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Halter Neck Bra Collection

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Halter Neck Bras : Don all your tricky halter neck outfits in style with pretty halter neck bras. Featuring dual strings, these bras can easily be tied at the back. They not only give a clean appearance to your outfits, but also raise your style quotient significantly. They bring your breasts closer, uplift them and s ... Read more

                            Halter Neck Bras 

A lot of women don’t really like to flaunt their bra straps. And if you’re wearing a halter neck outfit, it becomes even more difficult to hide your straps unless you’re donning a halter neck or a strapless bra. While you must have heard about these bras plenty of times before, let us understand a little more about them below.

What is a Halter Bra?

A halter bra is one that has a strap that goes around the neck or has two straps that can be tied together at the back of the neck. You can find it in both padded and non-padded variants. A lot of T-shirt bras come with detachable shoulder straps, usually referred to as multiway bras. These bras provide you the ease of converting the bra into a halter bra.

Reasons to Wear a Halter Neck Bra

While the sole purpose of this bra is to aid with strap show underneath halter neck outfits, it is also a great pick if you want to take the bulk off your shoulders. Additionally, it aids in lifting your breasts and also taking some pressure off your torso. Another major advantage is that it helps keep your breasts in place while preventing your bra straps from sliding or slipping down. It is super secure and comfortable.

Last but not the least, a halter bra is utterly sexy. So, whether you want to spice things up with your man or keep your fashion game up when it comes to choosing bralettes, it’s a great pick.

Tips to Wear a Halter Bra

If you want to hide your straps under a halter top or dress, a halter bra is the perfect pick. It provides you maximum hold and support while letting you flaunt your glamorous back.

However, if you like to flaunt your straps, then you could just style a knot bra with your spaghetti tops or wide neck tops. Knot bras usually come with two strings that can be tied into a pretty bow at the back of the neck.


Now, if you are looking to buy a halter bra online to create a statement – something that draws attention and proves to be a style icon on its own – you ought to try a Clovia’s halter neck bra. We have the latest trends and styles, combined with the softest of fabrics. From pretty prints to sexy styles, you can find the most stylish collection of halter bras that can transform your outfits from drab to fab!

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Have some queries about halter neck bras? We’ve got you covered.


Q1. What kind of top can I wear with a halter bra?
A1. You can wear it underneath a halter neck top to avoid strap show. You can also wear it underneath your regular tops to add a dash of glam.

Q2. Why do halter bras hurt my neck?
A2. They may be too tight. If your bra fits you well, it’s highly unlikely they’ll hurt you. So, when you’re buying one, make sure that it has a snug fit. If it has a tie up style, don’t make the knot too hard on yourself.

Q3. I have bigger breasts. Can I wear a halter bra?
A3. Absolutely. Anyone with any breast size can wear a halter neck bra. In fact, the bra style is such that it pushes your breasts towards the centre, uplifting and enhancing their shape.

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