Make sure you wear the right bra while you workout

  How true have you been to out workout resolutions? Paid for that 6 months gym membership? Bought the latest sports kit? Upgraded your sportswear and shoes collection? But maybe you’re missing out on the most important part- a sport bra! A lot of women wonder if they really need a sports bra and the […]

Lingerie Essentials for Every Bride

A wedding comes with loads of shopping; bridal make-up, bridal sarees, bridal dresses for honeymoon and what not, but what about bridal lingerie? Yes my newly hitched girls, bridal lingerie is as important as any other outfit you may shop for.  Would you want to disappoint him with your old worn-out granny panties or take […]

Must-haves for a Beach Trip

Summer is synonymous to beach, so embrace this season with a beach holiday. Gear up with the right essentials to hit the waters in style! Picking the right kind of products can make your trip a blissful one. Beauty products, lingerie or footwear, they all need to be location-perfect. A beach is a place that […]

Tips For Choosing The Best Nursing Bra For Breastfeeding

Raising a child is any day a full time job, and I simply believe that applause for courageousness needs to be sounded for all mothers around the world. Now, clearly believing that we women are born with the motherly instinct, still a little help in the feeding department is any day welcome. You can understand […]

Bra choices for summertime!

Summer is the time of the year that calls for sheer tops, halter tops, strapless dresses, light tees, and other tops that bare quite some skin. To get the perfect summer look, you absolutely need the right bra. Coupling the right bra with your summer will have you looking effortlessly fashionable. But, and that’s a […]

Going the Thong Way

Women keep on asking me why some of their female friends love wearing thongs. I mean, seriously ladies, do I even need to answer this question? With a single string in the back, thongs are best thing that can happen to you. Believe it, apart from being perfect eye candies, these thongs panties are a […]

It’s All about Sun, Sea and Surf in 2016

Of all the trending topics in the fashion world, swimwear has taken the market by storm this year. 2016 has seen designers experimenting with bikini sets to full sleeved styles. While some styles have been repeated like ruffles, but some have been introduced such as, bandeau tops. Listing all the styles will fill pages up, […]

To Buy or Not to Buy Honeymoon Inspired Lingerie

If thinking about lingerie is too intimidating for you then, you would be that person who would go on her honeymoon with only basic stuff. Well, don’t be shy, 90% of us do the same. But, ladies, it is a crime not to carry some overtly sexy lingerie. See, the whole idea of a honeymoon […]

Wish Her Happy Valentine with Lingerie

Come valentine and suddenly you start scratching your head about what to gift her. Normal mundane things like flowers and chocolates are passé now a day. This time think of valentine gifts for her, which would surprise her apart from complementing her looks. For a woman, words matter more than actions and therefore, when you […]

Show Your Straps – Runway Trends

Showing of your bra straps is no longer considered to be a fashion faux pas. On the contrary, it’s actually looked upon as a fashion statement nowadays. Be it celebrities, on the streets or even at fashion runways, showing the strap is becoming an effective way of making a style statement. Fashion runways, in particular, […]

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