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Sports Bra Collection

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Sports Bras : Fitness is the key to good health. Whether it is the treadmill in the gym or just your yoga mat at home, your sports bra is the best companion to keep your twin babies in shape. Check out the various styles available for that fresh and comfy feel every day.
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Sports Bra: A Mandatory Part of Your Fitness Routine

Today, everyone aspires to have a fit body, which is why so many people, including you, hit the gym or attend yoga classes frequently. With all this, also comes the responsibility of wearing the right clothing items, especially a sports bra. A good sports bra can improve your workout sessions considerably. It allows you to follow your everyday workout routine without any hassle and empowers you. Also, an effective sports bra plays in focal role in reducing discomfort and spillage that may happen as a result of high impact workout. Even though you may consider sports bras as merely ‘bras’, there is no denying the fact that they provide extra comfort and lift during jumping, running, or stretching. Best sports bras also offer excellent lift, enhance bust shape, and comfort during workouts.

When it comes to choosing sports bras, you may get confused among the plethora of women’s sports bras available in the market. However, it doesn’t have to be such a rocket science. By knowing a few details, you can easily pick the right sports bra for yourself. Below are the things that will help you choose the right sports bra online.

The Fabric

When shopping for sports bras online, it becomes significant to select the fabric carefully. Any fitness routine you adapt will release a lot of sweat out of you, so stick to a sturdy fabric that wicks away the moisture.

The Cup Size

Adjusting the bra in the gym while walking on the treadmill can be an awkward task. The foremost reason behind this is the pinching and twitching of the front lines of the bra. Therefore, when it comes to choosing a sports bra, make sure that you get one that provides correct balance to your breasts and uplifts them, like a sexy seamless push-up sports bra.

The Straps

One of the most neglected parts of a bra are its straps. Women usually give them the least attention when buying sports bras online when it should really be the other way around. When you choose a sports bra, you should ensure that its straps are adjustable, so that you can adjust them without any hassle when stretching or doing those strenuous cardio workouts.

The Support

For any fitness enthusiast, getting the adequate support from the bra she wears is no less than a dream. You require that extra support when performing all those high-intensity routines, which is why it becomes imperative to choose a high impact sports bra, such as a seamless padded sports bra. You can also look for stylish sports bras online having cross back straps for improved comfort and appearance. It is the best style to ensure that your bust gets the right support while you sweat it out in the gym.

If you’re looking for the best ladies sports bras that have excellent quality in all the aspects mentioned above, our activewear range is certainly going to impress you. From the soft spineless comfort of premium fabrics to the soft padding, you will get all the qualities you have been looking for in our high impact sports bras. So, browse through our collection of sports bras online and get your hands on them today.

Sports Bra FAQ’s

1. What Is The Difference Between A Sports Bra And A Normal Bra?

A normal bra provides adequate support for everyday wear but isn’t supportive enough for high intensity workout that requires jumping, running and other strenuous activities. For that a sports bra is a must-have to provide extra support and reduce jiggling and bounce of breasts while working out.

2. What Sports Bra to Choose For Workout?

Sports bras are usually available in low, medium & high impact. Depending on the level of your activity you can pick a sports bra to provide adequate support. For example a low impact sports bra would be fine for yoga practice but not for zumba or any other intense workout.

3. Which Sports Bra Should I Wear For Gym?

If you’re someone who works out at the gym then you should pick a medium impact or a high impact sports bra.

4. Is It Good To Wear Sports Bras Daily?

Sports bras are designed to give a snug fit to make sure the breasts stay in place while working out. These bras are meant to be worn for a couple of hours while you work out. Although a lot of women feel very comfortable in sports bras and consider it a good lounging option.

5. How Long Can You Keep A Sports Bra On?

A lot of women claim to practically live in their sports bras. That could be because of the added support & comfort that a sports bra offers. Although there’s no restriction to how long you can keep a sports bra on unless it’s been all sweaty after a workout, in that case you should change for hygiene reasons but otherwise you can switch your normal bra with a sports bra as per your comfort.

6. Can My Yoga Bra and Running Bra Be the Same Thing?

A yoga bra can be a low support sports bra while a running bra requires a medium to high impact sports bra to reduce and control the jiggling of the breasts while running.

7. How to Care For Your Sports Bra?

Bras are the most intimate clothing in the wardrobe and a sports bra is used more often than the other bras. You should wash your sports bras after every use. Use a mild detergent and lightly rinse under the water. Prefer hand wash over machine wash.

8. How Do You Tell If A Sports Bra Fits Well?

A well-fitted sports bra can be checked by -

1. Jumping to make sure it reduces bounce and has no spillage.

2. 2 finger test to make sure the straps are neither too tight nor too loose.

3. Adequate back support, either multiple hook closures or a racer back.

9. How Often You Should Be Replacing Your Sports Bras?

You should replace your sports bra if

1. It has lost stretch

2. It has been overused

3. If your body type has changed

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