online today and shop at a budget-friendly price!

If you’ve some more questions, we got you covered.


Q1. Which sanitary pad is best?
A1. Clovia is the best sanitary pad in India. It is made of 100% natural cotton and is safe for your skin. Clovia pads are also super absorbent so that you can feel confident and comfortable all day long.

Q2. Why are sanitary pads used?
A2. Sanitary pads are used to absorb menstrual blood and protect your clothing from stains. They can also help to reduce cramping and discomfort during your period.

Q3. Are sanitary pads harmful?
A3. No, sanitary pads are not harmful. They can help keep your vagina clean and healthy by absorbing menstrual blood and preventing it from coming into contact with your skin.

Q4. Which sanitary pad is best for a 12-year-old?
A4. The best sanitary pad for a 12-year-old is the most comfortable and absorbent. Clovia pads are perfect for young girls, as they are made of 100% natural cotton and are super absorbent. They also have various colours and designs, so you can find the perfect one to suit your style.

Q5. What is menstruation and why do we have them?
A5. Menstruation is basically a monthly cycle where a woman’s body lets go of some of its unrequired tissues. These tissues are present in the uterus for the development of the baby. However, when the pregnancy doesn’t happen, the lining breaks down, which is released in the form of blood.

Q6. When will my menstruation start?
A6. Menstruation usually starts anywhere between 12 to 14 years when girls hit puberty. However, some may experience them a bit sooner or later due to different body types. This is completely normal.

Q7. How long does the menstrual cycle last?
A7. Anywhere between 3 to 7 days. If you’re getting them for a shorter or longer duration, it may be a cause of concern & you should consider consulting a gynaecologist.

Q8. How can I track my period on a calendar?
A8. All women can keep a handy pocket calendar to keep a check on their monthly cycle. Even better if you use our ease to use free period tracker online tool. It will help you map your cycle in 2 minutes.

Q9. What if I have irregular periods?
A9. During the first one to two three years, irregular periods aren’t a cause of concern & is in fact, pretty normal. However, if the cycle remains irregular, it may be the time to visit a doctor.

Q10. How often should I change my pad?
A10. Usually, it should be changed every 4-6 hours. Keeping it on for a longer time may keep compromise on your personal hygiene and leakage too.

According to the National Family Health Survey, very few women use sanitary pads during their periods. They use plain clothes to absorb the flow of blood, and so they have a constant fear of stains. Use of clothes is an unhealthy practice that can lead to several health issues. Now is the time to make them aware about the benefits of sanitary pads and how using these pads can help them get rid of all period-related problems.

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