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Non Wired Bra

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Non Wire Bras : Non-wired bras are a blessing in disguise for every woman out there who wants the lift offered by a bra minus no pokes. They provide comfort at its best and shape up the breasts without indulging in extra dramatic fashion. You can literally sleep, eat and lounge around all day without feeling you're ... Read more

                            Everyday easies practical bars that do not use underwires & provide comfortable support and shaping, Clovia 

Shop Non-Wired Bra for Women Online

Non Wired Bra Online

There is no denying that non-wired bras are some of the most comfortable bras out there. Why? Because there are no wires to dig or poke you. However, this doesn’t mean that the absence of wires causes discomfort or doesn’t provide ample support. The moulded cups and underband is strong and sturdy enough to keep your breasts in place whilst providing them utmost support.

At Clovia, wireless bras come in as many styles as you want. You get endless options to choose from irrespective of your size & shape. The wireless bra collection consists of bras made from 100% cotton, cotton-rich and cotton spandex fabric. Fabric selection is kept around the collection keeping in mind the daily wear needs. These non-wired bras come in bright hues, lively prints and amazing patterns. Don’t worry about the size, we have made them in all possible sizes. Choose from t-shirt bras, plunge bras, full-figure bras, spacer cup bras, minimizer bras, m-frame bras, push-up bra, bralettes, padded bras and many more from our wide range of bras.

Wireless Bra-Perfect Support with Shape & Comfort

If you’re still wondering how non-wired bras are beneficial, we got you covered with some key benefits that are too good to ignore.

Benefits of Non-Wired Bras

1. No Pokes: The absence of wires gives you utmost flexibility to move around as and when you like without worrying about wires digging you.

2. Super Comfortable: They are truly comfortable. You can literally wear them all day long without really feeling the need to take them off after a long tiring day.

3. Long Lasting: As surprising as it may sound, but non-wired bras have a longer lifespan. They can withstand the test of time even after several washes, especially the ones without pads.

4. Enhance Natural Shape:One of the best parts about a non-wired bra is that it enhances the natural shape of breasts. There are no wires to make the breasts perkier or lift them.

5. Great for Everyday Use: When it comes to everyday wear, you just want to keep it simple and comfortable underneath. Here, non-wired bras are your best bet. They are breathable and in no way restrict your movement.

Now that you’re well-versed with the benefits of non-wired bras, it’s time you understand the types they’re available in.

Types of Wireless Bras

1. Padded Bras: These bras have foamed cups to conceal the nipple show and give your breasts a contoured shape. They provide a smooth silhouette underneath fitted outfits.

2. Bralettes:This is probably the most sexy non-wired bra style out there. Bralettes are super stylish as well as comfortable, so much so that you won’t even feel like you’re wearing something on. Gradually, girls are ditching their traditional blouses as well as crop tops and opting for bralettes.

3. Strapless Bra: Like the name states, these bras are devoid of straps. They are the best bet for tricky outfits, such as tube and off-shoulders.

4. Lace Bras: Charting the list of utterly sexy, lace bras are a must-have for every woman. Made of exquisite and delicate lace fabric, these bras work perfectly for most occasions, from parties to bridal trousseau.

5. Sports Bras:They are especially designed for your workout. Whether you’re heading to the gym, a quick run, or yoga, sports bras provide support to your breasts and wick away the sweat during those vigorous workout sessions.

Shop Wireless Bra Online at Clovia

Apart from these, there are a plethora of other non-wired bra styles too, so figure out what’s best for you. Get, set, shop and find your match today at Clovia.


Q1. Can I find stylish non-wired bras?
A1. Of course, unlike the common misconception, you can actually find non-wired bras in stylish variants as well. Go for trendy prints, patterns and colors in exquisite lace & powernet fabrics.

Q2. Which is better: an underwired bra or non-wired bra?
A2. These two styles can’t be compared. It is all a matter of personal style and comfort. If underwires are not your thing, a non-wired bra is a good option. However, if you like the lift, you might choose to go for an underwired bra for an added support.

Q3. Is non-wired bra a good option for pregnant women?
A3. Yes, they are anyday a better bet for pregnant women. First, you don’t want the wires to poke you. Second, they are able to accomodate the fluctuating bra size. Lastly, they provide higher level of comfort.

Q4.Can I wear a non-wired bra while sleeping?
A4. If you’re comfortable, you sure can. Since a non-wired bra is known for its comfort, you won’t likely face any problem even while wearing it to bed. However, it’s best recommended to let yourself loose while sleeping.

Q5. What does a wire-free bra mean?
A5. The cups of these bras don’t contain any semi-circular wires. But cups are formed in such a way to provide ample support.

Q6. Is it better to wear a wireless bra?
A6. Yes, wearing a wireless bra daily keeps discomfort away which might come from wired bras.

Q7. How is a wireless bra supposed to fit?
A7. The cups of wireless bras are formed in such a way that they perfectly encapsulate the breasts into it. The cups are formed either by Stichting or moulding technique.