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Cotton Nightwear

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Cotton Nightwear : Sound sleep is impossible without comfortable nightwear. Nothing can beat the level of comfort which comes from cotton nightsuits. Clovia cotton nightwear range includes the most comfortable cotton nightsuits, cotton nighties and nightdresses for all women. You can choose from cotton nighties, night ... Read more

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Feel Comfortable All Night Long with Cotton Nighties & Nightdresses

A good night's sleep makes your life way better, and wearing something comfortable at night is a must. Trust us, the right nightdress can make you feel so relaxed and comfortable after a hectic day. Imagine slipping into a comfy cotton nightgown after a warm shower. Feeling amazing by just thinking of it, right? Just like our nightdress collection! It has the most comfortable cotton nightwear ever, which is oh-so-pretty at the same time.
Unlike regular cotton nighties, Clovia cotton nightwear comes in all sizes possible, you don’t have to wear a free size nightwear anymore. These nightwear are not-so-basic with many features like pockets in almost all nightwear, overlapping flaps in cotton feeding nightwear and quirky prints which make them so beautiful to have. If you are not convinced yet, read on to learn the benefits of wearing cotton nightwear.

Benefits of Cotton Nightwear

Breathable fabric: Cotton is known to be a breathable fabric option that keeps a person breezy and fresh. It is a gentle fabric and doesn’t irritate or cling to the skin even during humid weather.

Remains odour-free: Cotton doesn’t soak odour from the environment as it releases the odorous substances quickly. Even during summer, the cotton fabric won’t stick to the sweat odour, leaving you smelling fresh at all times.

Maintains its Shape: Cotton fabric retains its shape even after several washes, which is why it’s a more sustainable option. You won’t have to buy new clothes time and again.

Easy to Wash: You don’t have to put in extra effort in washing your cotton clothes. Just a quick rinse in the washing machine, and you are good to go. This fabric option saves you additional time and money, considering dry cleaning won’t be necessary.

Types of Cotton Nightwear

There are a plethora of cotton nightwear styles available in Clovia. Here are some of the best buys that are high on style as well as comfort.
Nightsuits: You can choose from a wide range of cotton night suits for women available in comfortable cotton fabric. These are ideal for beating the summer heat and also add to your style quotient.

Top & Pyjamas: Probably the most common and versatile of all, cotton top & pyjama sets have always been a favourite among women since forever. You can wear them throughout the year and experience comfort at its best.

Top & Shorts: Want to beat the scorching heat? Opt for a matchy-matchy top & shorts set crafted with comfortable cotton fabric that not only gives you relief from the weather, but also keeps you super chic.

Nighties (Short Nighties): If you’re planning a slumber party with your girls, short cotton nighties should definitely be your pick. Our nighties provide you utmost comfort and feature amazing prints and patterns, ensuring that style doesn’t take a backseat.

Nightgowns (Long Nighties): One of the best options to laze around all day is a long cotton nighty for women. They let your body breathe and move freely, promising unmatched comfort.

  • Cotton Feeding Nightwear: For moms-to-be and new moms Clovia’s cotton maternity range has long feeding gowns, feeding nightsuits and cotton maternity nighties for pre-natal.

Now that you are well versed with the types of cotton nightgowns, let us dig into deeper details to buy one.

Tips to Buy a Cotton Nightdress

1. Colours: When it comes to nightwear, wearing something loud isn’t a good idea. We recommend you stick to light shades for they provide a higher level of comfort and relaxation.

2. Details: Too many buttons or details will not do any good when choosing a nightwear. Make sure it is as minimal as possible in order to comfortably lounge around at your home.

3. Silhouette: Fitted nightsuit? Hell no. Opt for loose dangling styles that don’t cause comfort when you twist or turn around while sleeping. If you really like something but don’t find your right size, you can always go for a size up.

So, what are you waiting for? Fill your carts with our comfortable cotton and other nightwear styles today to get sound beauty sleep around the year.

Have more questions? We got you covered.

Shop Clovia’s Range of Cotton Nighties for Women

Cotton nightwear is the ultimate choice for all women in any age group. For every age range, Clovia has something, for young women we have tops & shorts, tops & pyjamas, short cotton nighties, cami tops & shorts and nightsuits. For mothers-to-be, we have maternity nightwear, maxi dresses, kaftans and nightgowns. If you are not a fan of floor-length maxis you can pick either mid-length or short cotton nighties. Also, most cotton nighties have pockets for your convenience.


Q1. Is it important to wear a cotton nighty at night?
A1. Yes. During the night, your body deserves utmost relaxation, so make sure you buy a cotton nighty to slip the tension away and get a good night’s sleep.
Q2. Is it okay to skip undergarments under a cotton nightsuit?
A2. It is completely okay, whether you wear underwear or not. Either way, it’s totally your choice, so you can choose anything depending on what you feel comfortable in.
Q3. Which fabric is the best for nightwear?
A3. Cotton, undeniably. The reasons are obvious- it’s breathable, moisture-wicking, soft- everything at once.
Q4. What are the different styles of the cotton nightdress?
A4. The options are endless, considering you can pick from a range of short nightdresses, T-shirt dresses, cotton nighties, maternity nightwear, cotton nightsuits, top & shorts sets and more with interesting prints and designs. You don’t have to stick to the usual stuff that you own, experiment with a new & improved collection for a more put-together look.
Q5. Are cotton nighties suitable for daily use?
A5. Yes. Cotton nighties are gentle to wear and can be worn throughout the day. In fact, it’s the most comfortable option to pick. Also, the latest designs in cotton nightdresses are not just limited to wear at home, you can run errands in them as well. Many cotton nightdresses come with utility pockets, which might be convenient if you want to carry something.
Q6. What is the best cotton night dress for women?
A6. You can pick from a range of T-shirt dresses, nightgowns, short nightdresses and more. All of them are well-suited options for women.
Q7. Which is the best time to wear a cotton nightdress?
A7. Well, cotton is the most comfortable fabric and suitable for all seasons hence you can wear cotton nightwear all year round. Because cotton nightwear keeps your body temperature cool in summer and warm in winter.