Are you wearing a T-shirt Bra this summer?

Hey girls, we all love summers, don’t we? More than anything else we love summer fashion, teeny weeny dresses, cool cotton tees, going-out tanks and what not! Catching up with the latest trend, let’s not forget those sexy bodycon dresses and those cool T-shirt dresses. But are you wearing the right bra with them? Introducing […]

3 Oomph Levels of Push-Up Bras

A little bit of attention never hurts anyone. Add some glam to your outfit with push-up and padded bras. Push-up bras can work wonders in transforming your look from drab to fab. The different angles of padding help you in achieving different levels of oomph. Let’s find your perfect level! Level 1 The Girl Next […]

Upgrade Your Panty Closet with These Sexier Alternatives

Change is hard, especially when it is out of our comfort zone. We often feel reluctant to trying new things or experimenting with our style especially when it comes to our innerwear. No wonder closets of most girls are filled with boring old vanillas in nothing different than cotton. Comfort is important, but innerwear is […]

Restyling Wardrobe Favourites – Night Dresses

For those who are married and see their wedding dress lying in the closet day in day out, will understand the pain of not getting to wear it again. It’s hard to have a closet favourite yet be restricted to wear it more than once or out of the usual hours. Our nightwear stunners top […]

5 Times Padded Bra Will Be Your Complete Life Saviour

When it comes to lingerie, misconceptions and concerns are endless. Right from buying that first bra to being hesitant about trying shapewear, girls usually feel confused and often end up missing on something life-changing. It won’t be wrong to say that padded bras have been under this category from a very long time. What’s surprising […]

Bollywood Bikini Babes

Bollywood beauties have been taking the world by storm since 1960’s with their bikini bodies. The era when being called sexy or hot was perceived to be demeaning, these actresses sizzled the big screen in bikinis with elegance and panache. Year after year & decade after decade, we have seen a drastic revolution of bikinis […]

5 Reasons Why Online Lingerie Shopping Is So Much Better

In India, shopping for lingerie is a huge task on its own. From the time a girl starts wearing a bra, it’ll always be a hush-hush affair. No-one really considers it ideal to talk about lingerie.  Creepy Stores v/s Online Stores Spot the closest lingerie shop in your neighborhood. Embarrassment starts even before you enter […]

Make Sure You Wear The Right Bra While You Workout

  How true have you been to out workout resolutions? Paid for that 6 months gym membership? Bought the latest sports kit? Upgraded your sportswear and shoes collection? But maybe you’re missing out on the most important part- a sport bra! A lot of women wonder if they really need a sports bra and the […]

Lingerie Essentials for Every Bride

A wedding comes with loads of shopping; bridal make-up, bridal sarees, bridal dresses for honeymoon and what not, but what about bridal lingerie? Yes my newly hitched girls, bridal lingerie is as important as any other outfit you may shop for.  Would you want to disappoint him with your old worn-out granny panties or take […]

Must-haves for a Beach Trip

Summer is synonymous to beach, so embrace this season with a beach holiday. Gear up with the right essentials to hit the waters in style! Picking the right kind of products can make your trip a blissful one. Beauty products, lingerie or footwear, they all need to be location-perfect. A beach is a place that […]

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