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Cotton Panties

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Cotton Panties : Keep your comfort game on point with cotton panties for women. Soft, breathable & stretchable, they make the perfect undies for everyday wear. And if you're taking them to be drab and boring, you're highly mistaken. Today, you can find cotton panties in numerous cuts and styles, like hipsters, bikin ... Read more

                            Cotton Panties 

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The Importance of Wearing Cotton Panties

Studies suggest that many infections in pubic areas can significantly decrease by wearing cotton panties. They are super soft, breathable, and comfortable, making an ideal choice for everyday wear. And not just everyday wear, you can even wear cotton panties for fancy purposes as now they come in various low cut styles and varieties.

Benefits of Wearing Cotton Panties

1. Prevent infections: Vaginal infections are highly common among women. They can happen as a result of clothing that doesn’t allow breathability, such as latex and polyester. By sticking to breathable fabric like cotton, you can significantly prevent the growth of yeast, avoiding infections.

2. Avoid itching: Itching is another very common problem in women that happens due to disturbance in pH level and yeast infection. Opting for cotton underwear can significantly alleviate itchiness as it helps eliminate build-up of moisture.

3. Reduce odour: Vagina is a very sensitive area that is prone to cause odour, thanks to the high level of moisture. The great thing about cotton panties is that they are super breathable, so they allow adequate ventilation that prevents odour considerably.

4. Period protection: No matter how absorbing your sanitary napkin or tampon is, there are still chances of leakage. This is the reason why it’s always advisable to wear cotton panties as they are highly absorbing. So even in case of any leakage, they can significantly reduce the chances of mishaps.

5. Gentle material: When it comes to fabric, cotton is one of the best materials out there because of its softness, breathability, and absorbency. It feels highly mild on the skin, wicks away the moisture, and ensures proper ventilation, thus keeping you at comfort all day long.

Different Styles of Cotton Panties

1. Hipsters: Probably the most common and comfortable cotton panty style out there is the hipster. It provides high rear coverage and is truly a great alternative for everyday wear.

2. Bikinis: Another very common panty style is the bikini. Bikinis mainly got popular after women started wearing them to the beach to flaunt their curves, but now they are widely accepted as innerwear too. They lie flat on the back and provide decent coverage, ensuring high comfort.

3. Thongs: The incredibly sexy panty is the thong as it offers very low coverage at the back. This is a great style for all those body hugging outfits as it helps avoid visible panty lines.

4. Boyshorts: Like the name states, boyshorts are the female version of boys’ boxers. They provide full coverage at the back and are highly functional if you’re seeking relief from thigh rash.

5. Boyleg: Boylegs are very similar to boyshorts, the only difference being the length. Boylegs are little longer than boyshorts, making them ideal to be worn under short skirts or dresses to protect modesty. They are a great alternative to the traditional cycling shorts as they eliminate the need of wearing panties at all.

So, what are you waiting for? No matter what the occasion or preference is, there is a cotton panty out there to suit your needs. Shop today!


Q1. Are cotton panties the best choice for a woman’s health?
A1. Yes, according to numerous doctors, cotton is the best choice when it comes to women’s panties. It is soft and breathable, thus preventing the chances of itching, odour, and infections.

Q2. Which panty has a more silky feeling- cotton or nylon?
A2. Nylon is softer in comparison to cotton, but cotton makes a more sensible choice. Like we mention, it is super hygienic and works great for everyday wear.

Q3. Which is the most comfortable cotton panty?
A3. There’s no best in terms of cotton panties. You simply have to see what style you’re comfortable in. For instance, if you want something for everyday wear, you might like hipsters better. On the other hand, if you want to wear something underneath your body hugging tights, you might want to wear thongs to avoid visible panty lines.

Q4. Are all the cotton panties made of 100% cotton?
A4. No, panties constitute some percentage of spandex fabric for stretchability. It also aids in providing maximum comfort during movements.

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