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Joggers : Ladies, if you hate thinking about a casual look every time you go outside? Or do you suck at creating casual looks but want to look effortlessly cool? Buy joggers! Yes, they are the solution to your problems. Joggers can be worn anywhere and they can make any body type look amazing. They are just c ... Read more


Shop Women’s Sports Joggers Online

Suppose you are the one who sucks at creating casual looks and needs some effortlessly cool. Buy joggers. They are made for this purpose. They are comfy, cosy, and cool and they look stunning when paired nicely with different outfits & accessories.

Joggers are super comfortable yet stylish. They are too functional and can be worn on many occasions. They are made with breathable cotton material for that comfy factor. Winter joggers are crafted with fleeces to get you a cosy feeling. They have pockets and look good on any body type. One of the best parts of joggers is that they can replace your yoga pants on days you don’t feel like wearing tights. Sports joggers can be worn during jogging, running, Yoga and Zumba. If you need more information on the type of joggers and style inspo, please read further. 

Types of Women’s Joggers

There are basically four types of joggers available on the market. 

  1. Sports joggers: These joggers are perfect for a morning walk or jog.
  2. Lounge joggers: Needless to say, long joggers, make your weekend more cosy and restful. You can wear them at night as nightwear too.
  3. Everyday joggers: Everyday joggers are perfect for you if you are a jeans or pants person. You can get out of your normal boring pj’s. And add cool everyday joggers to your wardrobe.
  4. Smart joggers: Joggers have made it to the airport too. Most celebrities are wearing joggers during long flights for a comfortable journey. All those joggers are smart joggers and are made for functioning in multiple ways.

How to Style Joggers for Gym & Outerwear?

Now that joggers are gaining massive popularity and making it to fashion weeks, you must know some amazing ways to style them. 

Joggers can be styled in many ways. 

Casual Look in Summer:

In summer you can pair them with a tank top, crop top or bralettes with cool shoes and a blingy bag. 

Popular Airport Look:

To nail the celeb’s casual airport look all you need is a pair of cool joggers paired with a hoodie of almost the same colour palette. Don a nice pair of sneakers with them and a sling bag. 

Cool Gym Look:

For gym pair your favourite joggers with a sports bra and crop top with nice sports shoes. 

Joggers vs Sweatpants vs Track pants 

Joggers, sweatpants and track pants all three are very different. They might look the same but have different attributes, let’s go through them one by one.

Joggers: These are generally baggy and crafted with cotton and polyester fabric, offering you a relaxed fit. The joggers have elasticated cuffs at the ankles. Joggers are made for physical activities like running, jogging dancing, etc. Even you can wear cotton joggers for lounging. 

Sweatpants: Sweatpants are the winter version of joggers. The fit is relaxed but they are made of fleece fabric instead of cotton to keep you warm. You can wear them for running and jogging in winter but the primary purpose is lounging. They make a perfect outfit with a hoodie. 

Trackpants: Trackpants are very soft & smooth, and they are crafted for athletes. They are made of materials like spandex, polyester, nylon etc for moisture-wicking properties. Trackpants are made for rigorous workouts both outdoors & indoors. 

Buy Women’s Joggers Online at Clovia

Believe us or not, you would be saving a lot more time when getting ready to go out if you own some nice pairs of joggers. join the joggers club and buy some amazing stuff from Clovia’s jogger collection. We are damn sure, you will love them!


Q1. What are the most comfortable joggers for women?

A1. Joggers made with cotton fabric or fleece feel super comfy & cosy. Women prefer comfortable yet stylish joggers. Ones that are made for functional use and are not so dull to style with other outfits. 

Q2. What is the best brand for joggers?

A2. Clovia is one of the best brands for women's joggers. You can find both fabric categories cotton & fleece. Every single piece is designed to meet your expectations. 

Q3. What should women wear over joggers?

A3. Joggers can be styled in many ways. In summer you can pair them with a tank top, crop top or bralettes. In winter, crop jackets, short hoodies and boots look nice with joggers. It gives some pop singers kinda vibes.

Q4. Can you wear joggers in winter?

A4. Winters are the most favourable season to wear joggers. You can wear joggers every day, anytime, anywhere.

Q5. Are joggers still in style for women?

A5. Yes, absolutely. Even women love to style & do many experiments with joggers. Joggers are not just limited to their active wardrobe, it has made it into the fashion world now.

Q6. What body type can you wear joggers?

A6. Anybody can wear joggers. They are so versatile and look good on everyone.