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Gym Wear for Women

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Gym Wear : It's time to hit the gym and work it out in style with women's gym wear. Moisture wicking and super stretchable, the right gym wear improves your workout performance considerably. It lets you move around freely, gives you utmost comfort and prevents injuries while you burn those calories. So, get re ... Read more

                            Women Gym Wear 

Shop Womens Gym Wear Online

Sure, going to the gym can do wonders to your body and the overall health. But did you know that wearing the right clothes to the gym is equally important too? It may come as a surprise for some of you that womens gym wear can significantly impact your workout session. If you need a few reasons to buy gym wear for women, we got you covered below.

The Importance of Gym Wear

1. Breathable: Going to the gym implies that you will be drenched with sweat. Here, your normal clothes just can’t do! Gym wear is especially designed with breathable fabric that wicks away the sweat, keeping you cool and dry. What makes it even better is that it restricts the growth of bacteria to keep you fresh all day long.

2. Durable: Gym wear is super durable. Plus, you can get decent gym dress for women, like sports bras, tights, and t-shirts without actually burning a hole in your pocket. If you choose to shop with us, you can be assured that your gym clothes will typically last for a longer time.

3. Stretchability: Probably one of the most important reasons to wear the right gym wear is improved range of motion. Your regular clothes won’t let you stretch or bend too much. On the other hand, gym wear for girls will ensure you utmost stretchability, so you can work out in full swing without any discomfort.

4. Comfort: Gym clothes for women are crafted with good quality fabric that is sure to provide you the right level of comfort while you sweat it out in the gym. Designed with compression, these clothes actually help your body to recuperate in case something goes wrong.

5. Protection: Gym wear protects your body from chaffing and rubbing, which you are highly prone to during workout. It also aids in regulating your body temperature when it gets too hot or cold. Specialized gym wear for women minimizes the blow caused during vigorous body movements.

Choose Gymwear According to Fabric

At Clovia, you will find gym wear for women made from a wide variety of fabrics like cotton rich, polyester, spandex and polyamide.

Cotton Rich:Experience the comfort and absorbency of cotton with this fabric.
Polyester:Polyester fabric is breathable and light-weight and its sweat-absorbing property keeps you dry.
Polyamide:This fabric is known for its moisture wicking property and breathability.
Spandex:The stretchability and breathability of this fabric makes it ideal for activewear.

So, what are you waiting for? Make the wise choice for yourself and get buying our girls gym wear range today. From T-shirts and sports bras to tights and capris, we got all the gym wear for you at rock bottom prices.

And if you still have a few doubts in your mind, we got you covered with some relevant frequently answered questions below for you to make an informed decision.

Q1. What is gym wear made from?
A1. Gym wear is usually made of polyester for its super stretchable and moisture-wicking. It is made using a couple of other fabrics too, such as cotton and nylon spandex for they are breathable, help to recover from compression, and dry quickly.

Q2. What clothes are ideal for gymwear?
A2. What you wear to the gym totally depends on your comfort zone. You can simply team a comfortable t-shirt with tights/shorts. Those who like to experiment can go for a sports bra with a pair of shorts or track pants, or you can even layer your sports bra with a jacket or tank-top over it. Fashionistas who want to rock the gym wear can try out the matching co-ords set of sports bra/t-shirt with sports bottoms. Make sure that you compliment the entire look with a pair of comfortable shoes.

Q3. How many gym clothes do you need?
A3. Ideally, you can do with 3 to 4 T-shirts, sports bras, and gym tights in a week, provided you wash them frequently. However, if you do sweat heavily, you should always have a backup, just in case

Q4. Is it compulsory to wear a sports bra to the gym?
A4. Believe it or not, but you just can’t do without a sports bra. The vigorous workout sessions lead to a lot of bounce and may leave your breasts sore. Wearing a sports bra ensures no sagging in the long run while providing maximum comfort and support.

Q5. What shouldn’t you wear to the gym?
A5. Wearing inappropriate clothing may hinder your performance in the gym and leave you stinking in the gym. You should also refrain from too tight or too baggy clothes, and the ones crafted from 100% cotton.

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