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Face Care

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Face Care : Be it a teenage girl or an elderly woman everyone has skin concerns. Rough and damaged skin, dull look on the face, acne and breakouts being some of them. But now, with the launch of Skivia face care products made of natural ingredients, the teenage girl, new moms and the moms-to-be, and grandmas ca ... Read more

                            Face Care 

Finest Natural Face Care Products All Age Women

After doing massive research on Indian skin types and understanding the needs & general problems of women, we at Skivia have brought a wide range of the finest natural skincare products. These products are not only derived from 100% natural ingredients but also formulated with age-old ayurvedic methods. Hence, the efficacy is wonderful and has no side effects. We have solution-based products for women of all ages. Since the products are free of any chemical, toxins, parabens & sulphate, anybody can use them carefree.

What Products does Skivia Offer?

Skivia offers a wide range of skincare, haircare, and body care products. We have curated products for teenagers, expecting women, new mommies and middle to elderly women. Here are the following products you can find on this website for face care.

Face wash
● Face creams
Face serums
● Face Masks
● Essential Oils
● Carrier Oils

All these products help to combat skin issues such as oily skin, dry skin, acne, pimples, dark spots, dull skin, pigmentation, blemishes, wrinkles & fine lines, etc. For different problems, we have a dedicated product that not only keeps that problem at bay but also helps to attain healthy & glowing skin.

Things to Consider Before Buying Face Care Products

Be it cream, face mask, or serum, be mindful about your skin type & its needs. These are the few points that you should not overlook when selecting any face care product.

● Identify the problem, then search for the solution.
● Do consider your skin type and buy a respective product.
● In case of sensitive skin, do consult a doctor before purchasing any product.
● Don’t go for the chemical products if you are already dealing with skin issues.
● Always use 100% natural & toxin-free products.
● Read the label & ditch the products with parabens & sulphate.
● Everything doesn’t suit everyone, for example, a few people are very sensitive to vitamin A. Patch test is recommended if using vitamin A based products for the very first time in life.

If you consider all the above-mentioned points you can’t go wrong with your selection.


Not only at the time of purchasing but also while using a new face product the first time you should be mindful.

● Read the instructions carefully and make sure you do a patch test before using. ● Don’t mix & match different products such as face serums.
● Keep a gap of at least an hour between two different serums.
● Always consult a dermatologist before using two face serums of opposite nature together.

These few rules go without saying, but we mentioned again so that our customers get the optimum results from our products.