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Demi Cup Bras

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Demi Cup Bras : If your breasts are small or are not fuller on top? A normal bra can't get you the nice cleavage that you are looking for. A demi cup bra is all you need to upgrade your #underfashion game. Covering nearly half of your breasts and with a low centre gore, these bras are great for women if they want t ... Read more

                            Demi Cup Bra 

Style Your Low Cut Tops with Demi Bras

The world of bras can be daunting to understand with so many cup styles, strap styles to choose from. There is underwired, balconette, racerback, full coverage and then there are the demi cup bras, which have gained significant popularity lately. Have no idea what they are? Our demi cup 101 guide will answer all your queries.

What is a Demi Cup Bra?

The word demi means half, so if you combine, the result would be a half cup bra. Well, this is exactly what a demi cup bra is. It covers nearly half of your breasts, usually about an inch or two above the nipples. It has a low lying center gore and the straps are set a little wider than usual. The greatest advantage of this bra is that it gives ample support while ensuring that your bra doesn’t peek underneath your regular tops.

Who Should Wear a Demi Bra?

Anyone can wear a demi cup bra, absolutely anyone can. There is a popular misconception that these bras are only meant for women with smaller bust size. It’s time to debunk this myth as anyone can wear a demi cup bra if it’s of good quality and constructed with sturdy fabric. As long as it has a supportive underband and adjustable straps, you’re good.

Types of Demi Cup Bras

You can find them in a range of styles. Primarily, they can be categorized into three types.

1. Demi T-shirt bras- These bras have moulded cups that are designed to give a smooth silhouette underneath fitted clothes. They provide adequate comfort and support, which is exactly what you need to get through the day.

2. Demi underwired bras- If you can’t do without extra support, these bras are your thing. They lift your breasts and comprise side boning to prevent your underband from slipping up. Another great thing about them is they’re utterly sexy as well as saucy.

3. Demi padded bras- No nipple show, this is what these bras offer. They have foam cups that leave no visible bra lines underneath the clothing. They make your bust look rounder, offering a more beautiful silhouette.

Now that you’re well versed with the various types of demi cup bras, it’s time to stock up some amazing ones in your wardrobe today.


Q1. Under what outfits should I wear a demi cup bra?
A1. Since they’ve a low cut style, they are best suited for wide or V neck tops. Full coverage cups show underneath, so demi ones are best suited.

Q2. How do I find the right fit demi cup bra?
A2. The cups should fit snugly, neither too tight nor too loose. Secondly, the band shouldn’t curl up or override. You should be able to place two fingers inside the band .

Q3. What is the difference between a balconette and a demi cup bra?
A3. A demi cup bra offers greater coverage than the balconette bra. While the balconette style lies straight on the bust, a demi one has a lower centre gore.

Q4. Should I wear a demi cup bra under a saree?
A4. Yes, they are actually a great bet for ethnic outfits since they are low cut and work great under blouses.

Q5. What's the difference between demi cup and full cup bra?
A5. Full coverage bras completely cover your breasts resulting in no spillage. These are perfect for women who have bigger breasts and want higher coverage. On the other hand, demi bras have half sized cups that provide coverage just a little above the nipples. While women of any size can wear them, they best work for women with small or mid sized breasts.