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No-Sag Bras

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No-Sag Bras : Saggy breasts are the ultimate truth of life, every woman on earth experiences it. It is very natural, as well as your desire to have firm and fuller breasts lifetime. One easy solution is a no-sag bra from Clovia, it can improve the appearance of your breasts and make them look firm and perky. Clov ... Read more

                            No-Sag Bras 

Saggy Breast? Shop No-Sag Bras Online

Let’s talk about something that has been discussed in hushed tones but has never been addressed upfront, saggy breasts. First of all, we want to tell you it’s completely normal and every woman sooner or later experiences it. Because breasts are made of three main components, fat, breast tissues and mammal glands. As you grow older the breast tissues lose elasticity and hence breasts become saggy. Sagging can be seen in women with larger breasts size than women with smaller breasts. The reason is gravity. There is no solution to treat them completely except for cosmetic surgery which again is very expensive and not always recommended by doctors themselves. But there are no-sag bras available which enhances the appearance of your sagging breasts. At Clovia, you can achieve perkiness with a no-sag bra available in 50+ sizes and many styles. Shop no-sag bras online from the comfort of your home and get them delivered to your doorstep. Don’t worry about the fit, if you are not sure then take a fit test now!

How Does a Breast Tightening Bra Prevent Breast From Sagging?

Well, truth be told once your breasts become saggy no bra can improve it also no bra can actually prevent it only delay it like anti-ageing creams slow down the process slightly if used in the late 20s. Similarly, if you wear a no-sag bra or a breast-tightening bra even before the sagging process starts you can slow down the process slightly. These bras can make them look firm and perky but when you take off your bra they will look as they are. Here’s how no-sag bras make your breasts look firm
Offers extra support: The bras are made with high-grade materials, like stronger fabric, underwires, straps etc.
Wide Straps and Bands: The broader band hold the breasts more firmly and offers more support. Wide straps balance the weight and don’t dig into the shoulders.
Structured Cups: They help hold and encapsulate the breasts fully and shape them firmly. Additional panels bring the breast fat to the front and project it towards the centre to prevent side spillage.
Side Bonning: Some bras have side boning, which helps hold the breast fat firmly and offers additional support.
Higher Center Gore: No sag bra has higher centre gore than a regular bra, it helps cover more breast volume. Hence no spillage from the top.

Types of No-Sag Bras: Find Yourself the Best Bra for Sagging Breast

Full Coverage Bra: A full coverage bra encapsulates the entire bust leaving no room for spillage from the sides or top.
Minimizer Bra: As the name suggests a minimizer bra helps your breasts appear a size smaller than their actual size. The secret is hidden in their construction, the high-compression cups compress the breast fat and redistribute the same.
Underwire Bra: This bra features firm underwires encased in cups to provide additional lift and support. Also, underwires help offer a more defined look.
Sports Bra: Everyone knows there is no better bra than a sports bra that helps prevent sagging. The high compression that a sports bra offers is unmatchable by a normal bra. Also, it’s a must to wear a sports bra during activities to prevent sagging and any injury.
Push-Up Bra: No bra can provide the oomph that a push-up bra can. It lifts the breasts upwards, and projects them towards the centre, creating a fuller appearance.

Choose the Right Bra for Sagging Breast

Once your breasts lose their elasticity due to gravity which is very natural and happens to every woman, there is no going back to the original shape. However, choosing a no-sag bra even before your breasts start sagging can delay the process to an extent. With Clovia, you get the pick the no-sag bra which is made for you to embrace your natural curves. So why wait? Get your hands on a no-sag bra right away.

No-Sag Bras FAQ

Q1. What are no-sag bras?
A1. As the name suggests these bras help reduce the appearance of saggy breasts when worn. Designed with full coverage cups, underwired cups, high centre gore, and broader straps to help lift & support the bust.
Q2. What is the fastest way to tighten saggy breasts?
A2. There is no fastest way to tighten saggy breasts apart from going under the surgical knife. However, you can change the appearance to saggy breasts by wearing a no-sag bra. Once your breast tissue loses elasticity it won’t get back to its original shape, however, you can tone then to an extent by doing certain exercises and managing a healthy weight.
Q3. Is it possible to improve saggy breasts with the use of bras?
A3. No, a bra cannot improve the saggy breasts. However, it can improve the appearance of your breasts. But to tone them you have to follow a fitness routine.
Q4. What is the difference between a regular bra and a no-sag bra?
A4. The main difference between a regular bra and a no-sag bra is their features. A no-sag bra has broader straps, higher centre gore, and more coverage than a regular bra. Also, some extra features like side shaping panels and extended front panels offer maximum support and a more enhanced shape.
Q5. How do I stop my breasts from sagging?
A5. Wear a supportive bra true to your size, maintain a healthy weight, and do exercises. If you are not comfortable with hardcore exercises, here are a few yoga asanas that tone & lift saggy breasts.
Q6. Are anti-sag bras suitable for women with large breasts?
A6. Yes, anti-sag bras are designed to provide extra support and lift that a woman with larger breasts needs.