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Spacer Cup Bra

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Spacer Cup : On the days when you don't feel like wearing a heavily padded bra, especially in hot summers, you need a spacer cup bra. It features ultra-light foam cups sandwiched between two fabrics. These cups are moulded to give a fuller and round shape to the breasts. This can be disguised as a T-shirt bra as ... Read more

                            Spacer Cup 

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Spacer cup bras are made for those days when you don’t want to don heavy-padded bras. These bras are known for their name and for being so lightweight. Spacer cups are crafted with Spacer Fabric (3d knitted fabric). This fabric is constructed with two layers of fabric joined together with a spacer yarn woven to create airflow and light padding. These bras are your summer BFF as the cups regulate the airflow and keep you bust sweat fee. 

The spacer cups bra gives a fuller, rounder look to your breasts at the same time keeping them sweat fee. The cups are seamless and provide a smooth finish under fitted outfits. Clovia spacer cup bras are available in many colours and sizes. These are styled with an intricate lace fabric along the bustline and centre gore, making them more appealing. These bras are too affordable for your wardrobe.

Types of Spacer Cup Bra

You can shop the following styles in spacer cups:

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Spacer cup bras are crafted with premium fabric and designed to keep you feeling fresh and breezy all day long. It’s perfect for women who like a moulded style but don’t want the added bulk of padding, and don’t want to compromise on support. Clovia spacer cup bras are too affordable to have and available in endless options. Don’t wait and pick your favourite style.