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Sexy Night Dress : This is no better way to spice things up at night with your partner than by putting on some hot scintillating and sexy nightwear. And we assure you we have got some of the best pieces to keep you covered. Sexy nightwear for women somehow makes you feel great about yourself and boosts self-esteem. Ma ... Read more

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Up Your Snooze Game with Sexy Nightwear

Do you think sexy nightwear is only for those who want to impress men? Not at all. Anyone can wear these hottest night dresses for women irrespective of their relationship status. Donning sexy attire such as a hot satin nighty or lacy outfit at home is just a way to feel nice about your body. On the other hand, you can’t deny that hot nightgowns help add a dash of spice to your love life. Also, women love to embrace their femininity and wearing sensual nightwear could be one of the best to do that.
Now like one size doesn’t fit all, similarly, one style can’t make everyone feel good about themselves. A woman can feel sexy in a babydoll or satin set or shorts & spaghetti top. Some women like to wear short nighties made with plush satin. Clovia takes pride in serving women with as many as styles possible that too in many sizes. Be it a satin nighty, nightgown, sexy babydoll, or a hot nightdress set, all these styles look good and feel comfortable, at the same time. You get to choose from a plethora of prints & colours. Buy the sexiest nighty for women.

Types of Sexy Night Dresses

Now that you know the importance of sexy night dresses for women you can select your favourite from all styles we have. Know all of them closely from the detailed explanation of each type given below.
1. Babydolls: They are literally the best version of a hot night dress for your honeymoon which is sexy, stylish and look absolutely ravishing. We suggest you choose nightgowns in sheer or lace to keep it fun and flirty in the bedroom. You can also go for those babydolls that come with matching panties like thongs and G-strings.
2. Nighty & robe: If you want to keep it sexy and modest at the same, we suggest you try the hot nighty & robe sets. The hot & sexy nighty covers your pretty little things while the robe wraps you around luxuriously.
3. Satin top & shorts: There’s no denying that satin is a very plush fabric and when you incorporate it into a top & shorts set, the combination becomes unbeatable. It hugs you just in the right places and looks utterly elegant.
4. Sexy Nightsuit: If you are the one who is concerned about modesty you can try a sexy satin nightsuit. You can also try a 3 pcs nightsuit which comes with a camisole.

Tips to Shop Sexy Nightwear

Pay heed to the following factor when you are planning to buy sexy nightwear:
1. Comfort is the key: There is no denying that bedtime means relaxation time, so even if you’re looking for something sexy, comfort shouldn’t take a back seat. After all, if you don’t feel at ease, the whole ordeal can fall flat on its face.
2. Single or taken: Whether you’re single or taken plays a very important role in determining the kind of sexy nightdress for women suitable for you. If you’re taken, you can choose some flirtatiously sexy nighty. On the other hand, if you are single, you can choose something simple and comfy.
3. Size matters: Most people think that for the night dress to be sexy, it has to be skin-tight. While it stands true for most occasions, it is also essential to opt for the right size. Buying a size smaller for a sexier fit may not be the right decision as it can cause discomfort, which may end up spoiling your mood. The perfect hot nightwear for ladies must help you breathe and move freely.
4. Consider the season: Seasons keep changing and so should your sexy nightwear. In summer, you can choose easy-breezy, short sexy nighties, while in winter, you can go for long, full-sleeved nightdresses.
5. Occasion: Special occasions like a honeymoon or romantic getaway call for a special kind of sexy night dress for women. You should ideally look for ‘see-through’ hot nighties, babydoll lingerie or teddies.

What Makes Sexy Nightwear a Hit?

The sensual element in nightwear comes from the right fabric and style. For example, lace, satin and mesh look super gorgeous. The sheer factor of mesh & lace makes you look more attractive. Similarly, stain brings out the feminine & diva version of yourself.
Talking about the style, cage detailing with noodle straps looks utterly sexy. How can we forget about the colours? Bold romantic colours also make the sexy night dress hotter.
All these elements together make women's sexy nightwear a hit.

Buy Sexy Nightwear at Clovia

Now that you know the complete style guide for sexy nightdresses for women, what are you waiting for? Make your bedtime tales more special and sexier by adding one or two of our sexy nightdress picks to your closet.

FAQs on Sexy Night Dresses

Q1. Which is the best sexy night dress for women for a honeymoon?
A1. Babydolls all the way. They are utterly sexy. Pick something in pastels, blacks, and reds.

Q2. Which is the best fabric for a sexy nighty?
A2. We suggest you try something like satin or lace to keep it erotic and stylish.

Q3. What else can I do except for wearing sexy nightwear for a bolder look?
A3. Put on a matchy-matchy bra panty set underneath. Even better if it matches your nightwear.

Q4. Which type of sexy night dress is best?
A4. If you are looking for a sexy and comfy nightdress, you must check out short nighties at Clova. They are just the perfect combination of hotness and comfort.

Q5. Which is the best brand for nighty?
A5. At Clovia, we have the best collection of nighties in town including more than 1000 styles in vibrant hues, classy prints and intricate details.

Q6. What is the purpose of a sexy nighty?
A6. A woman likes to look sexy and it comes from within. But a sexy nighty can help a lot in making her into a diva. Thus, a sexy nightdress is all that you need.