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Red Bras : Warm, sexy, passion and positivity- red represents so many things at once. Whether you want to feel good on the inside, draw your man's attention or need something that works on an everyday basis, nothing can beat a sexy red bra. It works amazingly well with every skin tone, gives you an instant con ... Read more

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Turn Up The Heat With Red Bras

The red colour is often associated with passion and love, and for good reason. Red is undeniably super-sexy and eye-catching and makes heads turn. And when it comes to lingerie, the red colour literally blows up the mind for it’s too hot to resist. From flirting with your man to getting him enticed towards you, a red bra can actually play a vital role in all such scenarios. This is not it! A red bra is actually one of the best picks for white outfits.

Looking for a few more reasons to stock up on hot red bras in your wardrobe? Here are a few.


Reasons to Wear a Red Bra

1. Complements every skin tone: If there’s one colour that pretty much gets along with every skin tone, it has to be red. Whether you have a medium skin tone or a cool one, there’s a shade of red for everyone to make you look strikingly beautiful.

2. Confidence boost: You don’t necessarily have to wear red to attract your partner. Wearing a good bra underneath gives you an instant confidence boost. Putting on an amazing red bra makes you feel good about yourself, enhancing your productivity level throughout the day.

3. Great for white outfits: You can substitute a red bra for your nude bra as it gives a clean look under all-white outfits. The color red attracts light and helps it blend with your original skin tone, giving a clean and smooth look. For the best result, opt for deep reds.

Types of Red Bras

While shopping, one can easily get confused with the many options available. Here’s a quick guide to different styles available, so you can figure out which one would suit you the best.

1. T-Shirt Bra: This bra features seamless padded cups to protect your modesty and save you from the nipple show. If you wear more fitted T-shirts and tops, this bra will help you get that perfect shape without any headlight effect. It lets you flaunt that smooth silhouette under those fitted T-shirts and tops with utmost confidence.

2. Non-Padded: A non-padded, non-wired sexy red bra is a great pick for almost every occasion. With no added bulk of pads or poking underwires, this bra makes for a perfect pick for everyday wear. If you love wearing ethnic outfits like kurtas or sarees, then this bra will make sure you stay at ease all day long.

3. Lace: Crafted with exquisite lace, a lacy red colour bra is extremely beautiful and classy. Demi, half, plunge & full- pick your perfect cup coverage in the prettiest of lacy fabrics. A pretty lace bra is an absolute must-have for every fashionista. It also makes a great pick for honeymoon not only because of the colour but also the super soft and sexy fabric.

4. Bralette: Playful and comfortable, red bralettes are a great amalgamation of style & comfort. Featuring the latest trends - racerback and cage, they are totally in this season, creating a huge rage these days. Trust us, they are so sexy and irresistible that you just can’t stop flaunting them under low-neck outfits.

5. Tube: Must-have for all women out there, tube bras are all-time saviours. Want to hide that visible cleavage or look for sturdy support under off-shoulder outfits? Or maybe you simply want some added support under a tube outfit, this bra style literally turns out to be a saviour for such situations.

Fabrics Used in Red Bra

At Clovia, you can find red bras in the following fabric

  1. Cotton: It is one of the best fabrics for undergarments. A cotton bra is a must-have for summer. It aids breathability in hot & humid weather.
  2. Polyamide: If you are looking for softness, no fabric can beat the smooth feel polyamide has to provide. It literally feels like a second skin. 
  3. Lace: The charm & hotness that a lace red bra offers no other fabric can achieve. A well-fitted red lace bra looks oh-so-sexy & hot.
  4. Mesh: Also known as powernet, it improves the charm as well as breathability of the undergarment. 

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get sexy little red underthings for your lingerie wardrobe and avail the numerous advantages they offer.


Q1. Can I wear a red bra regularly?
A1. Absolutely, there is no reason why you shouldn’t. The colour is absolutely perfect to be worn all day long.

Q2. Is a red bra harmful during the summer?
A2. No, it’s not. It’s a myth that you absolutely needs to be debunked. As long as you’re comfortable wearing it, it poses no harm.

Q3. Can I wash my red bra in a washing machine?
A3. If it’s a non-padded one, you can. In case of a padded one, it’s not advisable to wash a red bra in a washing machine. You should rather hand wash it to avoid wear tear and even dulling of the colour. It also helps retain the shape of your bra and increases its lifespan.

Q4. Which red bra is the best for a honeymoon?
A4. Lace is definitely super catchy. You can go for designer picks in strappy styles and gorgeous cups for that added definition.