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Kaftan : Kaftan nighties are one of the most versatile loungewear after T-shirts. You can style them as you want, partywear kaftans can be worn on outings or get together with friends. Kaftan nightdress can be worn to laze around at home, they can be paired with jeans or leggings or simply as a dress. Origi ... Read more


Buy Modern Kaftan Nighty & Nightdress Online

Kaftan Meaning & its Origin

Originating in the Middle East in the Sultan era, it has now evolved all over the world and has garnered special attention during summer. A kaftan is a long, flowing, sleeved dress, that comes in many size options ankle-length, mid-length, short and cropped. Kaftan has a soft corner in every woman’s heart, as it keeps you at utmost comfort and you look chic & stylish at the same time. From donning kaftan at home to flaunting them at the beach you can play it around on many occasions. Available in many colours & prints kaftan are ago to outfit for women of all ages in summer.

Beach Kaftan - Trendy Way to Style it As A Beachwear

In summer, women like to style sheer kaftans as beachwear, and it has become a popular resort wear. While choosing kaftan as beachwear you need to consider the fabric type. For resorts & beaches, the fabric should be lightweight & sheer. However, if you are not comfortable you can pick lightweight opaque fabric like crepe & rayon. Style it with flip-flops, denim shorts and a beach hat.

Types of Kaftan

At Clovia, we have a wide collection of Kaftan in many styles and patterns. The styles are categorised as

Long Kaftan Nighty: This style is widely popular among middle-aged women. Instead of regular boring nighties, women like to wear long kaftan at home. The loose fitting offers more comfort and in summer it keeps them cool as long as the fabric is cotton or crepe.

Short kaftan Dress: This can be worn as a beach dress a kurti or maybe a dress.

Kaftan Nightsuit: Kaftan nightsuits are basically a set of kaftan top and pyjama. These are great for sleeping and lounging. Mostly pregnant women like to wear a kaftan nightdress instead of a regular one.

Kaftan Beach Dress: These are made with sheer and lightweight fabrics like georgette and crepe which is preferred for beachwear.

Tips for Choosing Kaftan Night Suit Online

Irrespective of shape, size and colour, kaftan looks fabulous on every woman who knows how to select one for themselves. In case you don’t know read the following points.

As per the occasion or purpose, select the kaftan. For daily wear, you can rely on cotton kaftan nighty, rayon, or crepe fabric. In case you want to look a bit lavish, you can invest in silk or satin kaftan nighty. For wearing it on the beach you can go with sheer fabric such as georgette and chiffon.

The second point of consideration is the length of a kaftan. As the above said, kaftans are generally available in three length options, short, mid-length, and full length. Now, as per your suitability, you can choose any length, generally, women with short height avoid full-length kaftans. But, yes there is no obligation and you can always experiment.

Print or Style:
While you are resting on your couch design doesn’t matter all you need is comfort, but some occasions call for either a chic look or a bit formal look, choose wisely.

Styling Kaftan Dresses for Different Occasions

As abovementioned, kaftans are so versatile & can be styled for different occasions in varied ways. Let’s talk about each of them below.

Create A Boho Look: This look is very simple to create. Take a tie-dye print sheer beach kaftan top. Pair it with ribbed shorts and bead jewellery. For hairstyle, you can make a messy bun, one-side fish braid or simply create beach waves. Pair it with a bamboo sling bag & flip-flops. To take this a bit forward, you can wear gladiators too. Don’t forget your hat & sunglasses.

Create A Sophisticated Look: For this look go with a minimal print kaftan dress or gown. Pair it with sleek heels and sunglasses. For earrings, you can go with chunky stone earrings or golden hoops. Create a high sleek bun. Also, do a dewy base and pair it with bold eyes & nude lips. Don’t forget sunglasses & handbags.

Create A South Delhi/Bombay Girl Look: Lately, girls are obsessed with the South Delhi or South Bombay girl look. To create the same, take an animal print partywear kaftan which is not sheer. Pair it with a broad belt to create a more clinched look. Pair it with block heels and a trendy handbag. Don’t forget to add sunglasses. Also, do dewy makeup with bold lipstick.

Create An Ethnic Look: Pair a traditional print or folk print knee-length kaftan suit/kurti with relaxed-fit solid pants and juttis. Wear statement earrings. Keep your hair open or in a low-neck sleek bun.

Shop for Women Kaftan Night Dress At Clovia

In short, kaftans are true BFFs in summer, and you can wear them anytime anywhere. Now that you know everything about kaftans from their origin to styling them, it’s time to pick one for you. Don’t restrict yourself and explore Clovia’s Kaftan collection, which consists of a wide array of designs suitable for any woman. With more than 100+ styles in vibrant hues and classy prints, Clovia kaftans are a must-have for your summer wardrobe.


Q1. Can anyone wear a kaftan?
A1. Yes, any woman can wear a kaftan, irrespective of shape, size, age, height.
Q2. Is kaftan a dress?
A2. Yes, a kaftan is a long, flowy, sleeved dress that often comes with a belt or a drawstring to go around the waist and provide you with a better silhouette.
Q3. How long is a kaftan?
A3. Kaftan comes in three different length options: short, mid-length, and full-length.
Q4. Can you wear a kaftan at work?
A4. Yes, if your workplace and style of work allow you to wear flowy, casual dresses then you can easily wear kaftans at work.
Q5. What country is Kaftan from?
A5. Kaftan is originated from the Middle East.
Q6. Is the Kaftan a traditional dress?
A6. In some Middle Eastern countries, Kaftan was worn as traditional wear in the past. Now kaftan is considered modern.
Q7. Are kaftan and abaya the same?
A7. No, both are different. Abaya is traditional and offers more modesty protection than kaftan. Kaftan has become very popular and modern now. Kaftan can be styled as a beachwear, partywear, loungewear and nightwear.
Q8. Can a Kaftan be worn as a night suit?
A8. Yes, kaftan nighties are made for sleeping. Even you can wear them as loungewear.
Q9. What is worn with a kaftan?
A9. It depends on the type of kaftan. A kaftan kurti can be paired with a pair of denim or leggings. A kaftan dress which is mid-length and offers modesty protection should be worn with boyleg shorts and can be styled with a belt. A long kaftan can be worn as a dress.
Q10. What is the difference between a Kaftan and kurti?
A10. Kaftan is very different from traditional Kurtis as they are loosely fit and more comfortable to wear. Kaftan offers you more freedom to style them as you want a kaftan dress, partywear kaftan, beachwear kaftan or kaftan nighty. Wear them as you like, its variations are apt for many occasions.
Q11. Can pregnant women wear kaftan?
A11. Yes, kaftan is the best choice for pregnant women. If you don’t want to wear maternity mighty you can wear Kaftan to stay comfortable. Kaftan provides you with more comfort at the same time looks very stylish.