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Girls Panties

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Girls Panties : Make your teen days comfortable yet stylish with girls underwear. Crafted with breathable and soft cotton fabric, they make the perfect pick to experience comfort everyday. With amazing fits and basic styles, they are just what every teenage girl needs in her #underfashion wardrobe to begin right as ... Read more

                            Girls Panties 

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Begin Right with a Teen Girls Panty

While growing up, teen girls need ultimate comfort and relaxation when it comes to underwear. After all, this is the most crucial phase of their life where the body suddenly undergoes a plethora of physical developments. That said, comfort certainly shouldn’t take a backseat. While most people only pay heed to the bras, it’s essential to change your regular panty too and switch it with a teen girls panty. Designed in basic designs and comfortable fabric, these are just the right girls panties to say hello to your teen days.

Types of Panties for Girls

1. Hipster: Super comfortable, super soft and super chic. It has the perfect coverage at the back, making it ideal for everyday wear.

2. Bikini Panties: They are just like hipsters, but instead of being curved, they lay flat at the butt. These panties can be worn underneath your regular outfits like your jeans, shorts, or trousers for a comfortable fit.

3. Boyshorts: One of the favourite underwear styles for young girls. Because this panty provides full coverage both at the back and leg openings, beginners often feel more comfortable wearing them. In a nutshell, this makes their transition to ladies panties easy peasy.

4. Boylegs: Last, but definitely not the least, is the boyleg style. They are quite similar to cycling shorts, making an ideal pick under school skirts and short dresses.

Tips to Buy a Girls Underwear

1. Fabric: Be sure to choose a soft & breathable fabric to be in comfort all day. We highly recommend you go for cotton ones.

2. Fit: Your panty should neither be too tight nor too loose. It should just be snug enough.

3. Detail: Avoid panties with too many intricate details to avoid discomfort. Since teenage is mostly about accommodating the changes, experimenting isn’t usually the best bet.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to pick your perfect pair at Clovia!


Q1. Can beginners wear lace panties?
A1. We highly recommend you not to. Sticking to beautiful basic panties is the safest bet during this early phase. However, you can stock up on one or two lace styles for fancy occasions, but avoid wearing them on a daily basis.

Q2. Which panties are good to wear with pads for teens?
A2. Hipsters and boyshorts do a pretty decent job with pads. They usually provide a comfortable fit for prolonged use. You can also go for specialized period panties for extra protection.

Q3. Which panty colour should I wear under a white skirt?
A3. Nude is the safest bet. However, you can also opt for other colours, like light pink or pink as your skin has similar undertones. They blend with your original skin tone, resulting in a no-show effect.

Q4. What colour underwear should girls wear?
A4. It depends on the outfit that a girl is wearing. For example, nude is the safest bet for white & light coloured outfits. For other outfits, you can match the colour of panties with them.

Q5. Is panty for girls comfortable?
A5. Yes, panty which is crafted from cotton or other soft fabric is very comfortable. It offers perfect fitting and hugs the body. It has a double-layered gusset that ensures hygiene.