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Bust Firming & Pregnancy Stretch Marks Oil

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Bust Firming : Every woman aspires to have round, firm, and perky breasts but once they go through pregnancy, the idea of firm breasts can be a bit of an issue. Though this change in the appearance of breasts is a completely natural one experienced by most of the women, it ruins the aesthetic beauty of the organ, ... Read more

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Skivia 8-in-1 Breast Firming Oil and Skivia No Stretch Marks Oil 13-in-1 Formulation are Made in India and are 100% natural products with no toxins, paraben, or sulphate. The breast firming oil is enriched with 8 powerful natural oils to strengthen and firm breast tissues and the stretch mark oil is enriched with 13 essential oils that help in reducing the appearance of scars and stretch marks.

How will breasts change after pregnancy?

A lot of women have this question, if or not their breasts go to their original size after breastfeeding. Well, the answer is yes! Your breasts will probably return to their original cup size after you stop breastfeeding, although there's also a chance they could get a little smaller than they used to be.

Once a new mom goes through the stage of pregnancy following the birth of a baby, oestrogen and progesterone levels decrease quickly. Later on, the third day or so after the birth the colostrum becomes diluted by additional fluid that makes it look much whiter. Around this time the breasts may start to leak milk and eventually after four to six months, they start to shrink.

Common Causes Of Breast Sagging

● Ageing
● collagen deficiency
● estrogen deficiency
● gravity
● high body mass index
● larger breast size
● menopause
● multiple pregnancies

Causes of Stretch marks on the breasts during pregnancy

When new mommies are about six weeks into the pregnancy, the breasts will start to grow as the estrogen levels increase which triggers breast growth and the growth of milk ducts. Some may notice a breast increase of up to two cup sizes. This rapid growth can result in stretch marks.

Why Choose Skivia Breast Firming & Pregnancy Stretch Marks Oils?

With all the good and effective natural ingredients enriched in these Breast Firming and Pregnancy stretch marks oils, they consist of powerful natural oils to strengthen and firm breast tissues and help in reducing the appearance of scars and stretch marks.


1. Breast firming Oil
2. Pregnancy Stretch Marks oil


1. Repairs & Heals Skin
2. Firms Skin
3. Reduces Stretch Marks
4. Regulates Blood Flow


Any new mom or a woman going through pregnancy in general will experience a lot of changes in their body. In order to prevent stretch marks and strengthen and firm the breast tissues, we have introduced Skivia 8-in-1 Breast Firming Oil and Skivia No Stretch Marks Oil.
Eventually, these products increase the firmness of your breast and also eliminates the sagging dilemma. Besides, breast firming oil improves the appearance of the skin layer. This effective breast firming oil promises a youthful appearance and helps to retain the moisture and tighten the loose tissues.


Q.1.Can I still use these even if I’m not a mother?
A.1.Yes, it is completely safe and is made out of natural ingredients. It is ideal for any woman.

Q.2.Does breast firming oil increase the breast size too?
A.2.Skivia 8-in-1 Breast Firming Oil is meant to improve the elasticity of the breasts, in fact it can also prevent sagging breasts up to some extent.

Q.3.Are these oils safe?
A.3.Yes, Skivia 8-in-1 Breast Firming Oil is Made in India and is a natural product with no toxins, paraben, or sulphate and is completely safe to use.

Q.4.Do I need to wash or wipe away the oil after application?
A.4.No, that’s exactly what you shouldn’t be doing. Once you apply the oil, and on massaging, it gets absorbed well into the skin.

Q.5.Do breasts get firmer during pregnancy?
A.5.Well, the hormonal changes of pregnancy help get your breasts ready for lactation and that results in heavier and denser breasts during this time.

Q.6.Why am I getting more stretch marks after pregnancy?
A.6.There can be many possible reasons for this, one of which is Cortisone, which is a hormone made by your adrenal glands, can weaken the elasticity of your skin tissues, making stretch marks more likely to form.

Q.7.Is it bad to scratch stretch marks while pregnant?
A.7.It is totally not okay to scratch your itchy belly or the stretch marks during pregnancy. Scratching the skin might be uncomfortable and can make the itchiness worse.

Q.8.Who is more prone to stretch marks in pregnancy?
A.8.Basically, it all depends on the individual and their body type, it is said that stretch marks affect about 8 out of 10 pregnant women.

Q.9.Do breasts go back to normal size after pregnancy?
A.9.Well, they should shrink a bit once your baby starts solids at around six to eight months, as a woman stops breastfeeding, that functional tissue atrophies, because it's not being used anymore.