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Bridal Nightwear

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Bridal Nightwear : Every trousseau must have some alluring bridal nightwear that ignites a spark. Some things without them your trousseau is incomplete are a first-night dress, a hot nighty for bridal night, and a honeymoon night suit. Prepare for your intimate moments with an effortless honeymoon dress to master the ... Read more

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Shop for Night Dresses To Wear on Your Honeymoon

Honeymoon Dress to Turn Up the Heat

Amidst choosing your dream wedding dress, picking the caterer, and making the guest list, you may forget to pay attention to a very important aspect- your beautiful bridal nighty. While the other things are significant too, missing out on what you will wear on your honeymoon or wedding night isn’t a good idea. After all, don’t you want to take your man by surprise with your nighty dress for the wedding night? Well, thankfully, with Clovia, you don’t have to be worried about your honeymoon dress as we have got some amazingly sensuous picks that will take your man’s breath away.

Purchasing First Night Gift for Wife

Presenting a gift to your wife on the first-night is a thoughtful and intimate choice that can add a touch of romance to the special occasion. Clovia Babydolls are both sensual and comfortable & hence, a perfect first night gift.
When choosing a babydoll, consider your wife's style and preferences. Opt for a design that complements her personality, whether it's a delicate lace, satin, or a more daring sheer fabric. Pay attention to the colors that she loves, and if in doubt, classic black or red are timeless choices that exude passion.
A babydoll can be an ideal choice as it not only reflects your desire to make the moment special but also communicates your attention to her comfort and sensuality. The delicate nature of babydolls make them a tasteful and elegant choice, ensuring that your first night together is filled with romance.
To make the gift even more special, consider getting a matching couple night dress. Coordinating outfits create a sense of unity and shared intimacy, making the occasion even more memorable.

Hot Night Dresses for Bridal - Honeymoon Collection

Clovia has a segregated collection of timeless honeymoon dresses for women that’ll suffice your intimate needs while being budget-friendly. The elements of design rely on the person wearing it. Go through some of our eye-catching nighties for your honeymoon that will surely impress your hubby.
1. Babydolls: Channel the inner seductress in you with our hot babydoll nightdresses for your honeymoon. They are just perfect for all you gorgeous newbie brides who want to woo their husbands. We have a wide range of fabrics to choose from, ranging from those sultry meshes and lacy fabrics to satin ones. Some of the bridal nighties also come with a matching sexy thong to add more spice to the look. Pick babydoll nightwear for women without thinking twice as you can go ever go wrong with them!
2. Short Nighty: If you’re not comfortable with going all bold and want to keep it a little minimal, short nightdresses for honeymoon are another option. We have beautiful short wedding nightdresses crafted with smooth fabrics, which look cute as well as flirty. They are absolutely stunning and will make him wanting more of you in no time.
3.Long Nighty: If outrageous is not your style and you want to keep it modest yet sexy, try our long night dresses for honeymoon with beautiful details. We have such mesmerising options in store that you will want to splurge on them all.
4. Nighty with Robe: Want to tease him a little? Well, then nighty for honeymoon with robe is your thing. The sultry nighty keeps you pretty underneath while the robe wraps you around beautifully, hiding your pretty little things. These bridal nighties keep the excitement going, making them the perfect pick for those passionate honeymoon nights.
5. Nightwear sets: Last but not least, we have some gorgeous bridal nightwear sets that include nighties, robe, tops, and bottoms, matchy-matchy bras & briefs, and more to live up your 50-shades fantasy.
6. Honeymoon Nightsuit: These nightsuits can be a satin cami top with shorts featuring delicate details. If you want to keep things modest you can go with a satin top and pyjamas.
If you still need a little queue on bridal trousseau and nightwear, we got you covered with answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Bridal Nightwear - Tips for Purchasing Romantic Night Dresses for Honeymoon

The style of bridal nightwear is a personal preference made by the one purchasing them. Other elements that need to be considered are:
To go sheer or not A sheer or semi-sheer honeymoon nightdress isn’t everyone's first choice and that is the first thing you’ve got to finalize. Many times a person ends up buying a sheer nightdress and realizes they won’t be comfortable wearing it. Your comfort is of utmost value, and to keep the modesty intact, the bridal nightwear is designed around your needs, basically a modest version of a honeymoon dress. So from the varied options, you can pick what you like.
Pick a variety Instead of picking the same kind of bridal nightwear, mix it up with a variety. You can either go for a short powernet babydoll, a satin nightdress with robe and satin matching shorts and a shirt set. Having options to pick from will add to spice up your intimate moments.
Plan your shopping ahead Last minute shopping for your honeymoon won’t do justice. You will definitely skip on the good stuff. Take your sweet time and browse through the options to find your perfect match that will also be appreciated by your partner.
Ideal fabric choices The most appealing fabric you can pick for your bridal nightwear is satin, powernet, georgette or lace. With powernet or georgette nightdress, you can expect low coverage. The satin nightdress is more towards decent coverage. Lace bridal nightwear is an exquisite way to turn on the heat, as they look exceptionally elegant on the one wearing it.

