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Non Padded Bras

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Non Padded Bras : Refresh your wardrobe with stunning non-padded bras with elite appeal and an oh-so-comfy feel. Bras without padding are an easy way to avoid bulk while still having sturdy support. For regular wear, non-padded bras are the staple everyone should own. Premium support and comfort are something one sho ... Read more

                            Non Padded Bras 

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Non-Padded Bras for Utmost Comfort

Soft non-padded bras will not provide you a Pam Anderson-like bust, but there’s no denying that they’re one of the most awesome lingerie essentials to have in any case! They're comfortable, hot and super wearable. While being amazingly comfortable, they don’t provide an artificial shape, fit in perfectly and so much more.

Difference Between a Padded and Non-Padded Bra

As suggested by their respective names, one has padding aka foamed cups while the other does not. A padded bra has a thin layer of foam or fabric sandwiched between the two layers of fabric outside and inside the cup while the alternative has just a single layer of fabric.

Although the padded bra has more of an ‘uplifting’ reputation, its padless sister offers more of a gentle push in the right direction. Besides, usually, softer fabrics are used when making unpadded bras. By abandoning the several extra layers of material slightly smothering your chesticles, your skin gets the chance to breathe; inevitably leaving you less of a hot and sweaty mess.

Types of a Non-Padded Bra

T-Shirt Bra These come with molded cups with double layering for a smooth and seamless look under fitted outfits. No matter how body hugging your outfit, this works to give a clean look underneath.

Underwired Bra Like the name states, they have underwires at the underband. This works best for women with bigger bust size who require additional support of wires. They add rigidity to your bust, giving a minimized look. It is the underwire that offers comprehensive coverage, and the whole idea is to take you far away from the fear of a double boob or a pop out.

Push Up Bra This is built on a simple mechanism of adding lift and volume to the breasts so that they are symmetric, closer, and fuller. Since most push-up bras are wired, so they are not necessarily padded.

Multiway Bra They are utterly cool as they have detachable straps. You can literally style one bra in multiple ways bra and what not. Make it a cross-shoulder, halter, strapless or even strapless.

Front Open Bra This is probably one of the sexiest non-padded bras. Instead of featuring closure at the back, they have it at the front. This makes them utterly edgy and subtle.

Tube Bra This style works great for strapless and off shoulder outfits. Since this bra is simply a strip of fabric, it is an amazing choice when you don’t want that strap show.

Plunge Bra They have demi cups, so they coverly almost half of your breasts. This style works great for low cut tops when you don’t want any kind of bra peeks underneath your clothes.

We at Clovia believe that every woman has so many difficult tasks to accomplish in a day and in such a hectic life, we provide you with lingerie that pampers you and takes care of your body. Unpadded bras are one such amazing part that keeps you comfortable and takes off the burden. There are also countless designs and styles of non-padded bras to choose from.


Q1. Which is the best non-padded bra?
A1. There’s no best really. We’ve mentioned all the types above, so you just need to figure out what will best suit your purpose.

Q2. Which is a better bra- padded or non-padded?
A2. Depends. If you want something super breathable simply to lounge around, a non-padded bra is a great pick. Similarly, if you need something while going out and want to prevent nipple show, a padded one is the ideal pick.

Q3. Which sports bra is best- padded or non-padded?
A3. If you want to keep your modesty intact and want a little more firmness while working out, we suggest you go for padded bras.

Q4. Can I wear non-padded bras outside?
A4. Absolutely. They are highly comfortable to be worn around all day long. Plus, you can also find double layered styles to minimize headlight effect.

Q5. Which fabric is the best for non-padded bras?
A5. If you want something for everyday wear, cotton. However, if you want something a little more glam and sexy, lace and mesh would be great as well.