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Dull Skin

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Dull Skin : Makeup is temporary, the glow is permanent. Dull skin often makes you feel bad & run for plenty of such products that your skin never needed or make it even worse. Skivia has come to your rescue by bringing 100% natural & ayurvedic skincare products to get you the glow that was always missing.

                            Dull Skin 

Dull Skin

One biggest of the myths that are associated with dull skin is that only people with dry skin have dull skin. But the truth is anyone may have dull skin. To understand the condition and solution to bring back the lost radiance let’s dive in.

What is Dull Skin?

Skin looks lifeless, dry with no healthy glow. You might spot some rough patches and unevenness around your face. In some regions on your face skin becomes grey. All these are the signs of dull skin. Dull skin is nothing, it's just an accumulation of dead skin, and it can happen due to many reasons.

Now that you have understood the dull skin & its symptoms, let’s see the causes behind it.

What Causes Dull Skin?

As we have already mentioned that dull skin is the result of over-accumulation of dead skin. And the root causes are many:

1. Dehydration: Your skin needs a lot of water to function properly and keeps everything glowing. The blood circulation gets decreased in dehydration and makes it look pale & dull. In case of prolonged dehydration, it can make your skin age faster, and wrinkles & fine lines start appearing. Water is the key to achieve dewy & glowing skin. That's what our celebrities recommend to us, right? So drink, drink, drink!

2. Ageing: Natural oils of your skin (sebum) help to dissolve the dead skin and it easily comes off while daily skincare. As you age, your skin gets thinner, and oil production decreases. Due to less oil production, dead skin can’t be cleared out from the outer layer of the skin.

3. Over of Less Exfoliation: Exfoliation can make or break great skin goals. Both are harmful to your skin and cause dull skin. On the one hand, less exfoliation doesn’t clear out the dirt, on the other hand, over-exfoliation or harsh exfoliation destroys the protective layer of your skin, resulting in dull skin. Ideally, you should exfoliate twice a week using a mild & natural exfoliator.

4. Change of Weather: Often when going from summers to winters & winters to summers makes your skin dull. The reason is less moisture content in the air resulting in dry skin. 5. No Proper Moisturization: No one can deny that no proper moisturization makes your skin dry & dull. Moisturization is important to quench the thirst of skin and lock moisture into your skin.

6. Bad Lifestyle: Glow & radiance come from within, unhealthy or weak bodies can’t cater to glowing skin. Lack of sleep, insufficient nutrients, crash diets, overexposure to screen, less or zero activity makes your body & skin tired. Over time such a bad lifestyle can bring many diseases and early ageing. Hence, proper diet & sleep, daily exercise is mandatory for glowing & healthy skin.

7. Sun Damage: The UVA, UVB rays of the sun cause more than you can even imagine. Hence, sunscreen is an essential element for the daily skincare routine even if you stay indoors.

8. Wrong/ Bad Skincare Products: Selection products that are made for your skin type is way too important. Many people overlook this general criterion and use random skincare products, it leads to dull-looking skin. Apart from selecting skincare products as per your skin type, you should choose natural products that are mild on your skin yet very effective to impart better results. Chemical products are often very abrasive and cause harm to your skin barrier, clogged pores, redness, dry skin, etc.

9. Improper Skincare Routine: Improper skincare routine is one of the major reasons for dull skin. No proper cleansing, sleeping with makeup on, may not only cause dull skin but also clogged pores, pimples, acne etc.

10. Underlying Health Disease: Sometimes you do everything properly but still you can’t achieve healthy glowing skin, the reason could be an underlying health problem that you are not aware of yet. If you are the one who has been dealing with dull skin & other skin related issues more often despite doing everything properly, please consult a dermatologist about your problem.

Here’s What Clovia Brings You to Fight Dull Skin!

With the right product and correct lifestyle you can fight dull skin & achieve the radiant skin. And with the right product we meant the one which is crafted as per your skin needs & is completely natural. We, at Skivia have a range of products which are crafted to cater radiance & glow to your skin. Let’s see what we have for you:

● Vitamin C Face Serum: Experts say, vitamin C is a great skin brightening ingredient, it not only reduces pigmentation, but also boosts the benefits of other skincare products. Our Skivia Vitamin C skin brightening serum contains active vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and aloe vera. The trio makes dull skin glow, reduces scars, and restores the moisture. This is ideal for all skin types.

● Spot Corrector Cream: This cream is enriched with the goodness of aloe vera, shea butter, liquorice and tomato extracts. Aloe vera has vitamin C, E, beta carotene that makes skin dewy and makes it radiant. Tomato extracts reduce hyperpigmentation & blemishes. Shea butter nourishes the skin deeply and locks moisture, and liquorice regulates the oil production.

● Pink Clay Face Mask: Alone moisturizer & serum can’t cater all your skin needs, so to fulfill that requirement you should get some super indulgent face masks. We have a pink clay face mask filled with the goodness of Himalayan clay, Australian clay, seaweed & pomegranate. All these ingredients nourish skin deeply and make it healthy from inside.

● Green Matcha Tea Face Mask: Everyone is aware of the wonders of green matcha tea. Those wonders have been packed in this face mask and combined with aloe vera & seaweed. The mask helps reduce hyperpigmentation, restores the skin elasticity, detoxifies the skin and brings back the lost radiance.

Our all products are 100% natural and formulated with ayurvedic methods. No use of chemical, silicone, parabens, & sulphate. Just clean products filled with nature's goodness. The best part about these products is they are made in India. So, what are you waiting for, just dive in and get the products which make your skin glow from inside!