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Cotton Bras

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                            Cotton Bra 
Cotton Bras : Say goodbye to discomfort and let your breasts feel the breeze with cotton bras for women. Designed keeping utmost breathability and softness in mind, they are the perfect companion to be comfortable all day long. Our ladies cotton bras are some of the best picks for your underfashion wardrobe that ... Read more

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When it comes to bras, fabric matters. After all, you don’t want to struggle the entire day either feeling uncomfortable or adjusting your bra. Remember your beginner bra days when you used to wear those comfortable cotton bras featuring slip on styles? If yes, then you might have figured out what we are talking about here. You were accustomed to those cotton bras in the good old days that provided utmost comfort and breathability. Well, the picture is pretty much the same today as cotton still proves to be the most comfortable fabric when choosing a bra.

Here, let’s uncover a few more reasons why cotton bras are a great pick and the wide range of styles they are available in today.

Benefits of Cotton Bras

If comfort is your top priority, cotton bras are your thing as they are super soft and absorbent. They don’t irritate your skin or pinch you, making it suitable for lounging around all day. They are also the ideal pick for women who have sensitive skin and are looking for something soft and easy breezy.

Now Available In Various Other Styles Too

Gone are the days where cotton bras were only available in those basic vanilla shades. Now, you can find them in vast varieties to complement your outfits. Let’s take a look at some of the most common cotton bra types that are highly functional and excellent for everyday wear.

1. Padded Cotton Bras: If you prefer the comfort of pads and want to conceal the nipple show, padded cotton bras are the ideal pick. You can pair them under most of your outfits, including body fitting ones to keep your appearance on point.

2. Lace Cotton Bras: Some cotton bras include lace detailing to break the monotony of everyday routine. They either have lace at the wings, band, or the cups to ace the style factor without compromising on comfort.

3. Plunge Cotton Bras: Want to rock that deep neck outfit on your Saturday night? Look no further than plunge bras crafted with cotton as they are especially designed for ultra-low necklines.

4. Demi Cup Cotton Bras: If your outfit has a slightly deep neckline, demi cup cotton bras may be the right solution to go underneath. They have a slightly low front opening and have similar hook & eye enclosures like other bras.

5. Transparent Cotton Bras: If you’re going bareback or off the shoulder, sticking to your usual bras isn’t an option. You will require something as functional as transparent cotton bras that come with transparent shoulder straps and back band to go invisible under your clothes.

Why Shop Cotton Bras from Clovia?

When it comes to shopping cotton bras online, Clovia is indeed your best bet as we have got all the styles mentioned above and more for all your comfort as well as outfit specific needs. Our bras are super-soft on the skin and easy to wash at the same time, making a functional and hygienic choice to keep your breasts in good shape and form. So, what are you waiting for? Get buying those comfy cotton bras from Clovia today!


Q1. Is a cotton bra good for breasts?
A1. Like mentioned above, it’s the best bet for breasts. It’s comfortable, hygienic, breathable, soft- all things combined in one.

Q2. What should I choose between a velvet bra and a cotton bra?
A2. Cotton is highly recommended if you’re looking for everyday essentials. However, if you want something a bit fancier, you can switch to a velvet bra for a good few hours.

Q3. Which type of bra is more hygienic- cotton or synthetic?
A3. Cotton. It is breathable, soft and absorbs moisture, making you less prone to skin irritation and infections.

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