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Underwire Bras : Out of all bra styles, a bra which women love and admire the most is an underwired bra. Whether you want to give your breasts a gentle lift or added support, an underwired bra is a blessing. It keeps your breast tissues in place and gives them a better sh ... Read more

                            Underwire Bras 

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If your breasts are on the heavier side, you might consider wearing underwired bras for good reason, of course. They can gently lift your breasts and support them, thanks to the presence of a semi-circular wire at the periphery of the bra cups and make the experience of wearing a bra a comfortable one.

What are the benefits of underwired bras?

Here, we have highlighted some of the greatest benefits of wearing underwired bras in detail.

• Better shape & support: The wired structure of these bras undeniably results in better breast shape particularly for women with larger bust size. Plus, these bras offer better lift than wireless styles.

• Ultra comfortable: As long as you don’t compromise with quality, an underwired bra offers superior comfort. The stretchy and breathable fabric lets you experience comfort in full swing while giving you the added advantage of appearance.

• Prevents sagging: Another little known benefit of wearing an underwired bra is that it can considerably help to prevent sagging. With the optimal support and lift, they can also make your breasts look perkier.

How should an underwired bra fit you?

If you’re convinced with the idea of buying underwired bras, here’s what you should note. The bra should sit comfortably under your breasts and against your rib. It shouldn’t rest against the breast tissue for it can also pose a problem in the long run.

What are the different styles of underwired bras?

There are many styles when it comes to shopping for underwired bras. In fact, you can find them in all variants. Here are some of the most popular styles.

1. T-shirt: These bras are all about comfort. They have seamless moulded cups, perfect for all those body hugging tops and dresses.

2. Strapless: These bras are your best bet for tricky outfits. The underwire provides the much needed support underneath those tube and other off shoulder dresses while the wide band ensures no spillage.

3. Push-up bras: These bras give an oomph to your breasts, making them perkier. They add about a cup size or two to your original breast size, giving a gorgeous appearance under those low cut blouses or dresses.

4. Balconette bras: Like the name suggests, these bras act like a balcony for breasts. They have wide set straps, making them ideal to be worn underneath broad neckline outfits.

5. Halter bra: These bras are specifically designed to be worn under halter neck tops. The strap goes above the neck, making them very attractive and functional at the same time.

So, what are you waiting for? Shop amazing underwired bras at lowest prices on Clovia.

We have also compiled a list of frequently asked questions if you’re fretful about buying an underwired bra.


Q1. What is the difference between underwired and non-wired bras?
A1. Quite evident from the name, an underwired bra has a wire sewn at the bottom of cups whereas a non-wired one is devoid of that. An underwired bra gently lifts your breasts and supports them while the non-wired one is poke-free. You got to decide what works better for your body type.

Q2. How is underwired bra better than other bras?
A2. The major benefit of an underwired bra is that it aids in providing support and lift. While the other bras also shape up, nothing does that better than an underwired bra. So, if your purpose is to get the lift and support, this is the type to opt for.

Q3. Is it safe to wear an underwired bra during pregnancy?
A3. As long as you’re opting for the right and the wire doesn’t dig you, there’s no problem with wearing an underwired bra. But of course, if you don’t want to take any chances, we recommend you wear non-wired variants, preferably without padding.

Q4. Is it okay to wear an underwired bra daily?
A4. Absolutely. If you feel an underwired bra is uncomfortable, you most likely aren’t wearing the right size.

Q5. Does an underwired bra cause cancer?
A5. No, this is just one of the myths that has drawn a lot of attention lately. There’s no study that claims that wearing an underwired bra is related to the risk of developing cancer.