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Babydoll : Take your man by surprise with our vast collection of babydolls online. Not just your man, you will be surprised by your appearance. Because babydoll nighties are crafted to transform into a diva instantly. From dainty lace to sexy sheer georgette, to luxurious satin, pick fabric for your chemise as ... Read more

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Buy Babydolls Online to Set the Mood Right

Shop Bridal Babydolls

Babydoll nighty is usually similar to a short strappy dress with a matching thong. It comes with beautiful embellishments, such as ethereal lace details, delicate ruffles, satin ribbons, and racy straps, which give it the overall sexy appeal. It also comes in alluring patterns and shades, making you look all sorts of gorgeous and sexy. It is due to this reason that babydoll dresses are the most preferred choice of women when they want to entice their partner or add some spice to their wedding night. What makes these babydolls nighty even better is that they flatter most body types, enhancing the assets and concealing the problem areas. They also come in long and short cuts, to suit various body types. So, with a babydoll, you’re sure to look fabulous and be comfortable at the same time.

Babydoll Dress for Honeymoon

The babydoll dress isn't just a piece of clothing; it's a symbol of love, excitement, and intimacy, making it the perfect choice for honeymoon adventures. Picture slipping into its soft fabric, feeling both comfortable and irresistibly sexy. Whether you're lounging in your honeymoon suite or surprising your partner with a romantic evening, the babydoll dress sets the stage for unforgettable moments. Its playful silhouette and delicate details add a touch of whimsy to your newlywed bliss, capturing the essence of romance and adventure. So go ahead, embrace the magic of this special time, and let the babydoll dress be your companion in creating cherished memories together.

Popular Styles of Baby Doll Dresses Online at Clovia

Short babydolls: You can find a wide range of short baby doll dresses for ladies at Clovia that have beautiful lace & sheer detailing. Some of them also come with a matching bra and panty to complement your entire attire. For that extra oomph, you can pick our short babydolls that come with g-strings or thongs. Trust us, your man won’t be able to resist you.
Sheer babydolls/ Transparent Babydolls: To make things utterly sexy, nothing can do the job better than our hot sheer babydolls. They are not only light as air but also flatter your curves in the most gorgeous manner. So, if you’re planning to make your honeymoon or those wedding nights extra special, transparent babydoll dresses are truly a win-win! You can also team up these babydolls with fishnet stockings to add that imperial touch to your appearance.
Babydolls with Robe: If you are one who doesn’t like to show off much skin then a babydoll & robe set is for you. As the name suggests this style has two pieces, one is a babydoll & another is a robe with a tie-up belt.
Satin Babydoll: Stain babydolls are the best way to look sensual & elegant at the same time. You can pick from solid ones and Clovia also has satin babydolls in prints. Even you get the variety in length of the babydoll as well.
Chemise: A "chemise dress" is a type of loose-fitting, sleeveless undergarment or dress, typically worn as a nightgown or slip. It is often made of lightweight and sheer fabrics, such as silk or satin, and can vary in length from mid-thigh to knee. Chemises are designed for comfort and sometimes for modesty or as a base layer under other clothing.

Benefits of Wearing a Babydoll Dress

Babydolls are a type of lingerie that can offer a number of benefits for those who wear them, including:
Comfort: Babydolls are often made from soft and lightweight materials that can feel comfortable against the skin.
Enhancing body shape: Babydolls are designed to fit loosely around the bust and waist, which can create a flattering silhouette by highlighting the curves of the body.
Boosting confidence: Many people feel more confident and sexy when they wear lingerie, including babydolls. The playful and flirtatious nature of babydolls can help people feel more comfortable in their own skin.
Versatility: Babydolls come in a wide range of styles and materials, making them versatile for different occasions and personal preferences.
Intimacy: last but not least, babydolls can be a great option for intimate moments with a partner, as they are often considered to be sensual and romantic.
Overall, babydolls can provide a variety of benefits for those who wear them, including comfort, body enhancement, confidence, versatility, and intimacy.

Fabrics To Look For While Buying Babydolls

You get to choose babydolls in different fabrics. To know what works for you read further.
Lace: It is a delicate and feminine fabric that adds a touch of elegance to lingerie. It is typically made from cotton or synthetic fibres and can be comfortable if it has a soft lining.
Satin: It is a shiny and smooth fabric that is often used for lingerie. It feels luxurious against the skin and is typically made from silk, polyester, or a blend of both.
Mesh: is a lightweight and breathable fabric that is ideal for lingerie. It is typically made from nylon or polyester and can be comfortable if it has a soft lining.
Georgette: is a semi-sheer fabric which is soft & super light. It provides more coverage than mesh.
Modal: is a soft and silky fabric that is made from wood fibres. It is breathable, moisture-wicking, and eco-friendly, making it a great option for lingerie.

Types of Lingerie To Wear With Babydoll Nightdress

Well, it’s completely your choice what kind of lingerie you want to wear with babydoll. However, you can wear two types of lingerie with a babydoll nighty.
Bra & panty set: Some babydolls are not padded hence you need to wear a bra underneath. Go for a lace bra & panty set in a similar shade, or in contrasting shade.
Panties to wear with babydoll: Some babydolls are padded hence you don’t need to wear a bra underneath. Hence you can wear the panties of your choice. Popular panty styles that you can wear with babydoll nighties:

  1. G-string
  2. Thongs
  3. Lace boyshorts
  4. Lace bikini panty
  5. Fancy lace panties

Buy Clovia Baby Doll Dress Online

There is no denying that babydoll is the most elegant and stylish form of nightwear for all women. Also known as babydoll lingerie, this amazing style has continued to impress ladies of all walks of life, thanks to its gorgeous appearance and availability in a wide range of colours, fabrics, and patterns.
Gradually, the popularity of babydoll dresses is soaring at such a fast pace that they have become a wardrobe essential for a lot of women.

FAQs on Babydoll

Q1. What is the purpose of a babydoll?
A1. A babydoll nighty is designed to enhance femininity and allure, providing a playful and seductive appeal for intimate moments. Its loose, flowing style offers comfort while still flattering the body's curves.
Q2. Why is it called a babydoll?
A2. The term "babydoll" originated from the 1956 film "Baby Doll," featuring a character who wore a short, youthful nightgown. The style was later adapted into lingerie, characterized by its short length and often flirty design, reminiscent of innocence and youthful charm.
Q3. How do babydoll nightdresses fit?
A3. Babydoll nightdresses typically have a loose and flowing fit, with a fitted bust and an empire waistline that falls loosely over the body. This design allows for comfort and freedom of movement while still providing a flattering silhouette that accentuates curves.
Q4. What is the difference between a babydoll and chemise?
A4. The main difference between a babydoll and a chemise lies in their design and fit.
A babydoll typically has a shorter length, often ending at the mid-thigh or higher, and features a loose, flowing skirt that is gathered at the bust with a fitted bodice.
A chemise, on the other hand, usually has a longer length, reaching to the mid-thigh or knee, and has a more straight or slightly tapered shape without the defined waistline.
Q5. When would you wear a babydoll?
A5. A babydoll is typically worn as intimate lingerie for special occasions or romantic evenings, offering a seductive and playful aesthetic. It's often chosen to enhance femininity and allure, making it suitable for moments of intimacy with a partner or for simply feeling confident and glamorous at home.
Q6. How to wash babydoll nightdress?
A6. To wash a babydoll nightdress, first check the care label. Hand wash in cold water with mild detergent, gently agitating the garment. Rinse thoroughly and reshape before air drying flat. If machine washing, use a lingerie bag on a delicate cycle with cold water.