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Camisoles : Sway in style and comfort with Clovia's comfortable camisole range for breezy and appealing pair-ups. The sleeveless cami tops are a big hit since the trendy allure it provides is best suitable for all age groups. Clovia's trendiest range of women's camisoles is chic and best to pair with the outfit ... Read more


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Slip Into Easy-Breezy Camisoles for All Day Comfort

One of the most comfortable wardrobe staples for every woman is a camisole. It covers the top part of the body. Basically, a cami looks like a shorter version of chemise. It gives a smooth silhouette, helps under low cut tops, creates a flattering appearance, and more. Let’s dwell straight into its benefits in detail below.

Clovia’s extraordinary range of comfortable cami tops comes in several prints and colours. The pretty appeal stays intact while upgrading your look altogether. Crafted with premium fabric, Clovia’s camisole range is a blend of trendy styles topped with a good fit. Slay the look all day, every day and be a fashionista by splurging on the comfiest women’s camisoles. Explore the range and buy the must-have in pretty hues and prints.

Benefits of Wearing a Camisole

1. Gives proper shape: Whether you are skinny or plus sized, if you want to enhance your body shape, you can easily do so by wearing a camisole. It keeps your body firm and gives you the right look under all kinds of outfits.

2. Covers private areas: If you love wearing sheer or mesh outfits, camisoles are undeniably a saviour. They conceal your private areas, so that you can pull those transparent outfits with ease.

3. Comfortable: Last but not the least, the biggest reason to wear them is comfort. Whether it’s scorching heat or freezing weather, you can always be at comfort with a camisole.

Types of Camisoles

1. Basic camisole top: These are a must-have. They are famous as an undergarment and are usually crafted with lycra, cotton and nylon. You can also opt for camisoles with in built padding to ditch the bra and be at ease all day long.

2. Tank top: This is just a variation to your basic camisole but has a sporty look to it. It has broader straps, making a great bet for women with bigger chest. You can pair a tank top with literally anything, from jeans to a skirt, to a pair of trousers, without worrying about skin show or uneasiness. In winters, you can layer them with a jacket or a duster coat to be stylish and comfortable, both at the same time.

3. Spaghetti top: This is a fancier version of basic camis. Women who have a smaller chest can literally swear by spaghetti tops. They are designed with dainty noodle straps and are available in a plethora of pretty prints. You can wear them individually or play layering with shrugs or jackets. They are sure to look great either way.

That said, whether you’re looking for basic cami tops, tank tops or spaghetti tops, you can find it all under one roof at Clovia. Opt for prints, styles, and everything else!

Tips On How To Choose A Camisole

  • Size: Clovia has an array of cami tops that are stretchable and fit well. 
  • Look: Bold is basic, pick some peppy prints to liven up your wardrobe. 
  • Colour: If you are not into splurging, find a colour that’s versatile for your outfits. 
  • Quality: Get hold of quality camisoles from Clovia and upgrade your collection. 

Outfit Ideas with Camisole

  • Camisole & Jeans: The chic and basic, cami tops go well with denim. 
  • Camisole Inner & Blazer: They have something basic under your blazer, a cami top ties up the look. 
  • Camisole & Dress: For deep neck or back dresses, camisoles help to conceal while adding to the look. 

Buy Camisole from Clovia

Clovia’s cami top range is an aesthetically designed top that’ll go well with several of your outfits and also can be worn during nighttime. Mix it up with cute prints and soothing hues, 'cause the camisole range has several styles to pick from, even at an affordable range. Buy a cami top that best suits your style online.


Q1. Can you wear a camisole without a bra?
A1. Of course. However, if you have heavier breasts, you might need the support and comfort offered by a bra.

Q2. Is camisole a bra?
A2. No. However, you can find a padded variant of camisole. It’s like another version of a sports bra with longer length. It’s super relaxing and comfortable.

Q3. What’s the difference between a camisole, a tank top, and a spaghetti top?
A3. Like we mentioned above, a cami is a shorter version of chemise. Its more dressed up version is a spaghetti top with noodle straps. Lastly is a tank top that has broader shoulder straps. for more detail:

Q4. Can you wear a camisole in public?
A4. Yes. Like we mentioned above, they come in trendy styles and prints. There is no reason why you shouldn’t wear them in public.

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