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Tops : Ever since the pandemic entered our life, the sleepwear game has changed drastically. Otherwise, earlier people use to upcycle their old T-shirts. Also, nightwear was not even that funky and fashionable as they are today. Apart from class, nightwear tops offer comfort & cosiness that no other clothe ... Read more

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Shop Trendy Nightwear Tops 

For a good night sleep you need something comfortable. But you don’t want to splurge on nightwwear because you think they are not versatile. Not at all. Cute & funky nightwear tops are comfortable as well as versatile. You can wear them while sleeping, lounging even for an outing. 

At Clovia, you have plenty of options to choose from including crop top, oversized t-shirt, sleep tee, sleep shirt, short kaftan, camisole & tank tops. All these style are available in varied fabric to suffice your different moods. In fabric you get options from cotton, satin, rayon, crepe & lace. Many prints & happy colours are available to make your wardrobe feel alive again. For even size you don’t have to worry about anything. Clovia nightwear tops are available in all possible sizes. 

Benefits of Wearing Nightwear Tops

Nightwear tops, such as pyjama tops or sleep shirts, offer several benefits that contribute to a comfortable and restful sleep. Here are some advantages of wearing nightwear tops:

Comfort: Nightwear tops are typically made from soft, breathable fabrics like cotton, silk, or satin. These materials provide a comfortable and gentle feel against the skin, promoting relaxation and ease while you sleep.

Temperature Regulation: Nightwear tops can help regulate body temperature during the night. Fabrics like cotton are known for their breathability, allowing air to circulate and prevent overheating. This can prevent night sweats and keep you cool throughout the night.

Protection: Wearing a nightwear top provides a layer of protection for your skin, especially if you tend to scratch or have sensitive skin. It can act as a barrier between your skin and bedding, reducing the chances of irritation or allergenic reactions.

Modesty: Nightwear tops provide modesty and coverage while you're sleeping. If you live with others or have guests, wearing a nightwear top can make you feel more comfortable and at ease, ensuring your privacy is maintained.

Psychological Signal: Putting on nightwear tops can serve as a psychological signal to your body and mind that it's time to wind down and prepare for sleep. Establishing a bedtime routine and wearing specific sleepwear can help condition your mind for rest, promoting more peaceful sleep.

Style & Expression: Nightwear tops come in various designs, colours, and patterns, allowing you to express your personal style and preferences. Wearing nightwear that you find visually appealing can contribute to a positive mood and overall relaxation.

Easy Maintenance: Nightwear tops are typically easy to care for, often machine-washable, and require minimal effort to keep clean and fresh.

Latest & Trending Nightwear Top Styles for Women

How to Style Nightwear Ladies Tops With a Different Bottoms?

Styling nightwear ladies tops with different bottoms can create versatile and fashionable looks. Here are a few ideas on how to style your nightwear tops with various bottoms:

Leggings: Pair a long nightwear top with leggings for a comfortable and relaxed look. Opt for solid-colored leggings or choose ones with subtle patterns that complement the color of the top.

Joggers: If you want a sporty and casual outfit, combine a cropped nightwear top with joggers. Choose joggers in a complementary color or go for a matching set for a coordinated look.

Shorts: Wear a loose or oversized nightwear top with shorts for a cute and effortless summer outfit. Opt for denim shorts, athletic shorts, or even silk shorts, depending on the style and occasion.

Skirts: Add a touch of femininity to your nightwear top by pairing it with a skirt. Tuck in a flowy top into a high-waisted skirt for a flattering silhouette. You can experiment with different lengths and styles, such as mini skirts, midi skirts, or maxi skirts.

Palazzo pants: Create a chic and bohemian look by combining a fitted nightwear top with wide-leg palazzo pants. The contrast between the fitted top and the flowing pants can be visually appealing.

Jeans: For a casual and everyday outfit, style your nightwear top with a pair of jeans. Skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, or mom jeans can all work depending on the style and fit you prefer.

Culottes: Experiment with a more sophisticated look by wearing a nightwear top with culottes. Opt for a well-tailored top and pair it with high-waisted culottes for a stylish and modern ensemble.

Trousers: Dress up your nightwear top by pairing it with tailored trousers. Choose slim-fit or wide-leg trousers depending on the vibe you want to achieve. This combination can work well for a semi-formal or relaxed office setting.

How to Select Fabric for Sleepwear Tops?

When selecting fabric for sleepwear tops, it's important to consider factors such as comfort, breathability, and the occasion or season. Here are some fabric options suitable for different occasions:

  1. Cotton is a popular choice for sleepwear due to its softness, breathability, and ability to wick away moisture. It is suitable for year-round wear and provides comfort during warm nights. Choose lightweight cotton for summer and flannel or brushed cotton for colder months.
  2. Silk is a luxurious fabric that feels smooth and gentle against the skin. It has natural temperature-regulating properties, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter. Silk sleepwear tops are often chosen for special occasions or when you want to indulge in a bit of luxury.
  3. Satin is a glossy, smooth fabric that resembles silk but is usually made from synthetic materials like polyester. It has a luxurious appearance and is often used for sleepwear tops meant for special occasions or when you want a touch of elegance.

Buy Your Nightwear Tops Online at Clovia

Buy nightwear tops of your choice at Clovia that fit your budget. Enjoy hassle-free shopping that comes with the ease of the products getting delivered directly to your doorstep. Welcome sweet dreams and happy lounging in comfortable women’s nightwear top. If you are worried about the price, sit back and relax, as this nightwear tops to suit every budget and you can purchase one that goes with your taste and preference.