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Face Mask

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Face Mask : FACE MASK: Taking care of your skin these days is really tough. Pollution and other factors make your skin acne-prone, dull, and lifeless. Face masks are meant to tighten the skin and treat open pores. With these Skivia Face Masks, bid farewell to damaged and dull skin and welcome glowing and health ... Read more

                            Face Mask 

Shop the Best Face Mask According to Your Skin Type

The right face mask can make your skin look flawless and naturally glowing. Nowadays, many products in the market use toxic chemicals and parabens, which damage the skin. Rather use something that is made of natural extracts as natural products show the best results on the skin.


Skivia Face Masks are specially designed to hydrate the skin deeply, give an instant glow, and brighten your skin. They also remove all the impurities like acne-causing bacteria, dust, sweat, and even previously applied makeup from the skin. Made of all-natural extracts, these face masks refresh your skin, enhancing your complexion and leaving your skin glowing, soft and smooth.

Choosing the Right Face Mask(Cover Skin Types, Season)

Skivia Face Masks are Made in India and are natural with no toxins, paraben or sulphate. It’s very important to choose a face mask according to your skin type.

Anti Acne Face Mask
Skivia Anti Acne Face Mask Face Mask is abundant with organic extracts like fuller earth, Vitamin-C, E, B5, and B2 for a healthy and acne-free glowing skin. It unclogs pores and enhances the glow. It hydrates, protects, and heals your skin.

Matcha Green Tea Face Mask
‘Skivia Matcha Green Tea Face Mask’ is abundant with organic extracts like aloe vera, matcha green tea & seaweed. It has anti-ageing properties which reduce inflammation, hyperpigmentation, and acne.

Pink Clay Face Mask
Skivia Pink Clay Face Mask’ is abundant with organic extracts like Himalayan clay, Australian clay, seaweed & pomegranate which give an instant glow. It soothes, detoxifies, and tones the skin.

How it Works

Skivia Face Masks are Made in India and are natural with no toxins, paraben or sulphate. They protect and heal your skin, giving a natural glow. They remove skin impurities, control excess oil production, control breakouts, and treat active acne. They fight acne, soothe the skin, thus giving you smooth and clearer skin.

How to Use

Step: 1
Cleanse your face with a gentle face wash.

Step: 2 (optional)
Scrub your face with a gentle scrub.

Step: 3 (optional)
Apply toner with a cotton pad.

Step: 4
Apply the face mask that suits your skin.

Step: 5
Moisturise after the face mask.

Tip: Use twice a week.


Maintaining skin in today’s world is a tough job to do but not if you have the right products with you. Make the right choices while buying and using skin products and have healthy, glowing, and nourished skin.


Q.1.Do face masks actually help acne?
A.1.Yes, face masks help acne. They help in calming inflamed skin and preventing breakouts. Excess oil can be removed from the skin with the help of these masks.

Q.2.Do face masks remove blackheads?
A.2. Yes, face masks are indeed effective in deep cleansing the face, and in the process, the blackheads get removed.

Q.3.Does green tea remove dark spots?
A.3.Green tea helps in lightening dark spots and blemishes from the skin, making it good for complexion care. It is gentle on the skin and also reduces inflammation.

Q.4.Is redness after using my clay mask normal?
A.4.Redness after using a strong clay mask is normal. It should not get painful and improve and relax within around half an hour. This draws blood to the surface of the skin and provides oxygen and nutrients.

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