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Beginners Bras : Embarking on puberty brings a lot for girls and they get overwhelmed with the changes that happens in their body. A teenage bra can make their journey a lot easier. Your teenage girl needs a comfortable, breathable & high-quality bra which allows breast development and make here feel confident about ... Read more

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Teenager Bra for the Right Beginning

The transition from a child to a grown girl, with growing bosoms and hitting puberty, is overwhelming for many girls. At the same time, these are very special moments in every girl’s life to experience. She needs to learn & adapt to changes, and one such change is wearing a teen bra. 

The very first bra of a girl's life has to be supporting, super soft, and tame her curves. In addition, it must make her feel confident. Buying a very first bra can be intimidating for these transitioning kids. Clovia comes to your rescue with a beginner's bra for your princess. Clovia’s girls’ bra comes with soft removable padding, ideal for girls starting to adjust to the new normal. The slip-on design is a smoother way provided so that the shift isn’t too overwhelming for the teenager. Before choosing a bra for your teenager, let’s get acquainted with the timeline of the purchase.

The Right Time to Buy a Teenager Bra

There is no particular age to start wearing a beginner bra. However, there are some signs that can help mothers to figure out if their daughter is ready. Here are some of them.

1. Breast buds: Breasts feel like small bumps and poke through the shirt.

2. Tenderness: Breasts start getting sore and delicate as new developments take place.

3. Darkening: The nipples and the area around it start getting darker.

Know Your Bra

If you are a teenager and reading this, you must know the anatomy of a bra. 

The cups of joy: Bra cups consist of the fabric that covers and supports one’s breasts. Cups may be cut and sewn with multiple pieces seamed together or they can be produced seamless (made of just one piece). Cups may be padded or nonpadded.

Straps: Most of the bras allow one to loosen or tighten the straps for the best fit. A clasp is built into each strap, so it can be moved up or down, shortening or lengthening the strap.

Under-bust Band: Most wire-free bras and some underwire bras have a band that goes across the front of the bra under the cups. This band provides additional support and uplift to the bra and may hold it in place more securely.

Back wings: Back wings are the strips of fabric that extend from the outer base of the cups, around the wearer’s sides, and latch in the back. They provide support and help prevent bulges and folds at the back and side.

Back Closure: Most back close bras use a hook & eye fastener. There is a set of tiny wire hooks down one side of the bra opening and a corresponding set of tiny wire eyes (or loops) down the other side of the opening. The hooks fit securely into the eyes. Often there is more than one row of eyes, to help adjust the fit as required.

Benefits of wearing Bra from Teenage

Wearing the right bra for teenage is very important. Ever since puberty hit girls their breasts start to grow and the development process goes on for at least 2-3 years.

During this time teen girls might feel underconfident if they don’t wear the right undergarments.

  1. Teenagers' bra gives them the sense of being protected and they feel confident about their body.
  2. When breasts are in the development process they should not be in any uneasiness or bound harshly. That’s why teenager’s bras are made of premium cotton fabric to aid breathing. These bras don’t have any wiring or extremely tight elastic which restricts blood flow. Instead, a soft elastic is used in underband. Hence, the bra feels soft & comfy all day long.
  3. Teenagers’ bra has enough space that allows the growth of breast tissues as the same it provides ample support.
  4. In absence of a teenager’s bra, your teen might not feel as confident as she should be in different outfits.
  5. She will look neat and more presentable with a perfect teen bra.


Types of Bras for Girls

When it comes to the very first teenage bra for girls, Clovia ensure to provide a wide variety to make your daughter's first bra experience a happy & easy one.

1.Lightly Padded Bra: These teenage bras feature lightly padded cups that can be removed if not required. The padding helps conceal the headlight effect and gives a rounder appearance boosting the confidence of growing girls.

2.T-shirt Bras: One of the most popular styles for girls bras is a T-shirt bra that features smooth and seamless cups that work best when worn under fitted tees, tops & dresses.

3.Double Layered Bra: This design has no padding but instead has double layers of fabric that add to the volume and conceal nipple show without the added bulk of pads.

