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Sports T-Shirts : Go all in with your fitness routine with gym wear to suffice your functional needs. Be it a snazzy fit or a serious follow-up, sturdy sports T-shirts are a staple for when you decide to take your fitness goals with a strong approach. The moisture-wicking, 4-way stretch fabric enables you to be produ ... Read more

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Work it Out in Style with Sports T-Shirts

Stay headstrong and say yes to a productive workout routine with Clovia’s effortlessly chic active sports T-shirt for women. With the stunning appeal, you’ll get a comfy and sturdy match to back you up during your intense workout regime. The affordable price range is a boon and the premium fabric gets you going throughout your non-stop workout. Explore the best-in-market gym T-shirts while you match your aesthetics and gym sessions. Ranging from S-XXL, perfect fit, functional styles and the best companion is all you’ll get.

There’s no denying that working out regularly is super important to keep up your mental and physical health. Plus, with the right attire, it becomes a fashionable affair too. You can’t rely on your regular cotton tees to look stylish and feel comfy. Rather, you need performance based gym wear clothing to keep it high on fashion, comfort and functionality. The best bet turns out to be sports T-shirts crafted with polyamide and polyester fabrics as they wick away moisture, keeping you cool & dry when you sweat it out. Let’s delve deeper below.

Benefits of Sports T-Shirts

1. Moisture-wicking: Since you tend to sweat a lot while exercising, performance fabric turns out to be the real deal. It wicks the moisture away so you feel fresh all the time.

2. Durable: Amazingly long lasting, they are undeniably super durable. No matter how much you stretch out or move around, they are unlikely to wear or tear for quite some time.

3. Comfort: The best thing about gym T-shirts is they are super stretchable. On the other hand, regular T-shirts rub against your body and cause chafing.

Types of Sports T-Shirts

1. Basic: if you’re looking for something that offers a little more coverage, this is your best bet. It lets the air in but also gives a decent coverage at the same time.

2. Tank: This is one of the most popular and stylish women’s sports T-shirt styles that allows absolute freedom of movement. It significantly improves your performance and keeps your body temperature in check.

3. Crop: Another amazing style that gives you the best of both worlds- fashion & performance. Not only that, it lets you show off that amazing body you’ve worked for in the gym.

4. Full Sleeves: A great transitional piece to wear in the chilly weather, it will keep you warm while serving looks. The long sleeves won’t restrict your arm movements, instead, the stretchable fabric will allow you to have freedom of movement.

Sports T-Shirts for Every Activity

1. T-shirt for Yoga - Yoga is one workout form that requires some kind of easy-breezy attire which is neither too tight nor too loose. Yoga tees work the best for yoga sessions, the ones that are crafted from either cotton or moisture wicking polyamide fabric. Round or V-neckline with short sleeves are the kinds that are mostly preferred by women.

2. Crop Tops for Cycling/Dancing - These exercises are a little higher on performance and don't let your fashion compromise on your comfort. Cute litte crop tees with tie-ups or knots are trending this season for women who are passionate about their choice of workout and about their looks.

3. Tank Tops for Gym - Hit the gym in style as you pair your favourite sports bra with a matching or a contrast tank top that fits loosely and yet gives you the right amount of coverage and support.

Tips to Buy Sports T-Shirts

1. Fabric: Cotton is super comfortable but not a good idea when it comes to workout clothes. Go for moisture wicking fabrics like polyester and polyamide for utmost stretchability and comfort.

2. Weather: In summer you can opt for half sleeved or sleeveless styles. In winters, go for full sleeved sports T-shirts for women with thumb opening for ease and preventing any gaps.

3. Fit: Avoid T-shirts that are either too tight or loose. Go for comfort fit gym T-shirts that don't stick to your body but also not that lose to hinder your workout session.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get your hands on our active workout T-shirts that are super stylish to make some head turns at your gym.


Q1. Besides gym T-shirts, what else must I get as part of my gym wardrobe?
A1. Tights, sports bra, and shoes are another must-haves for your gym wardrobe. If any of these is missing, you won’t be able to workout effortlessly.

Q2. How can I keep my gym T-shirts clean?
A2. Since your gym T-shirts are really sweaty, you need to take special care of them. Use detergent in a limited quantity and rather add some baking soda and lemon juice to the solution. This will not only help you get rid of that odour, but also get rid of the bacteria.

Q3. How often should you change your sports T-shirts?
A3. You should replace your activewear every 6 months to 1 year depending on the usage. If it starts sticking to your body and doesn’t fit you properly, you’d know it’s time to stock up on new ones.

Q4. What is the best workout wear?
A4. It depends on the weather, on hot summer days you can go for a short sleeve sports t-shirt, sports bra & leggings. During the cold weather, you can pick a long-sleeved sports t-shirt along with a jacket and leggings.

Q5. What clothes should women wear to the gym?
A5. Any workout clothes will be great for the gym. If you are starting out and have no idea, get workout essentials like a sports bra, sports T-shirt & leggings. Later on, you can add more things to your collection.

Q6. What is the difference between a normal t-shirt and gym t-shirts?
A6. Gym t-shirts or sports t-shirts are crafted with polyester spandex that wicks away sweat and is stretchable. Whereas, normal t-shirts absorb sweat which in turn is the cause for skin rashes.