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Cotton Panties

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Cotton : Say hello to your round-up BFF amongst the other panties appropriate for women of all ages, and shapes. Clovia gives you plenty options for cotton panties online shopping from cotton bikinis, cotton hipsters and cotton thongs.

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Cotton Panties Online

Why should you wear cotton panties?

Cotton panties are the staple of every lingerie drawer because they’re perfect for every day wear in Indian climate. Cotton briefs have high moisture absorbing and breathing properties and thus a favourite of many. It is a natural fabric and therefore is suitable for all skin types.

What are the benefits of wearing a cotton panty?

Avoiding the Itch

Substituting to cotton panties may avert avoidable irritation. Unlike numerous synthetics, this material is breathable and avoids the uncomfortable buildup of moisture that can lead to itching. 

Specially in hot & humid weather, women should always wear a cotton underwear. This keeps you dry and comfortable. Cotton fabric is known for its breathability and comfort. 

Period Protection

Cotton or not, as a precaution for good health you must at all times wear panties when you're having your menstrual period. Cotton panties, nevertheless, are usually more absorbent and economical than some synthetic materials, making them a useful choice in the course of this time.

Gentle Material

Cotton underwears claim softness, absorbency and breathability. Its softness is mild on your skin, its absorbency takes away perspiration, and its breathability eases evaporation of moisture that might elsewise be shut in and encourage the growth of bacteria.

More Considerations

This goes without saying that you ought not to wear panties of any kind 24/7. In fact, even cotton briefs can be disadvantageous while you are sleeping. Even breathable cotton panties can upsurge the moisture and heat, making the environment in which yeast thrives. Going without underwear at night springs your body a chance to breathe easy.

What are the different types of cotton panties?


The trick with thongs isn't so much the shape, but the fit. Due to the fabric touching around and thus reallocating bacteria in the area. But in case of cotton however, if the thong fits well and it's breathable you are good to go. 


Boyshorts offer more coverage, comfort and flawless finish, signifying that these will camouflage under short skirts and pants seamlessly. Yet, the same rules apply: Opt for 100% cotton and find the correct fit to evade any friction.

Clovia gives you plenty options for cotton panties online shopping from cotton bikinis, cotton hipsters and cotton thongs. Cotton comfort has been made cute by Clovia by adding funky colours and trendy prints.  Clovia’s cotton ladies underwear in full coverage are a rage and have been tried and loved by thousands of women. Their unique cuts and styling make them sexy as well as comfortable. Buy lingerie online in India at Clovia for some great deals and discounts on your favourite styles.


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