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Face Washes

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Face Washes : Cleansing is the first & foremost in every skincare regimen. Hence your cleanser or face wash has to be holistic and as per your skin type. By using the right face wash which is made for your skin type you help your skin get rid of oil, pollution and dead skin at the same time not stripping off natu ... Read more

                            Face Washes 

Shop The Best Face Wash According to Your Skin Type

Skivia brings an amazing range of face wash that is designed to cleanse deep down your skin, eliminating the impurities like dirt, pollutants, oil, makeup residues, bacteria and dead skin cells. The entire range is focused on providing you with squeaky clean skin with wash and leaving you with a refreshed feeling. While removing and scooping out the impurities Skivia face washes, ensure not stripping off natural oil from your skin. With solution-based face washes Skivia targets all your skin problems like acne, dull skin, tan, dead skin buildup, etc.

Skivia face washes are made of all-natural ingredients, refreshing your skin, enhancing your complexion, and leaving your skin soft and smooth. Skivia face washes make sure that only gentle & good things touch your skin, that’s why they are free of parabens, sulphate, silicones & other nasty chemicals.

Choosing The Right Face Wash for Your Skin

The compilation of skincare products is based on the skin type. Different skin types need different ingredients. Hence, it’s very important to choose a face wash according to your skin type.

1. Face wash for dry skin:

If you have dry skin, your face wash should be a gentle cleanser with moisturizing ingredients. This will clean the skin and leave a thin film of moisture on it. It's very important to avoid antibacterial soaps and cleansers with exfoliators that can dry your skin

2. Face wash for oily skin:

The best face wash for oily skin should contain natural ingredients like aloe vera and tea tree oil. Both Aloe vera and tea tree oil have antibacterial properties, and balance the oil productions, thus fighting the root cause of acne.

3. Face wash for sensitive or combination skin:

Both sensitive skin and combination skin benefit from an ultra-gentle cleanser. Look for a face wash that is completely fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, paraben and sulphate-free, that won't irritate your skin.

Buy the Best Face Wash for Glowing Skin in India

Skivia has the most amazing range of face washes catering to all your skin needs. The face wash range contains face washes made with premium ingredients like rice water, kumkumadi, chocolate, vitamin C, salicylic acid, niacinamide, etc. Each face wash works its magic to get you glowing skin while targeting the skin problem. Our products help you nourish your skin, treat acne, and protect skin from damage. So ladies, say good bye to skin problems and hi to beautiful and glowing skin.

How to Use a Face Wash Correctly?

Step 1: Moisten face & neck, apply a small amount of Skivia Anti-Acne Face Wash.
Step 2: Gently work up a lather forming circular motions.
Step 3: Wash off and pat dry with a clean towel.
Tip: Use daily morning and evening.


Maintaining skin in today’s world is difficult but not if you have the right products with you. Make the right choices while buying skin products and have healthy and nourished skin. Once you figure out which face wash works great for your skin, don’t stop right there, explore more and find out the best face mask as per your needs. To boost radiance you can pick up our best face serums. To brighten your skin and reduce the blemishes checkout our exclusive face creams.


Q.1.Which is better for your face - soap or face wash?
A.1.Our face is a lot more delicate than the skin on the rest of our bodies. Both will clean your face but there are differences in the way they do it. Soap is harsher whereas a face wash is very gentle on your skin. Experts, therefore, suggest using a good face wash for your face.

Q.2.Is a cleanser and face wash the same?
A.2.The difference is that face washes foam upon application and need to be washed off, while cleansers have a lotion-like consistency, will not foam and often need to be wiped off.

Q.3.Can we use face wash daily?
A.3. Yes. No matter how much you cut back on your skincare routine, you should always wash your face with a good face wash at least once a day. Those with oily or combination skin may benefit from twice-daily washes (morning and night) while drier skin may be fine with just a nightly wash.

Q.4.What should we apply on the face after we wash our face?
A.4.Use moisturizer after washing your face. According to studies, the best time to apply moisturizer is when your skin is damp as this can help lock in hydration. Use your face cream before your skin has dried post-cleansing.

Q.5. Is it safe to use face wash in pregnancy?
A.5.Less is more when it comes to pregnancy-safe face wash. Clean your face twice daily with a mild, natural and toxin-free face wash, like Skivia Face Wash. Harsher versions are more likely to irritate your skin. Plus, over-cleansing your skin will make you more prone to pregnancy breakouts.

Q.6.Can teenagers and adults use face wash?
A.6.Yes both teenagers, as well as adults, can use a face wash. The face wash is most often made based on purpose instead of for a specific age.


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