Ideas for Honeymoon First Night Dress

The honeymoon is one memorable part of a newly wedded couple’s life and shopping for the best honeymoon nightdress needs some special attention. Let’s make this daunting task a tad bit easier for you.
Go bold with colours: Choose red, maroon, coral colours to turn up the heat. The exact opposite also works nicely, either go choose white or black babydoll. Both of these basic colours bring the diva of yourself.
Play it naughty & nice with satin: Satin short nighty that comes with a matching robe is perfect to match both your moods. This set promises to make your man go weak in the knees.
Matching Sleepwear Set: Going matchy-matchy with a multiple-piece nightwear. It is a great addition to your bridal nightwear collection. The sets in beautiful shades are great to match the 50 shades of your honeymoon, you know what we mean.

Bridal Nightwear- Ideal Fabric Choices

Bridal nightwear is so special hence the fabric is specially curated for a hot and romantic collection. To spice things up between you two you can select any of the following fabrics.
Satin: Satin fabric is one of the most luxurious fabric that feels butter-soft on the skin. The smooth and glossy touch gives a sensual and comfortable experience to the bride. Satin has a natural sheen that adds so much elegance to the complete look. It is also very light-weight, hence, perfect for sleeping or lounging.
Lace: Lace is very delicate and adds a touch of romance and sensuality to the bridal ensemble. Its exquisite textures and sheerness makes the attire very enticing. Bridal nightwear in lace gives subtle coverup while revealing not too much to ignite some curiosity.
Cotton: Cotton fabric is breathable and lightweight. For bridal nightwear, where you seek comfort and elegance, cotton becomes an ideal choice.

Buy Bridal Nighty & Night Dresses Online at Clovia

Dear brides-to-be now that you have the list of top honeymoon night dresses you need to get shopping. Browse through Clovia’s designer range of honeymoon nightwear & lingerie and pick the best one for yourself. Happy Honeymoon!

Bridal Nightwear FAQs

Q1. What is the best time to buy bridal nightwear?
A1. Ideally, you should buy your bridal nightwear approximately 10-12 days before the wedding. This way, you can avoid last-minute surprises and be sure of the size as well as the fit.
Q2. Should I gift bridal nightwear to my friend for her bridal shower?
A2. Yes! A lot of bridesmaids are now choosing bridal nightwear as a gifting option. Choose something in a sultry colour, just in case!
Q3. Is white bridal nightwear a good idea?
A3. Totally. In fact, traditionally, white used to be everyone’s go-to colour when it came to bridal nightwear. You can also opt for pastels, nudes and even bolder colours as per your preference.
Q4. Should my lingerie match my nightwear?
A4. It’s always a good idea to keep it matchy-matchy underneath. It is sure to perk up the excitement to a new high. However, you can also mix the two and experiment to keep it exciting.
Q5. What dresses to wear on a honeymoon first night?
A5. Consider a special lingerie set, such as a lace or a satin babydoll, to create a romantic and intimate atmosphere on your honeymoon's first night. Choose something that makes you feel confident and beautiful.
Q6. What all-night dresses to carry on your honeymoon?
A6. Satin nighty: Satin nighty is a luxurious and comfortable choice for a romantic night. It gives an ultra-soft feel while wearing, hence, perfect for a romantic and sensual night.
Lace Babydoll: Lace gives romantic touch to any attire. Its exquisite patterns not only make it alluring and but also perfect for a special occasion.
Satin Pyjama Set: If you don’t prefer nighties or babydolls, satin pyjama sets are perfect for you. The fabric is utterly-soft and enticing. Moreover, the natural sheen adds to its grace.
Q7. What is the difference between a babydoll and a bridal short nighty?
A7. A babydoll is a short, loose-fitting nightgown with a matching panty, often made of sheer fabric. A bridal short nighty is designed specifically for brides, featuring lace, embroidery, and bridal details, usually slightly longer than a typical babydoll for a more modest look.
Q8. What are the types of beach dresses for a honeymoon?
A8. If going for a tropical vacation, you can choose from a variety of beach dresses from Clovia’s honeymoon collection.
Maxi Dresses: Elegant and flowing for a romantic look.
Off-shoulder dresses: Flirty and perfect for a beach setting.
Wrap Dresses: Versatile and flattering, ideal for a beach stroll.
Monokini with sharongs
So, what are you waiting for? Explore our irresistibly gorgeous nighties for a honeymoon that will add just the right oomph to your passionate nights. Shop away and keep that sexy vibe going!