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Activewear : It's time to work it out in style with women's activewear range from Clovia. Whether you want something for low-impact yoga sessions or vigorous gym sessions, our ultra supportive women's sportswear has got you covered. From sports bras & T-shirts to tights & shorts, there are a plethora of women's ... Read more


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Importance of Activewear

Whether you are on your journey to lose a few extra pounds or simply a sports enthusiast, compromising on the quality and style of your sportswear isn’t a viable option. After all, women’s Activewear is only about looks and comfort, but plays a significant role in improving your overall workout. It provides the right amount of flexibility, breathability, support, comfort, and protection to your body that it significantly requires during those super active hours. It also wicks away the sweat and saves you from the embarrassing nipple peeks, so that you worry less about these issues and focus more on practice.

What are the different types of women’s Activewear?

If you’ve no idea about women’s sportswear and wondering how to get started, we have enlisted all types of activewear items below.

1. Sports bras: If you’re thinking to workout in your regular bras, you’re highly mistaken. You need to opt for sports bras to avoid that unwanted bounce and stress on your bust area. They provide utmost support during workout vigorous sessions and help prevent sagginess later down the line.

There are 3 levels of sports bras available in the market- low, medium, and high impact, so you need to select one as per the activity. If you are into yoga or weight lifting, a minimal low impact sports bra would work just fine. In case, you want to go hiking or cross-training, opt for medium impact sports bras. For high-motion activities, such as running, high impact sports bras are the best bet.

2. Tights: You don’t want to be restricted while working out, do you? For that, you need to invest in good quality gym tights. The slim fit not only lets you move around comfortably by reducing friction, but also provides the advantage of style. They keep you comfortable as well as safe by avoiding chafing. They’re available in various lengths, particularly in full length and capris, so you can choose something as per your style.

3. T-Shirts: To sum up your entire sports look, you need the right kind of T-shirt to go along. There are various moisture-wicking T-shirts available out there to aid you during gym or zumba. With stylish racerbacks and trendy patterns, they enable you to workout better.

4.Gym Shorts: Ideal choice of the garment during hot summer days that prevents chafing. Sweating is inevitable, and if you are acquainted with the right activewear option, it’ll be more convenient for you to focus on your workout. Active shorts are designed with broad elastic that helps provide extra support to the tummy. You can find two variants; cycling shorts & regular shorts. Cycling shorts is more of a snug fit option and regular active shorts is of a looser fitting, and are extremely comfortable.

5. Track Pants/Joggers: If you are looking for an alternative of tights that aren’t slim fit, track pants are the way to go. They are crafted with moisture-wicking fabric and have a 4-way stretch to them, which allows unrestricted movements. You can also find yourself options with a fastening drawstring that allows you to accentuate your waist, making the fit snugger. Pockets are an added advantage of track pants, considering your valuable items will have a place to be stored.

6. Tank Tops: To be able to have a breezy routine, tank tops are a must-have option you should own by now. They are versatile as you can style them with any bottoms. Also, the breathable fabric is great during hot summer days, and helps cool down your body temperature, increasing your productivity.

7. Jackets: A seasonal option but still a very functional and gym appropriate garment you should invest in if you haven’t already. Jackets are a great addition to your workout collection as you can wear them during your routine and it helps to keep you warm.

Which activewear to choose according to the activity?

It wouldn’t be sportswear if it is tied to a particular activity. Giving you options as to how you can style the given activewear alongside the activity.

Dance/Zumba: For freedom of movement, you can pair stylish track pants with a sports bra. This would be a trendier and more chic version you can go for, otherwise, topping it off with a sports tee is a personal preference you can make. This outfit choice would not only stylize your look but will ensure you don’t chafe during your frequent movements.

Yoga: A Tank top paired with active tights, and a sports bra will be an ideal pairing choice. The combo won’t restrict your performance, instead, the tights will stretch along with your movements. The activewear will ensure that you remain breezy and fresh, even if you are practising yoga outdoors.

Gym: Matching sets that contain sports bras and tights are the ultimate outfit option you can go for this season. The breathable fabric that wicks away the sweat can be your companion during your intense workout routine. The stretchable fabric takes away the worry of it tearing during your routine while being allowing proper freedom of movement.

Badminton/Basketball: Active shorts along with a sports tee & sports bra equals the best combination for the particular activity. Active shorts are best for outdoor activities, considering the length will prevent chafing and doesn’t restrict mobility. A sports tee is hands down a staple piece as it wicks away the sweat, and a sports bra ensures your assets stay put.

Benefits of Womens Sportswear

In case, you’re still not convinced so as to why sportswear is essential, we’ve got you covered with numerous benefits in detail.

1. Improves performance: It boosts your performance significantly. The moisture wicking fabrics allow you to move around easily, in turn, making you more active during the workout sessions.

2. Protection: It aids in protection against harmful temperatures and keeps your body temperature in check. It also prevents skin chafing and rubbing.

3. Comfort: Crafted with super stretchable fabric, activewear is designed to improve your comfort level. It wicks away the sweat and provides easy breathability, keeping you at comfort all day long.

How to Pick Activewear?

Now that you’re well versed with the various types of workout essentials, it’s time to understand what to look for when taking your next pick.

1. Choose breathable fabrics: Avoid fabrics that don’t let the sweat evaporate. After all, you don’t want to raise your body temperature too much while working out. Try to stick to fabrics that have a blend of cotton for comfort.

2. Get the right fit: Last thing you want while exercising is your clothes itching or twisting you, which is why it’s mandatory to choose activewear that fits you right. Avoid wide legged and loose clothing for it may hamper your performance.

3. Comfort: Remember, you can only give your best when working out when you feel comfortable in what you wear. So, no matter how amazing you find a pair of tights or top, you shouldn’t invest in it if at all it compromises with your comfort level.

Why Clovia Sportswear ?

Clovia is your one stop destination to shop all kinds of sportswear for women at unbelievable prices. Whether you’re looking for shorts, capris, sports bras, or something more covered like full length tights, we got you covered. Apart from women’s activewear, you can also shop for bras, panties, nightwear, sleepwear, swimwear, shapewear & much more. So, what are you waiting for? Check our collection today!

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If you still have a few doubts in your mind, we got you covered with relevant frequently answered questions below.

Q1. What should you not wear when working out?
A1. Here are a few things to wear that you should say a big NO-NO to when working out:
• 100% cotton
• Regular shoes
• Too baggy clothes
• Regular bras

Q2. Which fabric is best for the gym?
A2. Polyester is by far the most popular fabric when it comes to gym wear for it is super stretchable and moisture-wicking. Alternatively, you can also opt for moisture-wicking cotton or nylon spandex fabric.

Q3. Do wearing tight clothes while exercising help?
A3. There is no denying that wearing tight clothes do enhance workout. However, if it’s too tight, it can pose a problem in the long run. In a nutshell, stick to tight gymwear until it isn’t too tight.

Q4. How long should you keep workout clothes?
A4. Typically, you should replace your workout clothes every 6 to 8 months if you workout regularly. If you workout occasionally, they can go as long as a year.

Q5. Is it better to workout in tight or loose clothing?
A5. Loose clothing is definitely not a wise idea when it comes to workout. Avoid gymwear that’s super tight or super loose. Stick to decent compression clothes that are comfortable, functional, and stylish at the same time.