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Gentlemen Guide

Every man wants to know what goes on in his woman's head.
A good place to start is her lingerie drawer!
A lady's lingerie speaks volumes of the kind of person she is and
how risque she is willing to be behind closed doors.
If she's into reds and blacks, she's not for the faint hearted!
Prints and briefs with naughty sayings on them - she would love to have
some fun, and possibly be quirky.
Laces and sheers? You've got a classic lady who could also surprise you in the bedroom.
Find out her size too while you are at it.
P.S: If she catches you looking through her drawers, try saying this: “You look so beautiful” (*FYI- this is also the right thing to say in every other possible situation. Ever.)
Take our quiz below & go with Clovia's recommendations.
  • 1
    Show her you know her.
    Every woman is beautiful in her own right. But there is always that one body part she loves most. What is her favorite part?
    • Hips
    • Bust
    • Back
    • Legs
    • Navel
  • 2
    What best describes her?
    • Sensationally seductive
    • Resplendent Romantic
    • Perfectly Playful

    Tip : Stay true to her personality traits when shopping for lingerie, and once she’s comfortable, there’s no telling where things might go.

  • 2
    Finally what is the fantasy you want to come true?
    • Naughty
    • Sultry
    • Romantic

    Tip : Receiving lingerie that she might never have considered, but now knows you want to see her in, is a turn on for most women.

Read on for more clues...
Still not sure of her bra size?

Go beyond the regular lingerie. Consider one of our nightdresses, paired with a minimal thong for a cute yet sexy look. Our lace hipsters collection has also been known to do wonders for the imagination.
Go with her dressing style if she's experimental, take the liberty of buying something daring in bright colours or black and lace. If she likes to keep it classic, there are always greys and pinks in gorgeous soft lace.


By now you know that lingerie depends on her personality, mood, outfit, size, shape, favorite colors... the list is endless. To top it all, cuts keep changing, as do straps styles, cup shapes and colors.
if you're going to be shopping for her, your going to want to stay connected with what's new. Look no further. Clovia keeps pace with trends, so you can keep pace with her.


We know all women love a man with the complete package! So why should what you gift her be anything but.
A beautiful yet discreet Clovia box with a naughty surprise inside - make sure you have her attention from the very beginning.


There's nothing wrong with getting some advice from the expert herself. It can actually make the whole process a lot more fun, and be rather informative - for future reference.
Alternatively, you could also create a showcase by selecting your favourites. Let her come in and take her pick.