4.Sports Bras: Another popular choice of teenage bras is a sports bra that features an easy-to-wear slip on style without any hooks. It provides low to medium sports and is super comfy.

5. Non-Padded Bra: This bras have no pads in cups but do have double-layred fabric to protect modesty. These bra are supr-light and don’t add any bulk.

6. Non-Wired Bra: Teenage bras have wire-free cups to make the experience easier. These bras are extremely comfortable and don’t hinder growth of breasts tissues.

7. High-coverage Teen Bra: A high-coverage teen bra is what your teen needs on a day to day basis, specifically for any high intensity activities. This style emerge confidence and supports breast perfectly.

8. Convertible Teen Bra: This is one of the must-have styles for your teen to enjoy her early bra days. This bra will make her amaze how one bra can be worn under many outfits and also seed confidence into her about trying new styles.

Tips to Buy the Right Teenager Bra

1. No pokes: Since teenager bras will be your daughter’s first ever experience with bras, you don’t want her to experience any type of uneasiness. The best idea is to choose slip-on girls' bras that offer the right support without all those hooks & eye enclosures or underwires.

2. Supportive underbands: During the teenage, breasts are in the development phase where the size tends to constantly vary and grow. Here, a supportive under band becomes imperative. Look for a girl's bra that has a broad underband for excellent comfort & confidence.

3. Colours that blend: Though prints and colours might be your daughter’s preferred style option, they are not the apt choice when it comes to teen bras. Choose mindful colours that blend with her school uniform or everyday outfits to get the no-show confidence and avoid embarrassing situations.

In case, she still wants something to get along with her party wear, you can also choose a girls bra or two with funky prints and colours.

4. Size matters: In order to ensure the right fit and form, getting measured time and again becomes important, especially during the teenage years. Ideally, you should get your daughter measured every 6 months to get the perfect fit. With time, you can also familiarise her to teen cup sizes to get accurate picks as per her comfort level.

That said, it’s time to put your worries at ease and make your daughter feel confident in teenager bras available at Clovia. We bring you the perfect fit girls bras that are amazingly comfortable in a wide range of alluring styles.

Boost Your Teenage Confidence with Clovia Bras

The growing changes in a girl’s body can take a toll on her confidence. With the nipples poking through the clothes, and direct attention that goes to the growing assets, a teenager tends to be uncomfortable with the new shift. Concealing becomes essential and Clovia has gotten around the needs of a teenager and curated beginner’s bras that boost their confidence. The slip-on design and removable pads are one of many reasons your teenager will be appreciative of your choice. The superior designs that include peppy styles and pleasant hues will induce the wearability by maximum. Clovia has remarkably taken the comfort of a teenager into consideration, and padded cups is one of the comfortable choices made. It will not only conceal but will provide a seamless shape under the clothes. Get your hands on the exclusive styles of girls bras, and rest assured, your teenager’s journey of attaining womanhood will be a smooth one.

Still want to know more? Go through these frequently asked questions below.


Q1. What is the difference between a teenager bra and a normal bra?
A1. A teenager bra is usually devoid of cup sizes, unlike a regular bra. It also has no underwires or hooks & eye enclosures with an easy-to-wear slip-on style for maximum comfort.

Q2. When is the right time to buy the first bra?
A2. As mentioned above, signs like the development of breast buds, tenderness and darkening of nipples signify the need for a bra.

Q3. How to find out the right bra size?
A3. Get yourself measured. While you may not be comfortable doing so, it’s always imperative to get the right fit. You can also use our bra size calculator to know your bra size in 2 simple steps.

Q4. How to find out if a beginner bra fits you?
A4. Like every other bra, there are a few signs that signify ill-fitting of a bra. It includes riding back band, spillage, digging & uneven silhouette.

Q5. Which bra is the best for a 10-year girl?
A5. Clovia teeb bra is the best for your 10 year old girls. They are soft, comfy, seamless and have removable pads too. 

Q6. Which type of bras are best for teen girls?
A6. Teen bra or a beginner’s bra is perfect for a teen girls whose body has just started changing. 

Q7. Which bra is good for the first time?
A7. When your little one is transitinming into puberty is the best time to introduce her with very first bra. This bra has to the teen or a beginners bra.