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Skivia : Taking care of your face, body and hair is very important because they all together define your personality. While you take utmost care of your appearance, our range of products can be your best bet, as our products are based on ayurvedic formulation made with natural ingredients and are free of tox ... Read more


Shop Hair, Body & Face Care Ayurvedic Products Online

When it comes to crafting your personality, there is no better way than adopting natural ingredient based products. Not only are such products gentle but also they protect your beauty and add another charm into it. Your everyday skincare, body care and hair care routine can be the solution to the plethora of problems that your deal with your day to day basis such as acne, oily skin, blemishes, hyperpigmentation, dark spots, hair fall, dandruff, flaky skin, uneven skin tone, etc. That’s why after doing massive research on Indian skin, hair and body problems we brought an entire personal care range for all ages men and women, Skivia.

We do have a dedicated personal care range for mommies that provides the solutions for their pre and postnatal problems. Apart from maternity solutions our intimate care range focuses on women’s hygiene and comfort.

Best Skincare Products by Skivia

Our skin care products include

1. Face serum
2. Face wash
3. Face Cream
4. Face mask

All these products help you to deal with many skin concerns such as acne, pimples, dark spots, dull skin, pigmentation, blemishes, wrinkles & fine lines, etc. People with any skin type can use Skivia products.

Body Care Products by Skivia

Have you dedicated some time for your body care too, as you have done for face care? Don’t forget to indulge yourself in some rejuvenated body care routine with Skivia’s ayurvedic body care range that includes

1. Body Wash
2. Body Butter
3. Carrier Oil
4. Essential oils

Give your body a boost of nourishment and get rid of flaky & dry skin, dark elbows, rough patches, back acne, etc.

Hair Care Products by Skivia 

It’s pretty common to have bad hair nowadays and reasons can be numerous from diet to lifestyle, from bad products to pollution etc. But natural products can help you a lot to achieve desired hair. Make your hair any style ready with Skivia Hair Care Range that includes

1. Hair Oil
2. Shampoo
3. Conditioner
4. Carrier Oil
5. Essential oils

Our products make your hair stronger and shinier, they nourish your hair from within. Unlike other hair care products available in market Skivia hair care ragne is free of toxins, sulphate and parabens.

All these skin, hair, body care products are gender neutral they can be used by any age group.

Personal Care Products for New Mommies & Expecting Mothers

For mommies and mommies to be we have our wide range of products that help them to combat many issues which make pregnancy hard. Our prenatal and postnatal products target different problems such as stretch marks, itchy and sore nipples, excessive hair fall, pigmentation, saggy breasts, etc. To solve these thing naturally we brought to you

1. No stretch marks oil
2. Nipple butter
3. Anti-Hair Fall Range
4. Spot Corrector Cream
5. Breast Firming Oil

Intimate Care Products by Skivia

Maintaining a personal hygiene doesn’t mean just washing your hair, body and keeping your oral health in check, it does include keeping your intimate part clean and out of any bacterial reach. For that you need intimate wash, but don’t wash the inside, it’s a self cleaning organ, our body cleans it itself. Intimate washes are meant to use the outside of vagina, that is the vulva. Since this is one of the sensitive parts of your body you have to be extremely careful with it. Any chemical can cause more harm than good, hence opting for natural ingredient based products is wise. Skivia intimate wash gentle, maintains pH balance of your intimate area, and is safe to use during periods and pregnancy.

Apart from intimate wash, we have some nice products for your menstrual cycle. 

1. Sanitary pads/panty liners/tampons
2. Cramp reliever roll-on

Why Choose Skivia Products?

1. Made of natural Ingredients
2. No Toxins
3. Vegan Products
4. Made in India
5. synthetic materials added
6. Purely Ayurvedic
7. Cruelty Free


Skivia Products are created after an extensive research on needs & problems of modern men and women. We tried to focus on all age bars except for kids, and focused on every problem that you deal with. Being natural is an added advantage here and age-old proven ayurvedic method makes the products successful combating the issues they are made for. Since the products are gender neutral anyone can use it without facing any issues.