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Lightly Padded Bras

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Lightly Padded Bras : Give your breasts the perfect lift and support with our lightly padded bras. High on comfort and style, these bras have foam cups that help to conceal the nipple show without any added bulk. They work great underneath all your outfits even under the tightest of clothing to give a smooth and seamless ... Read more

                            Lightly Padded Bras 

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Worried about protecting modesty without any added bulk of pads? Lightly padded bras are the solution. Whether you want to stay in shape or prevent sagging breasts, bras with proper support are like totally must-haves. A lot of women don’t realize that the right type and style of bra can solve all your bra woes. Hold on, we’ve got you covered with Clovia’s range of bras.

What are Light Padded Bras?

Bras with light padding at the cups are called lightly padded bras. They work extremely well in protecting modesty and saving you from the headlight effect. The bras cups are super smooth and seamless, making an ideal pick for all your outfits. You can be assured of an even silhouette without pumping up the volume of your breasts.

Benefits of Lightly Padded Bras

1. No-show effect: Like we mentioned above, lightly padded bras help to prevent nipple show. The cups conceal your nipples, resulting in a clean no-show effect.

2. Improved natural shape: Another great thing about lightly padded bras is that they enhance the shape of your breasts. They give a beautiful flattering appearance to your breasts without adding any unnecessary bulk. The cups are light as air but also contouring enough.

3. Support: Last but not the least, padded bras are highly supportive. They keep them more firm and uplifting, offering the much needed support.

Types of Lightly Padded Bras

1. T-shirt: This is the comfiest style out there. It has a super seamless look, giving a very clean appearance without any visible bra lines even under the tightest of clothing.

2. Underwired: These bras have wires present at the underbust. They offer incredible support and work as a great bet for women with bigger bust size.

3. Lace: Made with exquisite lace, these bras look amazingly beautiful. They make a great bridal and honeymoon pick for all the newly weds and brides to be.

4. Bralette: This style has been all the rage lately. Whether you want to wear them individually or underneath layers, bralettes are the perfect choice. Pick lightly padded ones as they’re super stylish and trendy.

So, wait no more, get the right support and the right style now by shopping for lightly padded bras at Clovia. They are sure to make you feel comfortable from inside and without compromising on style.


Q1. Can we wear lightly padded bras daily?
A1. Yes, in fact they are super comfortable as they’re devoid of any bulk. You can wear them daily to give your breasts adequate support and comfort.

Q2. Is wearing a padded bra harmful for your health?
A2. Despite a lot of misconceptions out there, it’s absolutely false that a padded bra can pose harm to your health. They are totally fine as long as you’re sticking to the right size.

Q3. Is a padded bra & push up bra different?
A3. Yes. While both of them have foam cups, the push-up bra plays an additional role. It pushes your breasts towards the centre, pumping up the volume and resulting in perkier cleavage.

Q4. How should you wash a padded bra?
A4.The best idea is to hand wash them instead of machine washing them. It helps to retain the cup shape for a longer period of time.