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Satin Nightwear

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Satin Nightwear : Pamper yourself and experience luxury like never before with our butter-soft satin nightwear. Our satin nightdresses not only look amazing, but also feel super smooth at the super time. Ultra chic, sophisticated, and easy-breezy, they are the perfect blend of everything you possibly need. So, ladies ... Read more

                            Satin Nightwear 

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Make Your Lounging Stylish with Satin Nightwear

Soft, cozy and luxurious, there’s no denying there is something utterly chic and sophisticated about satin nightwear. The beautiful and dainty satin fabric gives you effortlessly hot looks while letting you experience comfort at its best. After all, what’s not to love about satin nightwear- looks, style and of course, the oomph factor.

Benefits of Choosing a Satin Nightwear

1. Rich feel: First and foremost, satin nighties are super soft and sensuous. The fabric is not only perfect for sleeping but also for lounging around the entire day.

2. Attractive: The shimmering appearance of satin gives it an amazing look. Plus, it complements most skin tones.

3. Lightweight: Satin is utterly smooth and light. When you put it on, it feels light as air, keeping your body at ease and relaxed.

Types of Satin Nightwear

1. Nighty: It is literally a blessing in disguise. A satin nighty is one lingerie piece that oozes sexy appeal without compromising your comfort. Some also have gorgeous lace details, dainty criss-cross straps and slits to further accentuate your appearance.

2. Top & Pyjama: Your best friend all day and all night long. Super easy-breezy, chic and modest. You can either wear it individually or swap your shirt or pyjama as and when you like.

3. Shorts Set: Fun, feminine and flirty, a shorts set is all things combined in one. Since the fabric is stretchable, it becomes an even more convenient and easy to wear option.

4. Nighty with Robe: If you’re not comfortable with wearing a nighty alone, a satin nighty with robe is just the right choice for you. It not only offers you adequate coverage but also makes a perfect choice for a romantic night. It allows easy movement, so you can be cool and comfy.

4. Night suits: Nothing can spell luxurious in a more defined way than a pair of satin night suit that makes you feel comfortable for the night and also add oomph to your night attire. 

So, what are you waiting for? Take your pick from our satin nightwear. From nighties, to shorts, to PJ sets, to ravishing robes, we’ve everything under one roof to turn your night to a tantalizing affair. For the most special moments of your life, you can also take a look at our bridal nightwear sets for a memorable night ahead!


Q1. Is satin nighty good for summer?
A1. Sure, satin is smooth, but for summer, it’s not highly recommended. It absorbs the sweat leading to pesky stains and doesn’t provide enough breathability at the same time.

Q2. How to choose the best colour for satin nighty?
A2. If your skin tone has warm undertones, meaning it has green or yellowish undertones to it, colours like olives, yellow, reds, and turquoise are your pick. On the other hand, if your skin has cool undertones like pink or blue to it, opt for colours like ruby, deep purples and royal blue.

Q3. Why is satin nightwear best for your honeymoon?
A3. Like we mentioned above, satin is ultra luxurious. Plus, the soft and sensual fabric is sure to give your partner jitters as soon as he touches you. Guess that’s enough!