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Dance and Zumba

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Dance and Zumba : If you're practicing something as fun as interesting as zumba, your outfit should be just as good to match up your style. This is why, we've a wide range of zumba dresses curated just for you to help you keep up your style game. From sports bras to T-shirts to tights, we've narrowed everything for y ... Read more

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There is no denying that Zumba dance is one of the best workout forms out there. After all, what’s more fun that to groove to the beats of music and get a toned body at the same time. However, in order to get the most of your session, it’s also mandatory to wear the right zumba clothes because my friend, your normal clothes just can’t do. You need a specialized flexible Zumba workout dress that let you dance your heart out to the upbeat music.

Types of Zumba Clothes

Here are all the zumba clothes you would need for your high-energy classes.

1. Yoga Pants: Since you’d have to stretch your legs, your legs would be prone to chaffing & rubbing. Here, you can’t wear your jeans or normal leggings since they’ll cause unnecessary stress on your knees, ankles & hips. They also have higher chances of wear & tear. On the other hand, stretchable yoga pants or gym tights will protect your legs, so that you can workout and have fun in full swing. Yoga pants can be your perfect Zumba outfit.

2. Sports Bra: Zumba involves some high intensity moves, which can cause jiggling of breasts. Your normal bras can pose a problem for they cause uneasiness and sagging of breasts in the long run. Stick to sturdy & supportive sports bras that keep your breast tissues in place & provide adequate support at the same time.

3. Gym Tops: In order to further enhance the intensity of your zumba session, don a gym top along. With its breathable & moisture-wicking fabric, you can burn your calories in style and feel super comfortable at the same time.

Tips to Choose Zumba Clothes

Choosing Zumba wear for ladies can be a daunting task. Here, we have enlisted some tips to make your predicament easier.

1. Right fabric: Sure, cotton is a great fabric & super absorbent. However, after you workout, you’ll be drenched in sweat. Switch to moisture-wicking fabric, such as polyester or nylon that helps in rapid drying, so that you feel comfy & cool even during your moves.

2. Quality of bra: Like mentioned above, your breast tissues are prone to significant damage during a zumba session. Compromising on the quality of bra isn’t an option. Make sure you invest in a high-impact sports bra that helps you prevent bounces and provides comfort.

3. Go funky: Zumba isn’t all about plain whites & bold blacks. You can also go on and experiment with your style. Add colours and prints that make heads turn. After all, how you feel inside will definitely reflect on the outside. Wear any activewear or sportswear of your choice.

Buy Zumba and Dancewear at Clovia

Wearing the right gear for any activity enhances its effect on your body. Dance & Zumba is so intense so choose wisely whatever you are planning to wear. Rest we have provided the buyer’s guide here go through it and purchase Zumba wear for ladies.


Q1. Is zumba good for weight loss?
A1. It’s great. If you do a mid to high intensity session, you can lose as much as 300 to 900 calories within just an hour. Just make sure you also keep your diet plan in check.

Q2. How should I dress for zumba?
A2. Like mentioned above, always wear a sports bra and tights to gym. Go for bright colours to keep up your style game and don’t forget to put on a pair of sneakers. ?

Q3. Can I wear a skirt for zumba class?
A3. Technically, you can, but it won’t be as comfortable. We suggest you wear tights, either long or shorts to be at ease completely without worrying about your outfit moving from place to place.

Q4. What clothes to wear for Zumba?
A4. For Zumba, a sports bra is recommended that is too high impact. Apart from sports bra, you can wear any tank top and tights or shorts whatever you like. The fabric of all garments should be moisture-wicking and stretchable. 

Q5. Which sports bra is best for Zumba?
A5. A high impact sports bra is best for Zumba, medium impact bras with pads will do the work too. But the high impact one is recommended to minimize the bounce.

Q6. Which bra is best for Zumba?
A6. A high impact bra is always recommended for intensive activity, since Zumba is an intensive activity where a lot of jumping and gestures is required, a high impact bra will save you from injuries.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to do Zumba in style plus comfort.