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Half Cup Bras

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                            Half Cup Bra Online India, Demi Cup Bras, Half Coverage Bra - Clovia 
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Demi Cup Bras : Flaunt low necklines and shop for half cup bras at Clovia. Designed to show more and cover less, our demi cup bras offers slight lift and low-cut style in lace, t-shirt, or wireless styles.

Half Cup Bras Online Shopping

What is a half cup bra?

A half cup bra, sometimes called as demi-cup bra, half coverage bra or shelf bra is a lingerie classic. It is a sexier way of ensuring comfort and support under low necklines, boat necks and even those ooh-so-stylish saree blouses. Demi cup bras cups cover half or three quarters of the breasts. Some of our bras also push breasts towards the centre to create cleavage. Demi cup bras reveal more than full coverage bras and give sexier cleavages. The straps are wide set to allow for outfits with open necklines. 

They're generally cut 1 inch above the nipples and made with shorter and shallower underwires that are more comfortable for diminutive breast sizes. Excess material removal isn't all that extricates demi cups. The cups are crafted with a minor inward tilt that thrusts breasts closer together and up – giving more cleavage. Demi cups are most apt for women who are an A or B cup. For women with full or larger breasts demi cup bras may result in double boob that comes from spilling over the top of the bra.


Which Body Shape is best suited with Half Cup Bra?

Half cup bras look stunning on boyish oblong shaped ladies. Women who have reduced breasts stand strong for pulling off half cup style beautifully. The half cup bra is the seamless bra for hourglass figure shaped women with breasts sizes B-D. They offer ample of support for these sizes and as they are neither minimize nor maximize, hence they won’t knock out of proportion.

Apple figure shape women can also draw style benefit and support of the half cups. Demi cup bras are suited to practically any body shape as long as you find the perfect one that fits you properly.


What clothes go best with demi cup bras?

Clothing that accentuates cleavage is a perfect duo in sync with demi bras. For instance, square, wide or scoop neckline look great with a demi cup bra. Of course no one would want to play peek-a-boo under a deep neck tee. The half cups give you half the coverage yet full support, thus making itself a suitable solution for those times when full coverage equals too much coverage. T-shirts and demi cups, however, are no matter what but a match made in heaven. The perfect duo in action!

Choose from a selection of Clovia’s demi-cup bras – seamless bras, t-shirt bras, underwire bras, strapless bras to fit your unique shape. Take our fit test to discover perfect style for your bodyshape while you indulge in demi-cup bra online shopping!


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