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Panties : Transforming your panty wardrobe was never this easy. Embrace the perfect fit that Clovia womens underwear offers. Our panties are thoughtfully designed to hug your curves and provide optimal support. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to a boost of confidence that radiates from within in comfy wom ... Read more


Buy Women’s Panties Online at Clovia

Panties are an essential part of a woman’s life. You can’t do it without a panty. Women’s underwear covers the groin area and buttocks. Panties are worn for hygiene, comfort, and modesty purposes. Gone are the times when women wore panties just to cover & protect themselves. Now the entire dimensions have changed.

New-age women need fashion & comfort in one piece. That’s why Clovia is here, blending comfort & style seamlessly in stylish panties. You can shop for briefs, thongs, bikinis, hipsters, and boy shorts, among others, each offering different levels of coverage and fit. Not only style you can select the fabric of your choice from pure cotton, polyamide, modal, viscose, powernet, lace, etc.

Tips for Buying Women’s Panties & Underwear Online

To get the utmost comfort you have to find the best brief for yourself. The blow points will help you to find the best panty.
Find Your Size: This is the first & foremost thing to get new underwear for yourself. After measuring yourself refer to the size chart to get your accurate size. Size might vary per brand, so it’s better to look for the size chart of the same brand.

Consider Your Body Type: There are many styles available but not all would look great on you. Because different body types need different styles. According to your body type choose an underwear style that flatters your body.

Right Fabric: You can find panties in many fabrics: cotton, lace, polyamide, modal, viscose, powernet etc. Consider a fabric that serves the purpose.

Consider The Occasion & Outfit: The occasion & the outfit you are wearing play an important role in determining the underwear style. For example, for a body-hugging outfit, you need a seamless panty or a thong.

Put Comfort First: Comfort is crucial when selecting underwear. Look for features like a soft waistband, smooth seams, and a breathable fabric that will keep you comfortable throughout the day.

Panty Size: Correct Way of Measuring the Size of Your Panties

To measure your panty size accurately, you can follow these steps:
Take measurements: Use a soft measuring tape to measure your waist and hips. Stand in front of a mirror and ensure that the measuring tape is parallel to the floor.

Waist measurement: Wrap the tape around the narrowest part of your waist, typically just above the belly button.

Hip measurement: Place the tape around the fullest part of your hips, usually around the hip bones.

Note down the measurements: Write down the measurements in inches or centimetres, whichever you prefer.

Determine your panty size: Use the measurements to find your panty size by referring to a size chart. Panty size charts can vary slightly between different brands, so it's always best to check the specific brand's size chart if available.

Choose a style: Consider the different panty styles available, such as briefs, bikinis, thongs, or boyshorts. Each style may have its own sizing recommendations, so keep that in mind while selecting your panty.

Types of Panties by Coverage

If you are the one who is always confused about the coverage of panties and doesn’t understand which panty will cover how much area here’s the categorization of panties based on coverage.
Full Coverage: These panties are also known as high waist panties, they offer full rear coverage and sit at the navel or above the navel. With high coverage, these panties hide the side bulges to offer a flattering fit. The styles that come in this category are high waist hipster, boyshorts, and boyleg.

Medium Coverage: All mid-waist panties which almost sit near navel, fall in this category. These panties offer medium rear coverage and side wings are also smaller than the full coverage briefs. The styles that come in this category are mid-waist hipster, mid-waist bikini and low-waist bikini. Lace boyshorts also offer medium rear coverage.

Low Coverage: Low-waist panties that sit below navel often offer low coverage. The styles that fall in this category are low-waist bikini, lace boyshorts and sexy women’s undergarments.

No Rear Coverage: Some outfits demand no rear coverage hence brief designers invented thongs, G-strings and C-strings.

Types of Underwear for Women

There are several types of panties available, each offering different levels of coverage, style, and comfort. Here are some common types of panties:
Briefs: Briefs are traditional, full-coverage panties that offer maximum support and coverage. They typically have a high waistband that covers the entire abdomen area.

Bikini: Bikini panties offer moderate coverage and sit at the hip level. They have a narrower waistband compared to briefs and a lower leg cut, providing a flattering and comfortable fit.

Hipsters: Hipster panties have a higher rise and sit on the hips. They offer moderate coverage and have wider side panels, providing a comfortable fit.

Thongs: They have minimal coverage and are designed to eliminate visible panty lines. They feature a narrow strip of fabric in the back that disappears between the buttocks. Thongs are ideal for wearing under tight-fitting clothing.

Boyshorts: Boyshorts resemble miniature shorts and offer full coverage for both the buttocks and hips. They have a low-rise waistband and provide a comfortable and sporty look.

G-strings: G-strings are similar to thongs but have an even narrower strip of fabric in the back. They provide minimal coverage and are designed to eliminate visible panty lines entirely.

Seamless panties: These panties are made without any visible seams, providing a smooth and invisible look under clothing. They come in various styles, such as briefs, bikinis, and thongs.

High-cut briefs: High-cut briefs have a higher leg opening, elongating the legs and creating a flattering silhouette. They offer full coverage and sit at the natural waist.

