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There is no denying that yoga is one of the best means to keep fit. Apart from that, it also has numerous other health benefits. It helps you relax, meditate and find yourself. Whatever your personal motivation maybe to practice yoga, it is important to understand the importance of right clothing on order to get the best of your session. The right clothing will allow you freedom of movement, wick away the moisture, and keep you comfortable.

Types of Yoga Clothes

Just like you need proper attire for the gym, similarly, you need to stock up a few things in your wardrobe for yoga.

1. Yoga Pants: First and foremost, you need to have comfy yoga pants that help you stretch however you want to. You can find them in numerous styles, lengths & fits.

2. T-Shirts: Opting for a baggy t-shirt for your yoga class isn’t a good idea. Choose form fitting tees that help you bend and keep your posture in check.

3 Sports Bra: And of course, sports bras are a must have for your wardrobe. They provide your breasts the necessary support during the movements without posing any harm to your breast tissues. Stick to a low to medium impact sports bra depending on the intensity of your asana.

How to Choose Yoga Clothes

Here are a couple of things you should take into consideration when buying yoga clothes.
1. Fabric: Yoga involves lunging, stretching, bending, so your clothes should be functional enough. Stick to clothes that have about 15-20% spandex for utmost stretchability. Also pick moisture wicking fabrics since you tend to sweat a lot during yoga.

2. Colours: You don’t necessarily need to stick to darker shades like black. You can also choose neutral and pastel hues, whatever makes you happy. In the end, material and style is what really matters.

3. Style: With the increasing popularity of yoga pants, the styles are also evolving at a great pace. However, be sure to choose clothes that are neither too tight nor loose. Clothes that are too tight can restrict your blood flow whereas clothes that are too loose will hinder your body movement.

If you need a little more understanding on yoga clothes, we are here to answer your queries.


Q1. Are leggings suitable for yoga?
A1. Sure, leggings are a little less restricting than jeans or jeggings, but they still don’t make the right attire for yoga. You need to shop for yoga pants as they’re moisture wicking & super stretchable.

Q2. What is the difference between yoga pants and leggings?
A2. Leggings are designed to be worn underneath your regular clothes in order to provide warmth. On the other hand, yoga pants have a great support system that is specifically designed for workout.

Q3. Should yoga pants be tight or loose?
A3. None of them. Like we mentioned above, they should neither be too tight nor too loose. They should be flexible enough to allow you to workout without hindering movement.

Q4. Can I wear yoga pants at home?
A4. Of course. In fact, they make great pants for home. Super comfortable, stretchable & stylish! Just make sure you don’t buy something that’s super tight.

So, what are you waiting for? Shop your heart out today!

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