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Maternity Nightwear : Becoming a mother is one of the most beautiful phases of life. However, as your baby starts growing, you'll find yourself struggling in your normal nightwear. This is the time when you need to switch from your regular nightwear to maternity nightwear cause the former will no longer fit you. Maternit ... Read more

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Pregnancy is one of the purest forms of pleasure in the world. The sense of giving birth to a baby is truly beautiful, but it also requires utmost attention, and comfort from your end. Apart from the plethora of other things to take care of, you must invest in your nightwear. This is one thing that should certainly not take a backseat on your list- maternity wear, for you’ll spend considerable time of your routine on your comfy bed. That said, it only makes sense to invest in some good quality maternity nighties that not only provide you utmost comfort, but also enhance the appearance of your cute baby bump. So, if you have been stuck on those old, loose, dangling nighties, it’s time to switch smart to feeding nighties that also come with convenient feeding access for easy breastfeeding.

How To Choose Perfect Maternity Nightwear?

Here, we have created a checklist of a few things that you should certainly consider when buying maternity wear.

  1. Breathable fabric: When you’re pregnant, your body tends to experience significant hormonal changes, such as sweating, rashes, chaffing and more, so choose fabrics that let your body breathe. Cotton maternity wear is your best bet as it is super comfortable, light and easy to wear at the same time.
  2. Stretchability: At this phase of life, you need maternity wear that is super stretchable to accommodate your changing abdominal size. Feeding nighty that is too tight will not only cause discomfort, but also disrupt your blood circulation. Thereby, you need maternity nightwear that is a little loose and allows you enough room to bend, move, or do other tasks on your own.
  3. Stick to Stripes: If you’re good with flaunting your belly, nothing better! However, if you still like the idea of a slimmer waist, stripes are your best friend as they will help you flatter that baby bump in the most gorgeous manner. Striped maternity wear distracts the eyes, making you look slimmer overall.

Choose from a Variety of Nursing/Feeding Wear

Clovia has a wide range of maternity nightwear for new mommies. Let’s have a look at available styles.

  1. Feed gown/ nighty: The style is similar to long ladies' nighty but it comes with zips on both sides with flaps. These flaps help hide the baby’s head and moms can feed their babies conveniently without any hesitation. 
  2. Maternity Nightwear: This style is for modern moms who don’t like to wear long-feeding gowns. Clovia maternity nightwear features a feeding top with pyjamas. You can find solid & printed options. The top has zips on both sides at the front hidden underneath a cloth flap. You can wear this co-ord set outside too if you want. And feeding in public will become so much easier. The best part about this style of pyjamas has pockets. 
  3. Short Feeding Night Dress: This style feature a short night dress with the same feeding access. You can wear as it dress and feeding in public becomes a way to easier.
  4. Feeding Cami: Underneath the feeding gown or maternity nightwear you can wear a feeding cami. This also comes with flaps with g-hooks and makes feeding easier.

Advantages of Breastfeeding Nighties

Breastfeeding at night is mandatory for babies. Feeding at night has to be hassle-free. That’s why you need maternity nightwear. 

  • Since it comes with zips and you can easily feed your baby, without changing into other clothes.
  • Mom and baby both stay comfortable all night. Because small babies have to feed every 2-3 hours. 
  • Feeding your baby at night becomes easier than changing diapers.

Buy Your Maternity Nightwear at Clovia

Now you have plenty of styles here to consider for your postpartum journey. New moms need lots of comforts and hassle-free life. Clovia nightwear takes care of your comfort. So why wait? Make your postpartum journey more comfortable & blissful.


Q1. When should I start buying feeding nighties?
A1. Women usually start wearing maternity wear when they are about 6 months pregnant. However, you can start wearing them from 4 to 5 months as well depending on your comfort factor. Your abdomen starts getting bigger by that time.

Q2. How do I know the size in maternity nightwear?
A2. It’s the same as your regular clothing. So, if you wore size ‘medium’ pre-pregnancy, you’d wear the same when you’re pregnant. It is designed to accommodate your growing size, but you won’t necessarily have to go a size or two up.

Q3. Can I find stylish maternity wear?
A3. Absolutely! Gone are the days when maternity days were drab, loose or boring. Today, you can find some fashion forward maternity styles in gorgeous prints, styles, and colours to keep you modish mama on the go.

Now, what are you waiting for? We suggest you buy the best maternity wear and other style of nightwear from Clovia that fits you like a second skin, provides unmatched comfort, and accentuates your precious asset. So, go ahead and make your feeding and pregnancy phase more blissful by slipping into our feeding nightwear styles.