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Saree Shapewear

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Saree Shapewear : Unlock the magic and give wings to the fabulous desi diva in you with a saree shapewear. It accentuates your curves and gives you a flattering figure in no time. By contouring your abdomen, thighs and backs, a saree shapewear gives you a mermaid like shape, which is exactly what you need to rock you ... Read more

                            Saree Shapewear 

Saree Petticoats

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There is no denying that curves are amazing, but when you want to put on something as delicate as a saree, you might need that perfectly toned silhouette. Unfortunately, traditional petticoats can go all over the place, ruining the entire appearance of your outfit. Looking for the perfect solution? A saree shapewear. Apparently, there is a reason why these shaping petticoats are gaining such tremendous popularity lately.

What is Saree Shapewear?

A saree shapewear is a great alternate to your traditional petticoat. Not only does it help you pull your desi diva look together, but also helps you look slimmer in a jiffy. It gives you a mermaid-like shape underneath sarees, toning and smoothing your belly. Featuring targeted compression, it makes you look about 2 sizes smaller than your original size, enhancing your overall appearance in no time.

If you’re still wondering how it benefits you, we got you covered with some of the most convincing reasons below.

What are the benefits of Saree Shapewear?

1. Easy to wear: Have you struggled with wearing petticoats and tying those traditional nadas? Bid adieu to this problem as saree shapewears feature an easy to wear slip-on style. All you need to do is ensure that it hugs you at the right places.

2. Seamless waistband: Traditional petticoats often cause rashes and redness on skin. With saree shapewear, you don’t have to face this problem anymore. The waistband is super-soft and seamless that feels like feather on skin. At the same time, it is sturdy enough to hold your saree pleats together.

3. 2-in-1: The best part about it is that you don’t necessarily have to compromise with your traditional petticoats. If you aren’t comfortable with wearing a saree shapewear alone, you can also wear it underneath a regular petticoat and say goodbye to flabs.

4. Slimmer appearance: And of course, this goes without saying. Its primary benefit is that it flatters your figure. It contours your back, waist, hips and thighs, giving you a toned appearance.

Tips to Choose a Saree Shapewear

1. Stick to the right size: If you feel that sizing down will make you look even slimmer, you might be wrong. No matter how tempted you are, you shouldn’t size down at all. It can create extra flabs on your body, making you look bigger all the way.

2. Take breathability in consideration: Choose shapewear in breathable fabrics for they’re great during summer months. They wick away the moisture and aid in odour control, so you can feel fresh all day long.

3. Drawstring: If you’re not comfortable with the slip-on feature of a saree shapewear and need the support that a traditional naada offers, a saree shapewear with drawstring is the perfect pick for you. It eliminates the need of a conventional petticoat. It gives a slimming appearance and you don’t have to be worried about the firmness at the waist as well.


Ladies, it’s time to enhance your look and keep it goin’ good in those sarees with saree shapewear that ensures flawlessness. We also have a plethora of other shapewear styles, like tummy tuckers, 4-in-1 shapers, and tummy control benefits to compliment your other everyday outfits.

Need answers to some questions? We are here to help you.


Q1. Can a saree shapewear hold heavy silk sarees?
A1. Yes, saree shapewear is made with sturdy fabric that helps in compressing and smoothing your tummy, thighs and back. The band is seamless yet very strong to hold even the heaviest of sarees.

Q2. Do I need to petticoat under a saree shapewear?
A2. No, not really. However, if you’re not comfortable with wearing a shapewear alone, you can wear the petticoat over your saree shapewear. However, we suggest you eliminate the hassle and opt for a saree shapewear with drawstring instead.

Q3. Does saree shapewear make you slim?
A3. No, it doesn’t make you slimmer, but certainly gives an illusion of tinier waist by toning your curves.

Q4. Which is better- a shapewear petticoat or a traditional petticoat?
A4. Definitely the former. The times are changing and so should you. It not only lets you tuck your saree but also gives a flattering mermaid like shape.

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