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Tube/Bandeau Bras : Say goodbye to peeking ugly bra straps by switching to tube bras. Also known as bandeau bras, these bras are simply stretchy strips of fabric that are very easy to wear. You can flaunt them underneath all your tricky outfits for utmost style and comfort.

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Say Goodbye to Bra Straps with Tube Bras

Don’t you just love the feeling when you can wear the boldest of necks without the worry of peeking bra straps? Well, certainly why tube bras are so tremendously popular among women. The same comfort and support of a bra minus the ugly strap peeking – what more could you ask for! Tube bras are also known as bandeau bras are one of the most useful bra solutions that a woman can own.

What Exactly is a Tube bra / Bandeau Bra?

A tube bra is a strapless strip of stretchy fabric with a thick band on top and bottom for better hold. It is similar to a strapless bra but does not have any closure with an easy-to-wear slip on style. The best part is that most of these bandeau bras come with pockets to insert pads. This converts them into padded or strapless padded tube bras, making them versatile enough to be worn under body-hugging outfits for no nipple-show.

Types of Outfits That Should be Paired with Tube Bra

Tube bras let you experiment with off shoulders, strapless tops, broad shoulder dresses, and much more without worrying about embarrassing bra peaks. Here are some of the tricky situations where you can wear them with utmost comfort and confidence.

1. Hide cleavage:We all have been in situations where we wear deep necklines, but get uncomfortable with visible cleavage. Here, wearing a bandeau bra is a smart way to cover the cleavage without compromising on comfort.

2. Open back outfits:There is no denying that open back outfits are in vogue. However, the visibility of bra straps can ruin the appearance of your ‘oh so stylish’ dress. Bandeau bras are a great companion for such outfits and infact, give that added oomph to your look.

3. Bare shoulder outfits:If you have a thing for off shoulder and strapless outfits, bandeau bras are literally your saviour. They let you look your best in all such outfits.

4. Sheer outfits:Nothing screams sexy louder than sheer and what better way to keep the modesty protected than a tube bra. You can also play colour-contrast and own the look like a boss.
Now that you know the situations where you can wear tube bras, it’s time to choose from a versatile range of tube bras, from transparent straps to sultry lace ones, at Clovia.
In case tube bras aren’t something you’re looking for, you can also find other bra variants, such as padded, T-shirt, strapless, racerback, balconette bras & more. You name it and we literally have it. Our bras not only give you a flattering silhouette but also ensure the right fit without any spillage or sagging.

Comparison Between Strapless Bra & Tube Bra

Tube bra is often confused with strapless bra. But it’s way more different than it. Lets see how!

AttributeTube BraStrapless Bra
Cups Non-padded, Concealing cups with removable pads Padded cups, Moulded cups to hold bra in place
Closure Usually no closure, Easy to wear slip-on style Usually hook & eye closure at back
Ideal for Small breasted women Heavy breasted women
Stretchability Yes No
Elastic Along both hemlines On bustline only
Comfort Very comfortable Less comfortable
Support Less supportive More supportive
Sillicone lining Not present At the edges of cups

Need better clarity on tube bras? Go through our list of frequently asked questions below.


Q1. I have bigger breasts. Should I opt for tube bras?
A1. Tube bras are best for women with smaller breasts. If you’ve bigger bust size, choose a strapless bra with moulded cups for better support & silhouette.

Q2. Can I wear a tube bra under a T-shirt?
A2. If you’re comfortable with wearing a tube bra, you can wear it underneath whatever you like. However, the best bet under T-shirt is solely the T-shirt bra for it gives a flattering fit and greater comfort level.

Q3. How to choose a tube bra?
A3. Choosing a tube bra doesn’t involve a lot of hassle. Just consider the bra size, rest all depends on your personal style.

Q4. How do I care for a tube bra?
A4. Bras are usually super delicate. They demand higher level of care than your usual garments. Hand wash them with a mild detergent to retain their quality for a longer time.

Q5. Do bandeau bras give support?
A5. Though bandeau bras are very comfortable, they can’t provide much support to plus size and heavy breasted women. But they can provide ample support to small breasted women.

Tube/Bandeau Bras Price List

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