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Beginners Bras : Say hello to new and comfy beginnings with beginner bras available at Clovia. Our teenager bras are crafted with breathable & stretchable cotton fabric and feature easy to wear slip-on style. Clovia girl bras are available in basic shades like white, grey and nude as well as in peppy shades to make ... Read more

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Teenager Bra for the Right Beginning

First experiences are significant in life and so is that very first teenager bra. Being a mother, you understand that hitting puberty means developing breasts that require the correct support and comfort, more than any other time. This is why it is important that girls’ bras are chosen wisely for a smooth and hassle-free experience during this stage of life.

However, before moving further, let us first understand when your daughter really needs a bra.

The Right Time to Buy a Teenager Bra

There is no particular age to start wearing a beginner bra. However, there are some signs that can help mothers to figure out if their daughter is ready. Here are some of them.

1. Breast buds: Breasts feel like small bumps and poke through the shirt.

2. Tenderness: Breasts start getting sore and delicate as new developments take place.

3. Darkening: The nipples and the area around it start getting darker.

Types of Bras for Girls

When it comes to the very first teenage bra for girls, Clovia ensure to provide a wide variety to make your daughter's first bra experience a happy & easy one.

1.Lightly Padded Bra: These teenage bras feature lightly padded cups that can be removed if not required. The padding helps conceal the headlight effect and gives a rounder appearance boosting the confidence of growing girls.

2.T-shirt Bras: One of the most popular styles for girls bras is a T-shirt bra that features smooth and seamless cups that work best when worn under fitted tees, tops & dresses.

3.Double Layered Bra: This design has no padding but instead has double layers of fabric that add to the volume and conceal nipple show without the added bulk of pads.

4.Sports Bras: Another popular choice of teenage bras is a sports bra that features an easy-to-wear slip on style without any hooks. It provides low to medium sports and is super comfy.

Tips to Buy the Right Teenager Bra

1. No pokes: Since teenager bras will be your daughter’s first ever experience with bras, you don’t want her to experience any type of uneasiness. The best idea is to choose slip-on girls bras that offer the right support without all those hook & eye enclosures, or underwires.

2. Supportive underbands: During teenage, breasts are in development phase where the size tends to constantly vary and grow. Here, a supportive underband becomes imperative. Look for a girls bra that has a broad underband for great comfort & confidence.

3. Colours that blend: Though prints and colours might be your daughter’s preferred style option, they are not the apt choice when it comes to teen bras. Choose mindful colours that blend with her school uniform or everyday outfits to get the no-show confidence and avoid embarrassing situations.

In case, she still wants something to get along with her party wear, you can also choose a girls bra or two with funky prints and colours.

4. Size matters: In order to ensure the right fit and form, getting measured time and again becomes important, especially during teenage years. Ideally, you should get your daughter measured every 6 months to get the perfect fit. With time, you can also familiarize her to teen cup sizes to get the accurate picks as per her comfort level.

That said, it’s time to put your worries at ease and make your daughter feel confident in teenager bras available at Clovia. We bring you the perfect fit girls bras that are amazingly comfortable in a wide range of alluring styles. You can also stock up on Gal Pal sanitary pads for rash-free periods!

Still want to know more? Go through these frequently asked questions below.


Q1. What is the difference between a teenager bra and a normal bra?
A1. A teenager bra is usually devoid of cup sizes unlike a regular bra. It also has no underwires or hook & eye enclosures with an easy to wear slip-on style for maximum comfort.

Q2. When is the right time to buy the first bra?
A2. Like mentioned above, signs like development of breast buds, tenderness and darkening of nipples signify the need of a bra.

Q3. How to find out the right bra size?
A3. Get yourself measured. While you may not be comfortable doing so, it’s always imperative to get the right fit. You can also use our bra size calculator to know your bra size in 2 simple steps.

Q4. How to find out if a beginner bra fits you?
A4. Like every other bra, there are a few signs that signify ill-fitting of a bra. It includes riding back band, spillage, digging & uneven silhouette.

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