Boyleg: Boyleg panties feature longer coverage to prevent chafing thigh rashes. This panty style offers full rear coverage.

Maternity: This panty style is specially crafted for expecting moms. As their belly grows the panty grows & offers optimum support.

How to Pick Correct Panty Colour for Outfits?

We know your love for printed and vibrant hues is indefinite. But do you know every woman must have three colours in her panty wardrobe? Let’s see what are those
Black panty: Black colour blends with dark colours like black, dark green, navy, etc.

Skin colour panty: Under light-coloured outfits, you should not wear a white brief because it makes the undergarment more visible. A skin-coloured/nude-coloured panty will blend with your skin and will not be visible anymore.

Grey panty: In case you don’t have a nude-coloured brief to pair with light-coloured outfits then a light grey panty will work.

Best Fabrics for Women's Panties

When choosing panties, you can consider different fabrics based on your preferences for comfort, breathability, and style. Here are some common fabrics used in panties:
Cotton: Cotton is a popular choice for panties due to its breathability and softness. It allows for good airflow, absorbs moisture, and is generally hypoallergenic, making it suitable for those with sensitive skin.

Microfiber: Microfiber is a synthetic fabric known for its smooth and lightweight texture. It offers a comfortable fit, provides moisture-wicking properties, and often has good stretch for a better fit.

Lace: Lace is a delicate and feminine fabric commonly used for decorative details on panties. It adds a touch of elegance and can be combined with other fabrics to create a stylish panty.

Modal: Modal is a type of rayon fabric made from beech tree pulp. It is known for its softness, breathability, and moisture-wicking properties. Modal panties offer a comfortable and lightweight feel.

Bamboo: Bamboo fabric is derived from bamboo pulp and is known for its sustainability and softness. It has natural antibacterial properties, is breathable, and offers moisture-wicking capabilities. Bamboo panties are an eco-friendly choice.

Cotton Spandex: This fabric is a blend of cotton & spandex which makes it smooth & stretchable. As a result, you get a very comfortable fit.

Polyamide: This is made of synthetic yarn, and the feel is so smooth & feels like a second skin. Polyamide panties fit like a glove.

Powernet: Some panties are crafted with soft & sheer powernet fabric. Often this fabric can be seen in fancy panties made for special occasions.

Choose Clovia Panties Online

At Clovia, we have broken the monotony of styles and feature a huge collection of panties including basic as well as trendy styles. We have something for every woman that too in every possible style. Clovia panties are way too affordable that you can upgrade your entire lingerie wardrobe in one go. Now you can shop panties online from the comfort of your home and get them delivered to your doorstep.

Panties FAQ

Q1. Which panties should pregnant women wear?
A1. Brands are now catering to women of all phases, so pregnant women can now find some great quality maternity panties. At Clovia, you are sure to find some of the most stretchable and softest styles crafted with breathable fabric. They provide the required support without squeezing your tummy, so you and your little one can both be comfortable.
Q2. Which type of panties is most comfortable?
A2. If we talk about everyday ladies’ undergarments, hipsters, boyshorts and bikini-style underwear are a hoot. The rest depends on the outfit you wear, for low-rise jeans, bikini panties will be a better choice to avoid any peek-a-boos. High-rise bottoms can be paired with high-waist hipster panties to avoid muffin top & side bulges, and boyshorts can be paired with short skirts & dresses considering they’ll protect modesty while providing comfort.
Q3. Which panty is best for daily use?
A3. Hipsters and bikinis are two styles that are regarded highly in terms of everyday panties. The coverage and the fit fall perfectly for everyday comfort and the style suits most body types.
Q4. Which fabric is more comfortable for panties?
A4. Cotton-spandex fabric is a comfortable choice you can pick since it has stretchability that allows freedom of movement. Other than that, lace is also a rich fabric to pick considering it is gentle on the skin.
Q5. What are the best panties for a honeymoon?
A5. The honeymoon collection consists of designs best suitable for intimate moments. Bikini panties have intricate designs that are so eye-pleasing and perfect for the occasion. G-strings and thongs have low coverage but are appropriate for the moment.
Q6. Should I wash my panties separately?
A6. Yes, undergarments should always be washed separately with mild detergents.
Q7. How often should you change your panties?
A7. Every day would be the best answer to keep your intimate hygiene in check.
Q8. Which type of panty is good for periods?
A8. You can find period panties on the market. These ladies’ undergarments are made of special absorbent fabric which soaks period blood and seals it inside to avoid staining.
Q9. What type of panties is good for a teenage girl?
A9. Teen panties are considered best for a teenage girl. These panties are crafted with 100% cotton fabric and the softest elastic. These panties are usually in light colours to get easily blend with uniforms. Boyshorts can be one of the best picks for a teen girl since they are better at protecting modesty than other styles.
Q10. Are there different types of panties for different activities?
A10. Yes, there are various panties available for different activities. Cycling shorts for cycling, boyleg panties or thongs for running and seamless panties to be worn under leggings to avoid visible panty lines during any kind of workout.
Happy shopping!