5 Best Lingerie Gift Ideas for Her

Want to let her know how much you love everything about her? Slip something naughty under her tree. The state-of-the-art luxury lingerie is something she’ll love. We suspect you’ll like them, too. Few gifts are more welcomed than soft and beautiful sleepwear from someone who cares about you. These comfy lingerie picks for her practically guarantee […]

What does the Body Shaper Actually Do?

Shapewear, shaping underwear and foundational garments can drastically change a person’s appearance in a blink of an eye. Your abdominal flab, big butt or fat thighs can “magically” disappear, giving you a sleek silhouette without ever going to the gym. Who doesn’t want that, really? So to elaborate on the definition, a body shaper is any piece […]

Top 5 Bridal Lingerie to Spice Up Your Honeymoon

Are you a bride to be? Are you getting married soon and need a few perfect wedding lingerie sets to blow your hubby to be’s mind away on the first night of marriage or on your long awaited honeymoon? With your wedding date coming closer, it is the best time to plan your honeymoon and choose your […]

5 Tips to Prevent Your Strapless Bra from Falling Down

I’m sure you all have had your share of the moment wherein you feel the need to hide behind a friend to subtly lift your bra up from under your dress or top. Are you bugged of adjusting your strapless dress every now and then while you’re out? That’s not very elegant, is it? But don’t swear off […]

Important Things to Consider When Buying a Maternity Bra  

For many a mom-to-be, the instant of truth comes at about 16 weeks. That’s when your breasts begin to outgrow your carefully-chosen fashion bras in order to perform the feeding duties. Lingerie is an intimate item and has its own set of rules for pregnancy. According to experts, when your sleek and sexy undergarments no longer […]

Difference between Strapless Bras and Silicone Bras

Fashion struggles can be so real — like what undies are most comfy under a tight pair of jeans, which bra should go under which dress, or how exactly to wear a blanket scarf (still working on that one). Piled amongst these wardrobe issues is the infamous strapless bra vs. silicone bra dilemma. So let’s […]

5 Ways to Avoid Panty Lines

What’s the worst thing that can happen after you manage to customize the perfect outfit? It can be ruined by the visible panty lines! This is the worst horror that hides inside a women’s closet and dress (goes without saying). Setting aside the fact that it happens to every women, it is yet utterly embarrassing […]

Sports Bra vs. Regular Bra

Have you been wearing a sports bra as an everyday bra? Or do you wear a regular bra even while working out? It’s high time we women understand that most of the time we are wearing the wrong type of bra. We believe that the opinion on style of a bra is a matter of […]

5 Lingerie Must- Haves In Your Winter Wardrobe

Ladies! A new season of lingerie is ready to dawn upon you. And guess what’s on the to-do-list? Get up and get ready to update your wardrobe (literally) with the new and flirty winter colours, prints, fabrics and designs. It’s time to spice up the chilly winter nights with the perfect lingerie sets. Let your beautiful […]

Nightwear Ideas for Plus Size Women

We totally believe that fashion comes in all sizes! There’s nothing that can stop you from having a stylish snooze. Check out 5 stylish nightwear ideas for plus size women.   Kaftans We all know how the bohemian fashion has taken over the fashion world. Kaftan is a true example of this fashion trend. They […]

3 Reasons why you should spend on a quality bra

Have you being picking up your bras because they look adorable? Do looks overpower quality when you make a shopping decision? Well, here are 3 reasons why you should be focusing more on quality bras. Reason 1: Bras are your second-skin Bras or lingerie are the closest garment to your skin. They should be crafted […]

How to wash your bras?

Throwing your bras in the washing machine seems very easy but do you this could be damaging your bras? Your lingerie is the most delicate clothing in your wardrobe.  Storing and washing them correctly can make them last longer. When was the last time you hand-washed your bra? Yes, hand-washed! Especially the padded and underwired […]

Know the math behind bra cup sizes

Most women wear a wrong size of bra, well we hope you aren’t one of them. How about taking a quick test on your own and checking for yourself. Let’s get started with bramathematics. Step 1: Measuring the Band Size The band size means the underbust measurement. Take a measuring tape and wrap it around […]

Top 2 bras to wear right after breast augmentation

Breast augmentation changes your breasts completely, which is why you will no longer fit in your previous bras. Immediately after the surgery you will notice that your breasts will swell up and feel tender. You will need a bra that offers your support and restricts the movements of implants. Let’s check out 2 most effective […]

Sports Bras – A Default Must-Have for Women

A sports bra is the basic essential for a woman’s workout session. The tender tissues around a woman’s chest need support during intense workout sessions which, if not supported may lead to back pain, discomfort, stretch marks or even sagging. The best way to avoid breast related issues is by wearing the right type of […]

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